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    Xbox one will catch up soon with PS4 and then outsell it in the USA

    in Sales Discussion on 05 July 2014

    Well in Canada, the PS4 is $50 more expensive, but I can see the Xbox1 outselling the PS4 in NA ...

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    Rumor: Sony to actually buy Epic Games and possibly Deep silver.

    in Sony Discussion on 05 July 2014

    Sony isn't in the best place right now to start buying studios, especially when the studios themselvesare struggling ...

    Write 232

    Xbox One and Titanfall bundle makes the Microsoft game console a better deal than the PS4

    in Microsoft Discussion on 28 March 2014

    the forza edition is 449$ at walmart in the usa...

    Write 89

    My prediction; Xbox ONE will finish last this Gen.

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 March 2014

    i dont think xbox one will finish last, already in Europe they are getting a price cut, In America i think they are selling out so, and this coming from someone who has a PS4...

    Write 34

    Sony News We'll All Want To See Tomorrow

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 January 2014

    They wouldn't reveal something like Crash Bandicoot over twitter, that would be done on E3, probably small that the rest of gaming news industry didnt care about ...

    Write 96

    If someone bought PlayStation Brand who would you want it to be?

    in Sony Discussion on 28 January 2014

    I think Samsung, but I hope it stays with Sony, im sure if Sony nears bankruptcy they will drop the TV and laptop division. But they should focus on what is making them the most money right now. and work on their marketing ...

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    Say One Negative Thing About Your Favorite Console Maker

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 December 2013

    Sony: terrible marketing ...

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    Why are so many people buying xbox one boxes?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 01 December 2013

    they had a special edition box for launch day, which is all black, compared to the normal box which is green people are bidding on that black box, Sony didn't do anything special on their box for day one release ...

    Write 54

    What´s YOUR Game of The Year 2013 and the runner-up?

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 December 2013

    the last of us runner up: ni no kuni: wraith of the white witch...

    Write 123

    Is the Vita a "Game Gear 2"?

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 September 2013

    hopefully vita gets some legs, but it needs more exclusives besides just console ports...

    Write 74

    The Witness coming to the Xbox One

    in Microsoft Discussion on 29 July 2013

    Wasn't it always announced as a timed-exclusive for the PS4? ...

    Write 49

    Why people be hating on dat Vita? (TL;DR version included)

    in Sony Discussion on 29 July 2013

    I love the Indie support it is getting, but it needs its own exclusive to make it a must buy instead of second-rate ports that it has been releasing months after the game releases on consoles ...

    Write 73

    Ryse Has Worst Gameplay of Any Next Gen Game?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 20 July 2013

    the gameplay looked a bit stiff...

    Write 389

    Put a fork in the Wii U, it is done. [Sensible discussion only, no flaming]

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 March 2013

    im sure when zelda comes out and more mario comes out it will be fine...

    Write 29

    should i buy Ni No Kuni?

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 February 2013

    i have both, ni no kuni is better and is amazing ...

    Write 94

    Males of Vgchartz: Why are you afraid of using the urinal?

    in General Discussion on 19 January 2013

    privacy ...

    Write 132

    Fanboys, I just don't get it

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 December 2012

    ppl would like to defend their $300+ purchase and it is completely rational, they would like to know they did not make a mistake in their choice and feel better about their choice. i defended the PS3 against those who criticized it but realized it was pointless, but though i stopped defending the ps3 console, i feel hurt when ppl still bash it i personally own a ps3 because of god of war,...

    Write 48

    Will there be a God of War IV?

    in Sony Discussion on 26 November 2012

    as i big fan of god of war and Kratos, i think they should be finished with his story maybe create a story of someone else in the same world as Kratos, becuase i like the greek mythology setting, but not with kratos, BUT if they continue to make another game with Kratos, hopefully it wont be bad and ruin the whole franchise for everyone ...

    Write 161

    Xperia marketshare

    in Sony Discussion on 22 November 2012

    i don think this is real, ...

    Write 79

    Which games do you defend the most?

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 November 2012

    Uncharted: Drakes fortune, ppl keep saying its boring and lame and they dont want to play the sequels because of it...

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