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    Why Wii is not Next-Gen

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 September 2008

    This is a major joke thread. The Wii is only not next because it's current gen, while the 360 and PS3 are last gen. Let me explain:I follow the Malstrom-generation model. It goes like this:First Generation (1972-1983)- Everything before NES, starting with the Magnafox Odyssey, the first console every released.Second Generation (1983-2006)- starts with the NES-revolution. In this generation, games...

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    Can Mario Kart Wii become the nr 1 selling game in its first 12 months?

    in Sales Discussion on 18 September 2008

    disolitude said: How can Wii owners deny that there is a shortage of Wii games this year? It just boggles my mind...Do you think Mario Kart would sell the same if it was on a console that had GTA4, MGS4, Soul Calibur4, Devil May Cry 4...etc...I decided to stick with 4's :)    I do think so. Mario Kart Wii is a game that sells consoles, and has damn fine gameplay. And I...

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    Microsoft considered buying Nintendo!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 17 September 2008

    Yeah, I read somewhere it went like this:Microsoft: Nintendo, we're making a console for the next cycle, and we need someone to do a lot of the software. How's about $20 billion?Nintendo: Hahaha, good one MS. That was a very funny and yet so believeable joke, haha...Microsoft: uhm... we're serious?Nintendo: really? Damn, lol dude... but sorry, no deal. Nintendo is a profitabble company, and not...

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    Designers developing virtual-reality 'Cocoon'

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 September 2008

    I want it. Please let this thing become a great success so I can buy one in the future! ...

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    Your top 5 games this gen, what are they?

    in General Discussion on 12 September 2008

    5 - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight PrincessIt's Zelda, so I like it. Next game better be more progressive, though. 4 - Super Smash Bros. BrawlHell yeah, it's Brawl! It's awesome, but not legendary(for me the Smash series never was)... nevertheless, still my most played game of the generation yet.3 - Mass EffectThough I haven't completely finished it yet, Mass Effect combines the deep epicness of...

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    Information on The Conduit (videos and images included)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 September 2008

    OMG look at the White House! That's most certainly one of the best-looking structures I've seen yet on The Conduit screenshots!This game is going to kick ass, I hope it's going to have coop and local multiplayer, so it'll be the definative Wii fps....

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    DS reaches 80 million next week!!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 September 2008

    If DS sells as long as GBA, 150M+ sales are almost guaranteed. Hell, I think it even has a small shot at the 200M if it takes like 7-10 more years before DS2 comes out....

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    HD developers, will they make it out of this holiday season alive?

    in Sales Discussion on 07 September 2008

    The big ones will survive, the small ones will either join Nintendo and start supporting the Wii decently, or be eaten alive.This should be interesting....

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    How will the next generation go?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 31 August 2008

    Nintendo will know what to do next. And don't worry/whine about hardcore attention, thanks to our friends who are new to gaming, we will be enjoying Nintendo's console for many years to come.Look at the DS to see how the Wii will look in a couple of years. Good stuuf form third-parties is coming, and the WiiMotion+ tells us that Nintendo intends to give the Wii its share of more complex games,...

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    Which Wii Jrpg looks the most promising?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 August 2008


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    First Wii screens for Moto GP 08

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 August 2008

    Wow, it actually looks pretty good! Damn good!Now let's just hope as much effort was put into the gameplay, especially the controls....

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    Sony gets back at Valve.. Sorta

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 August 2008

    BMaker11 said: ZenfoldorVGI said: If I was Sony, the last thing I would wanna do is "burn Valve." Valve before: The PS3 is a waste of time Valve now: We have to put games on the PS3 now. If I was Sony, not only would I be kicking their asses in their own game, but I'd be laughing at how stupid they look now from a business perspective     No, Valve...

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    Race for 100 million

    in Sales Discussion on 29 August 2008

    Isn't this flamebait? The PS3 hasn't got a snowflake's chance on satan's butt reaching the 100 million before Wii. And the chances that the PS3 will ever hit 100 million are close to none. There's even a chance that the PS3's life will end with less than half of that 100 million.I think the PS3 has a really slight chance of hitting the 100 million, but to make that happen, the Wii would have to...

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    Paper mario or pikmin?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 August 2008

    GLoRySoGLoRy said: get pikmen!!!papermario has no replay value   I have played Paper Mario 2 almost certainly more than Melee, completed it three times, have one super-leveled file with 100HP, lots of FP and like almost half of all possible badges on, and now I'm playing it in German for ultra completion. Then you come along and tell me it doesn't have any replay value. Don't...

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    dispelling the common wii misconceptions

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 August 2008

    Wii internet channel is awesome. AVGN on Youtube is great with friends....

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    The Official "We Want FF13 On Wii" Thread

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 August 2008

    I'd rather see KHIII on the Wii, as it seems like a way better fit, but I support your wish. The main points that'll make FFXIII great are the gameplay which should be possible on the Wii because it's pretty much the same as other, older FF's, the CGI-graphics, which could be done on Wii, because they're like video files put on a disc, and the story, which would sure as hell be possible on the...

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    del Toro: "There are only two games I consider masterpieces..."

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 August 2008

    Masterpiece... what am I supposed to make out of that? From my opinion, lots of great games are masterpieces, but the greatest masterpieces I've ever played are Ocarina of Time, because it's gameplay is revolutionary and the gameplay is just flawless. Half-Life 2 is another game I would like to honour here, as it has an awesome atmosphere and amazing shooter gameplay that's some of the best ever,...

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    Super Mario World

    in Nintendo Discussion on 26 August 2008

    TruckOSaurus said:The secret world has some incredibly tough stages! The one with the P balloons is sooooo unforgiving, a split second of hesitation or a miscalculated move will end up in certain death.Ahhh the memories!    I'm a person who can speedrun Super Mario World in an hour or less and the memory of that dreaded level still gives me nightmares. It's just too hard,...

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    New handheld console announced

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 August 2008

    Sweet, but the dual d-pad symmetric thingy reminds me of the Virtual Boy. This must mean that the Wiz will be a hybrid between the best handheld Nintendo's ever made(DS), the worst ''handheld'' Nintendo's ever made(Virtual Boy), and the biggest competition Nintendo's ever had in the handheld arena(PSP).The Wiz has it all!...

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    Rumor: GearBox developing Halo 4 for the next Xbox?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 26 August 2008

    Squilliam said: twesterm said:   Yeah, they have proved themselves much in terms of multiplayer but then again, had Bungie when they made Halo? Seriously people, Gearbox is an awesome studio. Gearbox is awesome, but Halo is one of my favourite games of all times. Its difficult to trust anyone but Valve to make a Half-Life and its just as hard to trust anyone but...

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