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Global hardware and UK & USA software UP! - Week ending 8th December

in Latest Charts on 13 December 2012

WiiU sure is taking a beating here in Europe. I wonder if it can drop further next week even with Xmas approaching. The most striking thing is that non-Nintendo games have completely drowned (even ZombiU is low). It's quite a bad omen for WiiU's success in the long-term as 3rd parties may back away from the system very quickly....

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in Gaming Discussion on 12 December 2012

Is this list genuine?...

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Why do Wii 1st party exclusives sell more than P$3 and Xbox$60? - A Comparison

in Sales Discussion on 10 September 2012

Well, the explanation is very simple : PS3 and 360 have a large game library covering a wide array of genres and their respective owners have different tastes. Should I undig my thread about how Wii is least in million-sellers, 500K sellers and such?...

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what have I missed as a Nintendo only gamer this Generation?

in Gaming Discussion on 22 July 2012

Valkyria Chronicles on PS3 is the game you have to play first. ...

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Official Nintendo News Thread: "Born a Nintendo Fan, die a Nintendo fan!

in Nintendo Discussion on 13 July 2012

The graphic gap between Vita and 3DS is enormous, much like the Wii/PS3 gap. 3DS capabilities are often underused which doesn't help (I have Fire Emblem it's ugly unfortunetaly), and if you compare state-of-the-art Vita games like Gravity Daze or Project Diva f there is a world of difference. ...

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WiiU haz no HDD

in Nintendo Discussion on 14 June 2012

The question is : can you run downloaded games or patches from an external HDD?...

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RANT!!. Video adverts on the site do you think they suck and should be removed??

in General Discussion on 25 March 2012

It's not just this site but they must go! It slows browsing like hell!...

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"I miss the old VGChartz from 200x" threads - A BIG announcement

in Website Topics on 19 December 2011

Hello, I'm not complaining about the new layout (I find it easier to use tbh) or anything, but why can't we have access to yearly charts anymore? The year is nearly finished and there's simply no way to make our own analysis of what 2011 was in a whole! I usually publish an analysis of my own on my blog every six months, but this time I can't have this pleasure :/ ...

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gamrReview GotY - Voting Thread - PSP

in Gaming Discussion on 06 December 2011

Best Fighting Game : Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Best Action/Adventure : The 3rd Birthday Best Graphics : 1/ Final Fantasy Type-0 2/ Dissidia Duodecim 3/ The 3rd Birthday Best Original Music 1/ Final Fantasy Type-0 2/ The 3rd Birthday 3/ Valkyria Chronicles 3 4/ Dissidia Duodecim Most Innovative : The 3rd Birthday Biggest Disappointment : Black Rock Shooter the...

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Official VGC PS3 Game of the Year Voting Thread

in Sony Discussion on 30 November 2011

Best RPG : Atelier Totori by FAR, VERY FAR! (I would also have put Hyperdimension Neptune but you seem to have forgotten it : shame on you) Best Shooter : Battlefield 3, closely tailed by Modern Warfare 3 (last minute change because of BF3 PS3 update) Best graphics : Battlefield 3 is the king! Best O.S.T : 1/ Atelier Totori; 2/ Deus Ex Human Revolution; 3/ AR Tonelico III 4/ Battlefield 3...

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do sony fans hate the xbox more so than other console fans hate the competition??

in Sony Discussion on 24 July 2011

I'll give you two obvious reasons my friend : _ Star Ocean 4 _ Tales of Vesperia And more generally this irritating habit Microsoft has of talking about multi-platform titles like they own them and all the little deals they strike with devs to favour X360 versions....

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