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    What Games Would You Like To See Nintendo Re-release / Remaster / Remake For The Switch?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 01 December 2019

    I'd love an Eternal Darkness Remake, plus a sequel to that game afterwards ...

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    Switch will probably have best 3rd party support for Nintendo platform from SNES

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 December 2017

    Here in Europe the Switch hasn't been quite as successful as US or Japan so Nintendo are under a little more pressure to price cut over here. And where is that myth still coming from that the Switch is in some kind of trouble in Europe...? Just because it is not doing the exact same gangbuster numbers as in the US and Japan, doesn‘t mean Nintendo has to already lower the...

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    Swiss Software charts - week 39

    in Latest Charts on 04 October 2017

    And there are five 3rd party games in the switch top10, which are probably like 100% more than the wiiu ever had in the charts 😝...

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    Swiss Software charts - week 39

    in Latest Charts on 04 October 2017

    The Switch was sold out or at least not easy to get a hold of until the start of september though, which is pretty impressive considering how playstation oriented switzerland is generally. Software also seems to do rather well which is also new here... It‘s pleasing to see the market opening up to nintendo, let‘s hope they don‘t screw it up somehow :-)...

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    Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Reviews - 85 Meta (47 Reviews) - 84 Open (37 Reviews)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 28 August 2017

    I received the game on last Friday already and i just finished the first world yesterday night. It really is awesome, the best Rabbid game by far! It also gets challenging quite quickly after the first tutorial levels and the humour is on point most of the time. The fight against Rabbid Kong was hillarious! X-D I think the game will be in the upper 80s once all is said and done....

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    Tweet from Playtonic about Yooka laylee switch.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 August 2017

    Really wanted this on Switch! Now i got it on PS4 instead and although i liked it, it wasn't enough to keep me sticking around... i had it preordered for the Switch but i canceled it in the meantime. The Hype has gone dowm to zero and later in the year i don't think many people will still be interested in this. A big lost oportunity for Playtonic in my opinion......

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    Japan Goes Switch Crazy; Supply Starved Consumers Line Up For Lottery Chance To Buy A Switch.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 June 2017

    NintendoPie said: Insidb said: It's only a matter of time, before they siphon off EU systems to try to meet the JPN/US demand. There's a very real possibility that JPN is to NS what the US is to X1; I can't recall the last time 3 systems did so well by separately dominating the 3 major markets. XBO is really the only console that is being consistently saved by one country....

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    Best Buy will have Switch + NES classic tommorow

    in Nintendo Discussion on 30 March 2017

    I don't know about the rest of Europe, but in Switzerland it's still next to impossible to find a Switch anywhere, not online nor in stores. Switzerland traditionally is mostly a Sony territory, so this is kinda impressive! Hope they can keep up with demand soon...

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    Switch Friend Zone (Friend Codes)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 March 2017


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    What video game was like pure magic to you?

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 January 2014

    No question, Donkey Kong Country 2 and Conker's Bad Fur Day! If i think about it, there were several games on the N64 that i was kind of obsessed with before their release ;-) And most of them could keep their promises, unlike a lot of games today!...

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    Wii U Sells Only Over 48k IN Japan!? Dooomed :-)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 December 2013

    I especially don't get why people say "The numbers are bad considering there was a new DQ released"!! Remember that game already came out to WiiU in March this year, this is just a re-release with some kind of add-on in it... I don't think the bump of 20k this week had all that much to do with the DQ release. The sales trend is positive as it has been for the last couple of weeks. Not to record...

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    Retro interview: Tropical Freeze

    in Nintendo Discussion on 28 June 2013

    I'm looking forward to this game as i also loved the first part! I still miss the Kremlings though, i could never completely get over the fact that they removed them for Jungle Beat and the DCKR games. Also the animal buddies and the ability to switch between the characters in single player mode were something i missed from the original games. But that's probably just because the old trilogy will...

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    Nintendo: All These Sequels Don't Mean We're 'Playing It Safe'

    in Nintendo Discussion on 21 June 2013

    Well as much as i'm looking forward to DKC:TF, it kinda really is playing it safe. Plus with almost all of the other games they were showing off. In that interview, Miyamoto uses the terms "there is a misunderstandig" a little bit too much for my taste... He's a genius and a legend and all, but isn't the definition of a new IP also just a matter of personal interpretation? It sounds a bit like...

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    Who here will be boycotting Xbone?

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 June 2013

    It's pretty much going to be WiiU and probably PS4 in a few years for me. I had a 360, but the whole concept of the XBone doesn't appeal to me at all. Don't like to be controlled by MS everyday, plus i don't wanna be forced to buy Kinect when i'm sure i will never buy a game that requires it. My internet connection is stable and fast, but i just don't see why i should have to connect to Live...

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    Activision PR Doesn’t List Call Of Duty: Ghosts On Wii U

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 June 2013

    I think it won't come for the WiiU, just because Infinity Ward is developing this one right? IW hasn't developed a COD for Nintendo platforms since the Gamecube days, i think. Nintendo only got the games in the series that were from Treyarch, which also ported the Modern Warfare games to the Wii....

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    Describe the N64 in 3 words- Poll: DKR or MK64

    in Nintendo Discussion on 30 May 2013

    Rare was unstoppable tons of collectathons!!!! :-D amazing Nintendo games multiplayer sky rocketing Banjo Kazooie Threeie Bad Fur Day first analog stick comfortable button layout super smash bros and lots more!!!...

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    Am I the only 1 who keeps his games for collection purposes

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 May 2013

    No, i also keep almost all of my games back to the SNES ;-) Even though i also buy used games, i'm not that picky about that. I have only sold like 3 or 4 games in my life, that i just really didn't like!...

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    Wario, Daisy, and Waluigi; Where'd they come from?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 May 2013

    JazzB1987 said: spurgeonryan said:If they made a Waluigi game it would be as weird or strange as that Tingle game. I would imagine. Which would be a good thing. Waluigi's Mansion?   To be honest it still bothers me that Mario's "alter ego?" is called Wario  but Luigi's is called Waluigi and not ┌uigi (I dont care what you would call that xD )I mean Waluigi...

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    What if Nintendo is planning ED2

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 May 2013

    What i've always been wondering, how would it even be possible for SK/Dyack to work on a sequel to ED and try to sell it to some publisher, when Nintendo holds all the rights to the franchise? The only ones to make a real second part of ED happening would be them, or am i seeing something wrong? Anyway, he kind of got what he deserved, even though it really sucks for all the people who lost...

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    "How I got banned from Miiverse" by d21lewis

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 January 2013

    It just happend to me twice that i couldn't even make the post because there popped up a warning that my text contained inappropriate words, which it didn't! At least not in my understanding of inappropriate writing ;-) Had to rewrite the postings in different words until i could post then... Moderation is ok in my opinion, but they kind of shoot over the top at the moment!...

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