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< noname2200 posted something on IamAwsome's wall:

Hello! You are cordially invited to join our community for the fourth, and likely last, Wii Secret Santa event! If you're interested, just PM me or post in this thread:


by December 20th.

Alternatively, if you're more into PC gaming at the moment, you can join us for VGChartz' third Steam Secret Santa event instead. Just PM me, or post in this thread:


by the 20th.

Either way, have a happy holiday season, and see you around the forums!

< spurgeonryan posted something on IamAwsome's wall:

Jesus! I hope you are around more when the Wii U comes out so you can manage your thread.

I've been really busy with school lately. I probably won't do many updates this coming week, but next week, and into November, I'll be on here more.

on 13 October 2012


on 15 November 2012

Eh, still busy :P

on 17 November 2012

If you want help with the official Wii U thread I can go host?

on 29 November 2012

If they allow u to take over they will never give control back. Wii need some gaming discussion in there now. I have been holding off with my news thread so people will go in wii u thread and talk games like in the vita thread.

on 29 November 2012

They'll really give him control of the thread??I didn't know they could do that, and by give control back, do you mean back to me? The thread could use some updatees and stuff.

on 29 November 2012

well I think arcturus is not the first guy in charge of his thread.

on 29 November 2012

< RolStoppable posted something on IamAwsome's wall:

Did you get my PM regarding the NFL prediction league?

I sent one yesterday.

on 23 September 2012

Yes. I probably won't be doing today's predictions because I am busy now, but I'll do next week's.

on 23 September 2012

< Kenology posted something on IamAwsome's wall:

Hey, I'm asking you specifically because you're the only Game DB Admin I thought of off the top... Was wondering if we could get a proper NSMB2 game page - with boxarts and numbers and all.

If you are talking about on here, and not Gamewise, I don't think they unlocked the DB on here yet, but I'll see what I can do.

on 21 August 2012

Awesome! Thanks! I want to add it to my collection but it's nowhere to be found.

on 21 August 2012

< Gladys posted something on IamAwsome's wall:


My name is Gladys and i am a beautiful young girl. I am seriously looking for relationship leading to any thing. Today i saw your profile today and i love it, i think we can write together. please i will like you to contact with my email id (Gladycurz2014@yahoo.com) at the same time i will show you my photo and also tell more about myself


Please don't forget to contact me with my email address (Gladycruz2014@yahoo.com)


< IamAwsome updated his status:

Are you Gamewise?

< IamAwsome updated his status:

I hate going MIA for several days on end.

I know what you mean. I friended your alt.

on 25 June 2012

< IamAwsome updated his status:

Updating the Wii U thread's OP with all new info in just a bit.


on 10 June 2012

< IamAwsome updated his status:

E3 is fairly boring this year. I hope Nintendo can save us all.

< spurgeonryan posted something on IamAwsome's wall:

You have one of the most frightening avy's on the site!


on 25 May 2012

< NintendoPie posted something on IamAwsome's wall:


< IamAwsome updated his status:

Is your body ready for E3? Mine is.

I am.

on 21 May 2012

< Smeags posted something on IamAwsome's wall:

You are hereby invited to come aboard the Nintendo Hype Train as we quickly approach Nintendo's E3 2012 Press Conference.

Here's your ticket sir. Hope you can join us. The train will be arriving soon.

I'll be there!!

on 19 May 2012

< ASStronaut posted something on IamAwsome's wall:

Could you add my 3DS friend code please?


Thanks, I will.

on 08 April 2012


on 08 April 2012

< tinababb posted something on IamAwsome's wall:

Hello I am Tina,

I guess you will not surprise to receive my mail? i saw your profile and it

sound well.I will like us to exchange good relationship.I am Tina

by name,No kid and never marry.from here you can contact me at this

email address(tinamark50@yahoo.com)so that i can send you my

pictures and also tell you more about myself,have a nice day

and i am waiting to hear from you soonest,

Remember the distance or colour does not matter but love and concern matters alot in life




Smh. :P She played you IaA.

on 07 April 2012

There is bound to be a real woman who will comment on people's walls someday.

on 07 April 2012

< IamAwsome updated his status:

Planning some funny April Fools threads.

How about a "funny" April Fools post. I seriously got excited about that IaA! XD

on 01 April 2012

I'm not done with that Wii U thread, I'll post even FUNNIER stuff later.

on 01 April 2012

Hey, take some of the stuff that I used in my news thread. I feel bad that I put it there. The stuff I have in the title if you do not know.

on 02 April 2012

You gonna come race in the tourney today?


on 17 March 2012

< cyberninja45 posted something on IamAwsome's wall:

Did you get the MK7 message I sent yesterday? If so can you write reply on it about the races today on it. I can't seem to do it right now.

< IamAwsome updated his status:

The Rich Text Editor is a HEADACHE when embedding videos.

Seriously easy. That's why I do it so much in the other official thread. Copy and paste. Inside the actual button that says html. That is it. Youtube make sure you click old embed code. Other sites it is hit or miss. But most have decent embed codes.

on 04 March 2012

I have a bunch of wii U news posted on my wall, when I get the procrastination bug off my back I will add them.

on 06 March 2012


Also if you know how to fix that embed job I did in your thread, if not then the link will have to do. Seems like a good head line though. :)

on 10 March 2012


on 10 March 2012

Thanks. I needed something.

on 25 March 2012

< IamAwsome updated his status:

Official Wii U thread is done!! Check it out.

It is well made! Thanks for making it. :)

on 03 March 2012

You're welcome.

on 03 March 2012

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