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    best multi-player game this gen

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 June 2008

    CoD4...so far. I'm hoping RFoM 2 will deliver on its online promises....

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    I'm getting the Wii, could you name 7 core games and 3 casuals ?

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 June 2008

    If you like online shooters, you can't beat Medalof Honor Heros2......

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    I'm one of the Elite: Two Down, One to Go...

    in Microsoft Discussion on 19 June 2008

    Wow. What a break. I'm currently a PSWii user, but I would have surely jumped all over that deal if it came my way. I'm know I'll end up owning all three consoles before next year, one way or another......

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    My opion of the Ps3 after my first day playing it is....

    in Sony Discussion on 19 June 2008

    Well, finish MGS as soon as possible and then get COD4. That should really be the only game you'll need for a while (if you're anything like me)....

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    Post Your Spore Creations!

    in PC Discussion on 15 June 2008

    Slimebeast said:Geez... that editor gets old in like 5 minutes. I feel all the creatures look basically the same, just look at the ones posted in this thread. Cookie-cutter cute stuff. No monsters, no real creepy animals, not anything I couldn't have pictured in my head already. Where are the dinosaurs, the Aliens-aliens, or even regular scary snakes?This is not being truly creative by my...

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    The 10 or 100% rating

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 June 2008

    HERE'S HOW YOU SHOULD INTERPRET REVIEW SCORES:The number value represents how strongly the reviewer recommends you buy the game. A 10/10 or 100% means that reviewer believes you won't have a single regret should you buy the game.It's all subjective, so it doesn't matter anyway :P...

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    why do you hate WW2 setting games

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 June 2008

    Zucas said:brute said:Zucas said:Oh come on put some badass character in it and Americans will fall for any shooter game just like they do movies. Rambo and Braddock are in Vietnam war and timeframe, and Americans love those movies. Trust me it doesn't necessarily have to be about the war itself, jsut setting. And as long as you put some stereotypical badass in it(ever since Duke Nukem) people...

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    why do you hate WW2 setting games

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 June 2008

    For me, it has to do with the lack of variety in the weapons. I mean, developers can't rewrite history, so every WWII game has the same set of guns to choose from. It gets boring....

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    Tenchu 4 to be Wii exclusive rumour

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 June 2008

    Hmm, I loved the first Tenchu. Played the hell out of it. Didn't play any others.This would be very interesting if true......

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    New Info On The New PS3 Controller

    in Sony Discussion on 31 May 2008

    Well, I've said it before, but I'll say it again:If I could have Wii controls combined with PS3 performance and graphics, I'd be very happy. Anyone who's played Medal of Honor Heros 2 on the Wii knows what I'm talking about.I don't know why it's such a stretch for some people to believe that SONY and/or MSFT would borrow and improve upon a Nintendo innovation. Like it hasn't happened in the...

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    Sadness - New screen.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 30 May 2008

    It's coming Holiday '08, come Hell or high water. Mark my words....

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    So what game did you pick up instead of GTA IV?

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 May 2008

    I bought GTAIV, but it froze up two times during the beginning of the game, so I traded it in the next day for Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. I'm very pleased the game. I hope there's a sequel.I know there are things I could do to make GTA work, but I bought a game console to just play games. I refuse to play a game if it means changing a bunch of shit to force it to work. :P I'll never buy...

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    Wii & GCN owners!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 25 May 2008

    I traded my Gamecube in when the DS lite was released. I traded it in with ten games, my old DS, a Gameboy SP, and five GB games. I got the new DS Lite, two DS games, and about $120 leftover credit.I haven't played a single GC game on my Wii (unless you count Zelda: TP and Super Paper Mario...zing!). ...

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    FPS: Inverted or Normal?

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 May 2008

    This has been discussed before, but it's a good diversion anyway, so I'll answer again.I always invert the Y-axis...always. It's the only way to play :P...

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    How did you discover gaming?

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 May 2008

    My father worked at Coleco, so we had the Colecovision and practically every game that was released for it and all of the peripherals. I was gaming before I could read. Also, we had an Intellivision, but I only played two games on that: Pitfall and Slalom Skiing.We became a Nintendo family after Coleco went under. We did have the Genesis, but it hardly got any play time. I think Toe Jam and...

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    goood quality Killzone 2 gameplay video

    in Sony Discussion on 08 May 2008

    Graphics aside (they look great, btw), the gameplay looks horrible. I realize the game has been pushed back to February '09, so most of it should be polished by then. But for now, the movements look terribly awkward. The aiming looks like a bitch to control when looking through the sight. Also, the AI doesn't look very promising. How many times was the player the only one shooting at the...

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    The Conduit... graphics only good in some ways?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 May 2008

    People bashing a game that has barely been started simply because it isn't on their console of choice is...so...sad.Children shouldn't be allowed on the internet....

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    Official Take Two to do list in case of GTA IV freeze

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 May 2008

    I just bough this game yesterday. It froze up on me after the first HDD installation and then again during the first cut scene.I'm going to try again tonight while logged off the PSN, but if it doesn't work, I'm just going to return the game to GameStop in exchange for Mario Kart. I buy consoles to play games. If I wanted to deal with this nonsense, I'd play PC games....

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    Disaster: Day of Crisis - More info

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 May 2008

    "Looking froward""Sounds good...""Nice this game is going to be good I hope"Did I miss something in the original post? Was some information originally there that was then deleted?We know absolutely nothing about this game. It can't sound good or have potential for being good without any information. The plot sounds like almost every Nintendo game ever. Except this...

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    The Wii isnt competing with next gen consoles, its competing with last gen

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 April 2008

    ^It's the video game industry. Just like the sign industry or car industry, there will only be a certain amount of money spent each year in the given industry. When they speak of an industry as being a $4 billion industry, that's the total which will be split up amongst all competitors in said industry.The CONSOLES are not in competition, but the COMPANIES surely are. There is a "pie" and each...

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