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    Funny pictures

    in General Discussion on 28 December 2016 by JEMC

    Only a couple of gifs: ...

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    What did you take in college, and what did you go for?

    in General Discussion on 08 July 2014 by Mr Khan

    Mr Khan said:St. Joseph's University, went for International Relations, taking International Relations, and quite enjoying it University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, Master of International Development, Major in NGOs and Civil Society. My only regret is that i did not transition to grad school immediately. Mid 2012 through all of 2013 was...

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    PlayStation sucks, Xbox rules or Turok Evolution's famous bush trick

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 February 2012 by happydolphin

    ninty_shareholder64 said: happydolphin said: ninty_shareholder64 said: THE TELEPHONE!!! Yeah, the last little gremlin was not invincible, it's the shitty telephone-weapon. So i played it again in times of SNES, this bulky Commodore 64 with its joystick and two buttons control and yeah i never reached the last level again, so i don't know if the last gremlin could be...

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    The Official F1 Thread

    in General Discussion on 11 January 2012 by Rainbow Yoshi

    Review of the 2011 Formula 1 season! Sebastian Vettel: Total Domination, I'm the new Schumacher! Michael Schumacher: Well done, I'll never win again... Felipe Massa: Me neither... Fernando Alonso: Sorry, I dominated you again. Jenson Button: I loved this season, never thought I'd be in title contention only a few years ago. Lewis Hamilton: Ups and downs this year, let's hope I can be a...

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    Steam Coupon Trade

    in PC Discussion on 31 December 2011 by c03n3nj0

    .... and I just won Two Worlds, for crafting seven coal. I can't run it. :/...

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    Portal 3 will be Released Before Half-Life 3

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 December 2011 by Slimebeast

    I hope Half-Life 3 comes as an early next gen title....

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    Skyrim - The Official Thread!

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 December 2011 by lestatdark

    http://fpswin.com/first-person/skyrim-online-mod-released/ If they can pull this off right....there shall be no words to describe the epicness :-D :-D :-D...

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    Sony Buying Out Ericsson from Sony Ericsson for 1.46 Billion USD

    in Sony Discussion on 10 November 2011 by spurgeonryan

    So does this mean Sony Ericsson will now just be called Sony? Or will they still keep the name?...

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    Battlefield 3 Loses $2,000,000 in Launch Day Sales to Pirates

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 November 2011 by Galaki

    Mummelmann said: Yeah, I don't know where people get the idea of piracy = stealing. They are two very different things. MPAA and RIAA. They pumped a lot of money into politics to push just that. Just like how Apple kept resubmitting their patent for slide-to-unlock, keep trying and trying and eventually someone will let it through. Piracy will eventually become theft. They just...

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    The official Terraria thread!

    in PC Discussion on 05 November 2011 by wick

    I play it on my laptop but I have to a mouse as I seem to be disabled at using the touchpad for just about everything....

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    What will be the best selling game without online multiplayer in 2011 ?

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 October 2011 by smroadkill15

    Batman: Arkham City. ...

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    What Is The First Thing That Comes To Your Mind When You Hear The Name "Sony"

    in Sony Discussion on 30 October 2011 by gamelover2000

    Bacon wrapped cupcakes......

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    who is the most vocal game developer

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 October 2011 by badgenome

    Team Meat, unfortunately. Of the ones you listed, David Jaffe... unfortunately....

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    PS3 or 360, Which system Should I get these games for?

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 October 2011 by NobleTeam360

    get all of them for xbox 360 except dark souls get that for PS3. ...

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    The Places In Assassinís Creed: Revelations

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 October 2011 by markimsoad

    istanbul will be so cool... masyaf too :)...

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    Resistance: Fall of Man is challenging

    in Sony Discussion on 26 October 2011 by chris.m95

    love the game. played it on hard first time through (first shooter) and although certain points were challanging its all about keeping a cool head and knowing when to retreat/stay back abit and look for health...

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    C.A.R.S a amazing looking new community driven racing sim by Slightly Mad Studios and an ex Stig!

    in PC Discussion on 26 October 2011 by Alby_da_Wolf

    It looks like they are implementing HDR for rFactor2http://www.racesimcentral.com/news/2011/09/rfactor-2-wip-screens-show-hdr-effects/ I guess that being supposedly scheduled to release later than rFactor2, C.A.R.S. will follow suit... Edit: PS: original photos are 3300x1040, watch them full res to have a better...

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    New Xbox getting Blu-ray?

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 October 2011 by zarx

    Vetteman94 said: zarx said: Vetteman94 said:Actually Sony probably wont even put the Blu-ray that we all know of right now in their next console. For the past 2 years Sony has been developing a new blue-violet laser that will allow for single layer disc sizes to be at 1TB and higher. Read speeds will be about 10-20X that of current maximums for Blu-ray. Possible if...

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    Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita and Wii U software lineups

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 October 2011 by tolu619

    Dude! This is overkill for doing your homework! But you've saved me a lot of trouble. None of these lists is actuall IMPRESSIVE, but I already decided I'll be getting all 3 of these systems, starting with a 3DS anytime within the next 6 months and a Vita anytime after the first price cut....

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    Interesting Take on the Team Bondi Controversy outbreak

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 October 2011 by Kasz216

    Well yeah. That's why news blogs suck. They're just summaries of other articles they don't even properly link to half the time....

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