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    < Kaizar posted something on Incubi's wall:

    Best Movies of 2014 Thread:


    Trailers are in the 4th & 5th OP.

    < twitchplayspokemon posted something on Incubi's wall:

    this is a guide vieo on how to do interactive stream's like twitch streams pokemon hope it helps you! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HOxl7KtHm0

    < Anfebious posted something on Incubi's wall:

    My prediction thread is serious. I wasn't trying to do some sort of "revenge" against Seece.

    Okey, no problem:)

    on 29 January 2014

    I love you too!

    on 29 January 2014

    < AZWification posted something on Incubi's wall:

    Hi! Predict Mario Kart 8 sales if you want! http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=177039&page=1#

    ok, will do:)

    on 27 January 2014

    Thanks! =)

    on 27 January 2014

    < PKSuban posted something on Incubi's wall:

    i upload better videos then boogie. stop saying there crap.



    I honestly have no idea what you're talking about

    on 26 January 2014

    < Mummelmann posted something on Incubi's wall:

    "The anti-nintendo squad led by Mummelmann and his peasant followers"

    Hmm, yeah, that's not quite what's happening. I don't have a shrine built to my name and I'm not the leader of an "anti-Nintendo squad", I'm opposing John Lucas' particular brand of debating with deflection and rationalization and exposing the fact that Nintendo are a company with shareholders and interests, first and foremost. You're right that JL pretty much kicked my ass in 2007 though, but that's part of what I've been conveying to everyone; I have actually learned a lot since then while he plays the same (foul) game.

    That said; exposing the PM's, the thread getting locked and all other related things I will NOT accept having to my name, I had nothing to do with it. If anything, it's more likely that JL fans would want the thread locked, rob me of a chance to respond and leave him with the last word and "defeat" all of "us". I speak for myself and don't need people do endlessly dote on me, I don't ask anyone to join up tp support me or speak for me; I speak for myself because I'm actually able to build a real foundation that doesn't rely upon stone gargoyles perched upon my roof to shout in glee every time I speak.

    And that's pretty much it.

    Det kan se ut som du ikke hadde noen intensjoner om å bli en slags general for de som ikke ønsker en ny runde med "nintentopia, men de vil likevel klynge seg til deg - alle mann.

    The thing is, JL is arguing from a position of imminent defeat as a Nintendo comeback seem incredibly unlikely. Therefore, for Nintendo fans, he's able to appear as a shining light in a sea of darkness. Lets face it - its not looking good for Nintendo at all. You, unlike last time, are now arguing from a position of strength. The reason i'm on JL's side is cause i like to entertain the possibility of a comeback. It's really that simple.

    As far as JL as a person is concerned, i can tell you that you are overcomplicating him quite a bit. For you to really understand what he's doing you kinda have to understand the wrestling world.

    You might also wanna check out the subplot of Enders Game. The movie removed the subplot and butchered the main plot, so go with the novel, lol!

    PS! i'll advise JL to not talk tech in the future. There where som facepalm stuff in his monsterpost which you managed to expose, lol!

    on 20 December 2013

    Thanks for your reply! I really didn't intend to become any sort of leader, I'm just arguing JL on my own. You're one out of two people I've seen in that thread who have sort of taken JL's side but also retained an independent tone and view, and I respect that. Impertinence made some points about my reasoning that I have to take into consideration.

    I understand that JL is a beacon of light in a trying time for some people and that's grand. I really wouldn't mind him being positive or trying to inspire, it's the just the level of loftiness to everything in the argument! I think he should focus more on the actual enjoyability of the console, high sales numbers do not mean a more enjoyable console.

    Anyway; I just wanted to clear the air and, apparently, so did you. I won't spend too much time in the UNITY thread (or other threads) for a couple of weeks due to work and holiday visitors but I do find the debate exciting and will check in regularly. I don't mind if JL takes a month to reply, or even longer and I'm going to tone down my posts in there anyway, going at the person is the wrong thing to do, I'll rather stick to the subject at hand rather than the presenter.

    on 20 December 2013

    < padib posted something on Incubi's wall:



    on 18 December 2013


    on 18 December 2013

    < Seece posted something on Incubi's wall:

    "from Incubi 1 day ago

    JL's words seem to be hurting Seece good, and he seem really, really distressed."

    Not really, me, Zod and JL find the whole thing hilarious.

    You have really embarrassed yourself btw.

    Its called throwing wood on fire:)

    on 17 December 2013

    Oh, and I'm not embarrassed in the slightest. You, however, is the very definition of embarrassment.

    on 17 December 2013

    For owning you lot all the time? Hahaha, I love how JL has roped you all into believing Nintendo are gonna dom this gen THAT'S embarrassing.

    on 18 December 2013

    Yes! We have been completely owned by you. You are like ownage incarnated! I feel deeply embarrassed by having been duped by the false prophet of the coming Nintentopia - John Lucas.

    Now, the war-councils chat room was indeed compromised, but thankfully the officer lounge still stands strong! Now, if you'll excuse me i will proceed to drink more of that JL cool-aid. It is so comforting:)

    on 20 December 2013

    < Metalheadgamer posted something on Incubi's wall:

    Hey, Incubi. I red some of your posts and I have to say that you're very intelligent.

    LOL? Really? XD

    on 16 December 2013

    yeah! :)

    on 16 December 2013

    < BasilZero posted something on Incubi's wall:

    Oh ._.

    I thought it was some sort of official chart lol.

    no, lol! Dont think that existXD

    on 27 November 2013

    < johnlucas posted something on Incubi's wall:

    Digging your comments man. Thanks for the support.

    No problem, man. I do what I can.

    on 09 September 2013

    Toshihiro Nagoshi! Wow! Thank you for posting that in the UNITY thread. I'm going to read the whole article now.

    on 28 September 2013

    Cool. Interesting that he didn't mention Nintendo as a contender for dropping out of the console war:)

    on 29 September 2013

    < Incubi updated his status:

    What's going on?

    Not much. Welcome back to the site!

    on 04 March 2013

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