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    < ishiki updated his status:

    Yay you can activate 2009ish EA games on steam like Dead Space, Crysis 2, Dragon Age, etc.

    < zarx posted something on ishiki's wall:

    What? It's telling me that you wrote something on my wall but I can't see any new messages actually on my wall...

    heh, I did, but it didn't make sense, and I forgot my point, so I deleted it.

    on 19 January 2013

    ok lol

    on 19 January 2013

    < ishiki updated his status:

    never played resident evil much until recently, 4 and 5 are so addicting.

    tomb raiders and resi evils,2 franchises i love plus silent hill,i still haven't played resi 6 yet

    on 19 March 2013

    I'm waiting until next week to get it on PC. The thing I wonder more about isn't how action it is, but they changed the combat from 4 and 5.

    I love silent hill too, the first 3 anyways I haven't tried any since then.

    on 19 March 2013

    i have Resi 6 on PS3,i bought it when it was cheapo,it is £17 on psn and steam i think,we'll have to try and co-op sometime,resi 4/5 were good fun,i played them quite a bit

    i played homecoming,people don't like but why not if you like silent hill,you still fight some monsters one on one with a plank,lol

    downpour is still £38 second hand where i am,i live in small palce,i have to get it online,as i am going to play it sometime

    on 20 March 2013

    < Turkish posted something on ishiki's wall:

    For loving Planetes

    < ishiki updated his status:

    Far cry 3 is disappointing.

    < Smeags posted something on ishiki's wall:

    Hey there, and thanks again for participating in the Top 50 Games event! Tomorrow starts our descent into the top 10, where our most beloved games are placed (can't wait to see what they are!).

    Just wanted to let you know that, if you want to, you may complete your lists in the Official Thread. I'm always looking for a way to easy my workload... so starting to tally your choices early would be nice!

    You don't have to if you don't want to of course, as long as I have your complete list by December 31st! Whatever makes things easier for you works for me. Anyways, happy holidays and thanks again for celebrating your favorite games with the rest of us. Cheers. ^_^

    < BasilZero posted something on ishiki's wall:

    Hmm seems like I successfully installed motioninjoy ;o.

    It even works I tested it out on a game!

    Hmm I just hope it doesnt install some secret malware >.>

    < ishiki updated his status:

    so much nonsense and sheep.


    on 21 December 2012

    < BasilZero posted something on ishiki's wall:

    MotioninJoy is legit ;x? I heard people have been having problems with it. hmm.

    Also yes I can use the fix and have already applied it when I tested out the game.

    What kind of problems? I used it to beat dark souls.
    When Installed, You go to profiles and click xbox 360 controller emulator.

    this the high res text mod. Just makes text in game not all pixelated.

    on 15 December 2012

    I tried that to use my ps3 controller and it worked for the most part and was buggy at times. I just got lazy and got the 360's pc controller. The thing works though if you have bit of patience.

    on 15 December 2012

    It's perfect as long as you select 360 emulator like ishiki said.

    on 15 December 2012

    Alright I'll try it out!

    on 16 December 2012

    (I was hearing that people were getting weird ads popping up ;p)

    on 16 December 2012

    Well, there are ads in the program, but only in the program. And after you set it up it's minimized.

    If you don't like it there are other ways. You have to setup your other controller. and then get this.

    Which is an x360 emulator, and you have to have the other driver for the ps2 controller. Motioninjoy is just easier for me, and I've had no problems with it, or pop ups etc.

    on 16 December 2012

    For some reason when I installed it, I followed the instructions and when I did "Load Driver" it said installation failed o.O.

    on 16 December 2012

    You're not trying to use the bluetooth hub right? So you went into Motioninjoy gamepad tool, And when you click on profiles it doesn't list Dualshock 3? (If it already was installed previously, it can fail, there should be a check in driver manager tab though). It's finicky and unituitive, so X-out the program and try it one more time.

    on 16 December 2012

    No not installing via blutooth.

    I managed to "Load Driver" but instead of saying successful it says completed o.o.

    Anyways, I go back to profiles but I cant select PS3 from the drop down menu ;x.

    on 16 December 2012

    Really odd....now my PC wont recognize my PS3 controller at all o.O.

    My PS3 works fine with it and my other PC works fine with it ;x.

    on 16 December 2012

    Wait so it works on 1 PC but not the other? Or do you have it working with something else... which then I ask why use this :P? It is finicky, I uninstalled and re-installed to try and help. I reinstalled motioninjoy again. Sometimes if you disconnect, (or step on cord and it pops up), you can't load the PS3 until you restart program.

    on 16 December 2012

    if you need to unistall go to driver manager, click remove. And then uninstall motioninjoy.

    on 16 December 2012

    When I mean it works on other PCs I meant that it picks up the controller and charges it via USB however on the PC I had installed motionjoy it stopped picking it up completely....I'm restarting the PC now but its updating like mad for some reason o.O.

    on 16 December 2012

    1 out of 27 updates...for the past 30 min almost >.>.

    on 16 December 2012

    ah, I see. How were/you planning to use the PS2 controller anyways?

    on 16 December 2012

    My friend (who doesnt own a PS3 but a PS2) uses his controller via a USB device he bought for like 5 bucks on Amazon o.o.

    on 16 December 2012

    < Wagram posted something on ishiki's wall:

    Ever get around to The Last Remnant?

