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< outlawauron posted something on zexen_lowe's wall:

zexen_lowe is stopping by too! Surprises abound recently.

Just every now and then to check the charts, dont think I'll ever come back to be a regular poster again, sadly

on 07 February 2015

Nice to see you're doing fine, though, how have you been?

on 07 February 2015

I'm doing alright. I've moved on to boring adult life. :-P

Can't complain too much. Got a decent job and I live with my wife and dog. I still play enough video games to keep me sane.

on 07 February 2015

Haven't we all moved to boring adult life? Sadly we're not the carefree teenagers we used to be :-P

Can't complain either, hehe, just came back from vacation with my bf. I don't play many videogames nowadays though, it's hard for me to get engaged

on 04 March 2015

I usually switch between hobbies. Right now, I'm all in to games with my free time. I'm actually playing Suikoden III right now. :-P

on 04 March 2015

Ha, great game, how are you liking it? You played I and II before, right?

on 07 March 2015

I did not. I'm starting to realize that I probably should have played them before though.

on 09 March 2015

Well, you can understand the game fine, but there are quite a lot of references that you're gonna miss, sadly..

3 days ago

< pbroy posted something on zexen_lowe's wall:

How is life, buddy?

Hey! Not much lately, only logging in every now and then to see the chartz, but not finding enough motivation to post in the forums, sadly. Life's great though, living with my bf for almost a year.

Thanks for the add on PSN by the way. What's up with you lately?

on 25 December 2014

< WessleWoggle posted something on zexen_lowe's wall:

http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=91084&page=1# There you go, it's a really entertaining read.

< WessleWoggle posted something on zexen_lowe's wall:

I just read my acid thread... I can't believe I was actually making sense... I mean, at first I was saying crazy shit, but the further into the thread you go the more peaceful and philosophical I got, I was basically just saying the same things an hippie on LSD would. I made a looong ass post on the "Doing acid" thread about how they were all so wrong and I was so right, lol.

< WessleWoggle posted something on zexen_lowe's wall:

I'm a musician now, and a full blown transvestite. I started doing drugs again, but responsibly this time. I've become polyamorous and I no longer identify as bisexual, I only like girls now for sexual intercourse, BDSM stuff is a different story. I am out of a depression I was in for the longest time, when my heart finally gave up on my ex fiancé when I learned our love meant nothing special to her, then I was able to fall in love with another girl. She lives halfway across the country and I'm saving up to see her. I'm going to be moving out of my parents soon. I am in an episode of mania, so I have to take extra medication to be able to sleep, but sometimes it doesn't work, as of right now I've been up over 24 hours. I prefer staying up 30 hours then getting 3-5 hours of sleep. Sleeping every night makes the days feel like they're going by so fast, and when I get 6-8 hours of sleep like a normal person I wake up exhausted and stressed out. Time slows down the less you sleep.

Anyways I got a bit too detailed there, how is your life?

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Fire Emblem Mafia Sign-up

in Gaming Discussion on 03 August 2014

I promised I'd sign up so here I am. Disappointed it's FE and not a franchise I know about (you tricked me, WoW :-(), but there's a lot of vgc-old-school people signed up so let's have a great mafia revival...

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Cousix sex?

in General Discussion on 02 August 2014

WessleWoggle said:I want people to know everything I said in this thread was true, it represented a time where I was a sick twisted teenager. After the hormones died down I didn't want to fuck anything that moved. Me and my cousin are cool now. My mom and some of my friends know I did stuff with my cousin. But it was just two lonely awkward teens. Now I am a 22 year old man. I was a...

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19F – The Night Venezuela Finally Imploded

in Politics Discussion on 21 February 2014

With my boyfriend being Venezuelan, this shit hits far too close to home....the stories he tells me of when he was there and the stories his friends tell me now are simply far too much. I knew it would be bad when Maduro won rigged the elections, but I didn't think it would get THIS bad. The people have all the rights in rising up because the situation was far too unsustainable, and frankly...


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