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    ishiki final fantasy fans are retarded.
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    RANT!!. Video adverts on the site do you think they suck and should be removed??

    in General Discussion on 26 March 2012 by zero129

    binary solo said: zero129 said: binary solo said:What!?! my thread on this topic got locked but this one doesn't? If I was the type to swear I'd say "fuck you mods". But I'm not, so I won't. And this thread has only been up a few hours, so it may yet get locked: can't piss off the advertisers you know. Oddly enough though, the day after I posted that doomed thread: no more...

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    I've had enough, I'm going to leave VGChartz...

    in Website Topics on 14 February 2012 by spurgeonryan

    Alright thanks for the clarification Sega4life! Naughty Jay520!...

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    One 3rd of Japanese gamers regret buying 3DS!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 January 2012 by Alby_da_Wolf

    spurgeonryan said:I think this is relevant now. I would like to know how many think it was a bad purchase now? More of a long term investment I should say. When games using two sticks will become more widespread, and Ninty will release 3DS 2.0 with two sticks built-in, and what's more, cheaper than the 1.0, early adopters forced to buy and use that butt-ugly 2nd stick kludge will be...

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    The Top 100 TV Shows - The Results!

    in General Discussion on 11 October 2011 by Bunyip

    sapphi_snake said: Bunyip said: sapphi_snake said: archbrix said: Bunyip said: sapphi_snake said: #1. Lots of people vote several times on that site to make sure their faves get the score they want it to get. It's full of fanboys, so that says nothing. You'd also have to conduct a survey on a more diverse group to get a better ideea of...

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    GameJournos.com: Breach of ethics by VGC? Updated: Details of RubangB's Departure

    in Website Topics on 18 September 2011 by Kantor

    makingmusic476 said: Kantor said: makingmusic476 said:So that's what happened to good ol' Rubang. Pity. =( By his own admission, he pretended to take a holiday and shoved off. I have no sympathy for him, and perhaps a little bit for Nick Simberg. He liked to consider himself very important, but I don't recall his even holding any special position until he was...

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    Now that Monster Hunter is 3DS exclusive....

    in Sales Discussion on 15 September 2011 by axumblade

    I'm just going to go ahead and lock this thread. Asking if there is a point of a console is one thing but then stating about how a system has already crushed another console before it's even out is downright silly. It would be different if more disadvantages were pointed out but it seems to be a "list war" with an obvious bias so I think I'd rather lock it before this turns into arguments and...

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    Greatest Industry Icon Tournament: Kevin Butler Vs. Hironobu Sakaguchi

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 August 2011 by Machina

    Next - http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=132471...

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    I'm really starting to hate this site.

    in General Discussion on 08 June 2011 by PullusPardus

    legend92(3) said:I actually agree with what you said, this sites forums have gone downhill in recent times. With so called mods being more bias than half the other posters. Then the sheer fanboy talk that goes on its a wonder why I'm still here really. i've been going to kotaku more lately, just when i find something interesting i make a thread of it for you guys, i try to get away...

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    Vote Now! gamrConnect Most Wanted: June Edition

    in Gaming Discussion on 31 May 2011 by Jay520

    Zkuq said: Every month, there's new game announcements and new information about old games. I for one don't want to go editing my posts because the situation has changed. ahhh,  very true...

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    Vote Now! GamrConnect Most Wanted: May Edition

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 April 2011 by MrT-Tar

    1. Zelda SS (Wii) 2. Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii) 3. The Last Guardian (PS3) 4. Mario Kart 3D (3DS) 5. Paper Mario 3D (3DS)...

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    Why was I friends with A230D 7 times. And when I removed 1 of him,

    in Website Topics on 09 April 2011 by Machina

    Yeah it's annoying, wish I could add people that I've removed. Oh well......

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