    Yes a bit I've only played about 10 hours. I like it though. Been busy with school and not wanting to get caught up with a JRPG, because those can get distracting heh. During break Ima play it more.

    on 12 December 2012

    < ishiki updated his status:

    well ubisoft uplay is dreadful. Easily the worst service I've ever seen.

    < ishiki updated his status:

    Hitman Absolution is pretty good. Aside from like the 3rd and 4th level (Out of 20). Some things are improved (The guns feel different, less clunky, your disguises aren't infallible, ai I isn't as robotic, (though they went a little to extreme), Graphics are amazing, and great PC port.. But the levels are less big, Covering your face is a cool mechanic but it shouldn't require instinct. Can't close doors, no loadout (except in contracts). I give it an 8.0 (I give blood money an 8.5),

    < HaxtonFale posted something on ishiki's wall:


    I already mentioned that in the thread, but you can activate your SupCom on Steam as Gold edition. If you choose to do so and want to play, add me:


    < noname2200 posted something on ishiki's wall:

    Hello! You are cordially invited to join our site’s third Steam Secret Santa event. Come help keep this community tradition alive, while also giving and receiving some great games. If you’re interested in joining, just PM me or post in this thread:


    by the 20th. Looking forward to seeing you there, and have a happy holiday season!

    < ishiki updated his status:

    I got moderated heh

    < Jay520 posted something on ishiki's wall:

    New Hitman Trailer! No Spoilers


    < ishiki updated his status:

    Beat Sleeping Dogs, it rocks.

    < ishiki updated his status:

    TWEWY on Ipad is pretty neato... though the combat isn't quite as fun as on the DS. :-/

    < ishiki updated his status:

    Sleeping Dogs is pretty awesome. Extremely better than the true crime games, and better than GTA4... not better than san andreas. imo

    San Andreas & Just Cause 2 are the BEST

    on 05 September 2012

    Just cause is cool, just anything that isn't gameplay kind of sucks. Grand theft Auto at least before 4 was Charming

    on 05 September 2012

    < A203D posted something on ishiki's wall:

    It was a good film. I'm personally not that happy Nolan decided to end the saga. He couldve given the reigns to another director, continue the story through books, comics, anime (Gotham Knight). Now the series will be rebooted again.

    How was Xenoblade by the way?

    About FF13, I'm not saying its bad, I think its above average game, not spectacular. I didnt really see that type of game having much longjevity potential. Which is why I dont think the FF13 series has much else going for it.

    What are your thoughts on FF15? (if the rumours are true)

    Dead Space 3 is coming this January I beleive.

    Xenoblades great, It's like FFXII... A prettier world, worse dialoge. a slightly better story, but worse gameplay imo atleast.

    Is FF15 ito or 12 team? I don't know anything about the rumor... But I hope it's that way for a couple reason 1) It let's people like you that don't really care about 13 get a new final fantasy (and I enjoy the different directions). And it likely means that everyone that likes FF13 gets the final part of the story.

    But maybe that's not the rumor lol idk.

    on 09 August 2012

    Lol, the rumour is Ito and the FF12 team. I'm sure they will deliver. FF13 couldve been a lot better, but spilting the story into too many parts, has in my opinion jepordised the story of the original one.

    Anyway enough about that.

    Do you burn DVDs on your computer? I used to use Nero is the past, but I'm wondering if there is something more profficent? Not faster burning, but better DVD quality when you play it back in your DVD player.

    on 10 August 2012

    What files are you trying to burn on your dvd. A lot of times it's the source file not being at a high enough quality in the first place.

    I just hook my computer up to my tv, so I don't really use DVD's though.

    Have you played KoToR?

    on 10 August 2012

    Just some videos that I can watch on my tv. Stuff like that anime show Outlaw Star or Batman Beyond, which they dont sell in the UK, so I'll download it burn it and then watch it on DVDs.

    Yeah, its cool I used Nero verson. 10. Which is pretty good, you can do blu rays as well but I my laptop wont burn blu rays, lol.

    Never played KoToR. But I know about it, my friend used to rave about that game, I'm sure it was awesome because it has such a strong following. Not sure about the online version, if thats the one your talking about.

    Have you heard of Legned of Dragoon?

    on 13 August 2012

    Batman Beyond is awesome!

    I haven't played the online one, though I'm gonna try when its free to play.

    Hrm Yeah I've beaten Legend of Dragoon years ago, it's pretty okay. Neat battle system and stuff. Just there's a lot of other PS1 RPG's I like more, not bad though. And I'd probably like it more than all but 4-5 console JRPG's this gen :P. Do you like it?

    on 14 August 2012

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