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    Puppyroach's Wall

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    < SpaceLegends posted something on Puppyroach's wall:

    Hey there. I dig your profile pick. Did you ever get into any of the more modern (PSO and beyond) Phantasy Star titles?

    Hi! Sadly not. I played some PSO on Dreamcast but I never got the same feeling for it. I would love a new "proper" sequel to Phantasy Star 4 :).

    on 21 February 2017

    It's not for everyone. PSO still stands out as the best game of the series to me, I feel like since then they've gone downhill. You are definitely not alone in your opinion or desire for a proper sequel.

    on 21 February 2017

    < Teeqoz posted something on Puppyroach's wall:

    Haha, all places can't be as progressive as Scandinavia I guess. They'll learn eventually. Meanwhile we'll just enoy the highest living standards in the world.

    Yeah, it seems the solution to many things in life is to just look at Scandinavia, but I guess some people find that hard to do :).

    on 28 April 2016

    < Bisa posted something on Puppyroach's wall:

    He accepted..

    woah you have one of them infamous cone quote tree warnings on your wall! Ty for accepting :)

    I sure do :)

    on 08 March 2016

    < asqarkabab posted something on Puppyroach's wall:

    Thanx for accepring my friendrequest jate

    < Conegamer posted something on Puppyroach's wall:

    Keep an eye on quote trees, please. No more than three per post!

    Ah, I will be better at it :).

    on 31 August 2014

    < DanneSandin posted something on Puppyroach's wall:

    I gotta say that you're one of the sane people in that Samus Aran thread. Good to see someone else that realizes that Samus has been sexualized why too much since that first reveal in Metroid 1. That was quite the shocker, and something that's been exploited later on. So far I'm really liking Samus in Metroid Prime

    Nämen, vafan skriver jag på engelska för när du är svensk? :P

    on 22 August 2014

    Haha, precis, vi är båda svenskar :). Det som gör första Metroid stort är stilen på spelet, storyn och avslöjandet i slutet. Det är så synd att Nintendo förstört mycket av det med tiden, förutom i Prime då.

    Synd också att vissa i tråden verkar förvirra översexualisering med att vilja förbjuda sexiga karaktärer. Metroid är däremot inte ett spel som ska spela på sex på något sätt.

    on 22 August 2014

    haha vad jag hatar att å, ä och ö inte visas ordentligt på denna sida!

    Jag far kanslan av att personerna som inte farstar skillnaden pa att oversexualisera en kvinnlig karaktar ar radda for att deras runkobjekt ska tas ifran dem. Jag tycker att nya Tomb Raiders Laura Croft ar hundra ganger battre an den vi hade pa 90-talet, just for att hon ar en manniska nu, inte tva stora tuttar som springer omkring med pistoler.

    Folk maste ju forsta att om man slutar sexualisera kvinnliga karaktarer sa kan man aven fa battre spel.

    on 22 August 2014

    Haller med. For vissa spel kan sakert anspelandet pa sex vara ok, tror inte det ar spel som skulle locka mig iaf.

    Jag spelade ursprungliga Tomb Raider pa Sega Saturn i timmar, Det var ett bra spel for sin tid men dar det var tydligt att de inte visste hur de skulle gora en kvinnlig karaktar utan stora tuttar.

    Att de namner Kratos och liknande karaktarer ar en annan fraga, da det ar karaktarer som har det utseendet och ska anspela pa manlig styrka. Samus Aran var alltid en stark karaktar, kvinna eller ej. Men det verkar vissa inte forsta :).

    on 22 August 2014

    < Kaizar posted something on Puppyroach's wall:

    Best Movies of 2014 Thread:


    Trailers are in the 4th & 5th OP.

    And please sign my Petition:


    < minecraft23 posted something on Puppyroach's wall:

    i upload better videos then boogie. stop saying there crap. here is proof there not crap.



    < replica_store posted something on Puppyroach's wall:

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    < Zappykins posted something on Puppyroach's wall:

    A reasonable person like you needs more friends! I'll be your friend :D (PS Gave my bro a DreamCast for his Bday way back in the day.)

    I am just trying to add some balance and show that you can be a fan of a system without insulting the competition :).

    on 26 October 2013

    Yes, yes, we need more people like you!

    on 26 October 2013

    Thanks for accepting my friend request! Have a great day.

    on 26 October 2013

    < spurgeonryan posted something on Puppyroach's wall:

    Papa roach?

    What? :)

    on 05 August 2013

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