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    World's Dumbest Sony Fanboy Article

    in Sales Discussion on 08 March 2012

    Ok it has to be just me but I read the stupidest article in my life.  With Sony claiming to have sold 10.5 million move peripherals the Sony fanboys are running wild.  Most totally ignored the whole shipped statement in which they always fall back into the whole sold = shipped argument unless its Microsoft of course.  But I digress.  For one 10.5 million is not that much...

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    Sony is the next Nintendo

    in Sales Discussion on 06 March 2012

    way i see it its more sony fanboys buying vita to save sony from going down the toilet than them actually wanting the system. they pretty much no vita is custards last sand vita dies so does sony and the fanboys will die from frothing. running around like a heroin addict jonesin from missing their sony fix...

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    Jesus vs Mohammed?

    in Politics Discussion on 03 March 2012

    the difference other than one being dead is that with Jesus the relationship is more personal. Believe in God or Christ or not I know of a few times in my life where I could've been shouldve been dead. If it was not for Jesus I wouldn't be here to talk about it. I've seen miracles happen to other's as well. We serve an awesome God. ...

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    Xbox 360 Vs. Playstation 3 2012 - *February* Update

    in Sales Discussion on 03 March 2012

    i wouldnt really say ps3 is doing all that as always japan sales gap is the equivalent of pretty much all of europe.   but anywho seems like a slow year so far to me...

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    Why does Microsoft continue with the X360 in Japan?

    in Sales Discussion on 02 March 2012

    kazuyamishima said:I don´t know man, M$ did everything possible to attract the japanese market with huge price reductions or making a large number of bundles, but nothing seems to works, maybe some JRPGs did a little effect in sales like lost oddyssey or infinite undiscovery, but it was a mirage, right now the 360 is selling less than the ps2, YES the ps2. A lot of Xbox fans will say...

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    Scientific study finds rich people act more unethically than those with less money....

    in Politics Discussion on 29 February 2012

    here's the funny thing that the religious right bible thumpers wealth protectors miss. the bible says the wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous. there's nothing that says those with wealth are the righteous so..... by process of elimination that put them in the wicked category. you will know them by their fruit so... does anything seem good about a people that are filled with...

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    Sony cashing in on Whitney Houston's death

    in General Discussion on 14 February 2012

    guess they had to make money somewhere...

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    US job numbers show strong growth

    in General Discussion on 07 February 2012

    i have a little logical thinking. business were holding back hiring to do the republican "make obama a one term president" anti-american terrorism plan. they woke up and realize the republican candidates are crazy as bat guarno...

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    Mass Effect 3 Demo Shows the Absurdity of Xbox Live Gold - 1UP

    in Microsoft Discussion on 05 February 2012

    pitzy272 said:Problem is, I hope Sony charges at least something next Gen for online so they can make more profits. Just hope they give more options like being able to buy a certain number of hours rather than just monthly plans. my point without me posting.  im still amaze at sony fanboys worrying about how live users spend THEIR money.  sony is bleeding giving shit away...

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    Was MS Wrong When They Claimed The #1 Spot For HW Sales WW?

    in Sales Discussion on 04 February 2012

    o.O why is this thread still going on...

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    Sony Patents Controller Like Wii U.....Sony Looking Over Nintendo's Shoulder Again!

    in Sony Discussion on 03 February 2012

    Tridrakious said:Sony isn't looking over Nintendo's shoulder on this. PSP was doing remote play before the Wii U was a concept and The PS Vita will be out before the Wii U hits and Sony could apply the Wii U controller idea to the Vita/PS3. I'm tired of seeing people claim Sony doesn't innovate. Sony is never given the credit for doing something different. that would be one...

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    'A Kinect shooter would be horribly boring', says Ghost Recon dev

    in Microsoft Discussion on 29 January 2012

    you have ps3 throwing away money for exclusive thats fine so why do people bitch as microsoft if they want an exclusive feature. you dont have to buy it. the developer said it so what people think is quite irrelevant. ...

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    Why the Vita will beat out the 3DS

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 January 2012

    people are kinda mental when it comes to nintendo vs anything. vita will never outsell the 3ds. only people that want a vita are ps3 fanboys. people that want 3ds want mario including ps3 fanboys. power smower wii sucked technically but shitted all over the hd cousins. nintendo dont have to be great to sell they can be good or even mediocre and still sell shit loads of sw. ...

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    Attention: Kinect Owners Have You Purchased Haunt

    in Microsoft Discussion on 24 January 2012

    Rainbird said: spurgeonryan said:I was adding the information for it here, it looks like a really interesting game! May even have to dust the ol 360 off and pick it up! I trust Eurogamers score, even though they seem to give a lot of 7's. It really is, I can only recommend it. Look out for my review. ^_^ great :) btw eurogamer biggest peeve was length which to me is...

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    Attention: Kinect Owners Have You Purchased Haunt

    in Microsoft Discussion on 24 January 2012

    Haunt is definitely one of the best kinect games out but I know alot of people are leary to even try it.  The only reviews I could find the biggest argument is pretty much the length and they would've like a little more interactivity.  We would be seeing a 8 or 9 easy kinect game that's not dancing. 7/10 > 7/10 >...

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    Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning demo

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 January 2012

    i swear i thought it was a short demo and i finished it lol.. then i read about the mass effect stuff and wondered why i didnt get it. so i tried again and i think i just quit the game lol....

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    Masaya Matsuura’s Haunt to release for Kinect next week via XBLA

    in Microsoft Discussion on 23 January 2012

    finally a site put a a review this is one of best if not the best kinect game published that utilize kinect in so many ways. the movement scheme works with get jittery some times but for the most part makes sense. i wont lie i got startled a couple times as cheesy as the game is. stuff pops out at you and by you actually walking i...

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    WW Hardware UP! (14th January '12) -Global up!

    in Latest Charts on 20 January 2012

    Jexy said: pezus said:PS3 dropped by 200k+ this week?? or overtracked the previous week/s?  Nothing massive came out new before, seems odd. last week was alot high to me...

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    Pretty Asian girl

    in General Discussion on 20 January 2012

    omg... the comments have me crying laughing...

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    Why isn't there a VGChartz app?

    in Website Topics on 20 January 2012

    traffic = money.... apps = lost traffic...

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