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    Viper1's Wall

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    < spurgeonryan posted something on Viper1's wall:

    I am not listening to you anymore!!!

    < Proxy-Pie posted something on Viper1's wall:

    Your.. status D:

    < DanneSandin posted something on Viper1's wall:

    Damn, you've been absent for quite some time now... what gives? =/

    I want to know too ...

    on 27 October 2014

    < Teeqoz posted something on Viper1's wall:

    Moderating must be tireing. Keep up the good work!

    Thanks. It can be with threads like that one because they so quickly spiral into a quagmire of hostility.

    on 26 August 2014

    < Conegamer posted something on Viper1's wall:

    You should stop by mod chat more often. We miss you!

    I will next week. The network the PC I've been using lately has IM protocols blocked. I'll be back on my own network next week.

    on 15 August 2014

    Ah, fair enough then.

    Looking forward to it!

    on 15 August 2014

    < Kaizar posted something on Viper1's wall:

    Can you unlock this thread?:


    I read all the post, and it actually went over good. Real civil like.

    That thread was a time bomb of potential bans just waiting to happen. The concept itself is fine but the article and headline were asking for trouble. We had several mod reports on it before I closed it.

    on 15 August 2014

    77 post s and several days and nothing bad happened.

    FYI, some users are just trolling me by reporting every single thread I post. Not because of the Thread, but because of the user (me).

    You should take into account of what users reported the Thread before you make decisions like that. Because a lot of users falsely report things that they themselves don't believe in.

    If you see e same gang of users report every thread of any particular kind, you should consider a white nationalist agenda or just an senseless anti-other-user agenda. A lot of users on this site are just that pity, and have such a record of only reporting on any & all threads posted by just 1 user, because of ignorant blind hate towards the user.

    on 16 August 2014

    < outlawauron posted something on Viper1's wall:

    You stopped responding in our MH discussion.

    It can be hard to stay on long discussions when big news hits and most of your time is put toward moderating. For every thread I open to post in, 2 mod reports pop up. I'll try to get back around to it but no guarantee.

    on 14 August 2014

    < daredevil.shark posted something on Viper1's wall:

    What does your sig mean?

    During the 2008 and 2012 US Presidential elections, a candidate had started a grassroots revolution that the media was massively ignoring (largely on purpose). The capitalized EVOL is "love" spelled backwards. It was part of his campaign slogan. The phrase itself has been used by underground revolutionaries for decades now though it was originally written "The revolution will not be televised". It was a prediction that a major revolution will one day happen that the media won't cover because they don't want the revolution to happen. My revision of the phrase is a suggestion that that predicted revolution is now happening.

    on 03 August 2014

    Wow. Never knew that. And I also think that revolution might come if discrimination starts to increase.

    on 03 August 2014

    < Smeags posted something on Viper1's wall:

    Welcome back Viper. ^_^

    Thanks, Smeags.

    on 29 July 2014

    < Conegamer posted something on Viper1's wall:

    You're back! Yay!

    Yep. Navy grabbed my ass out of bed one morning and I woke up on a ship in the middle of the Atlantic. Good thing I'm almost out and that will never happen again.

    on 29 July 2014

    Huh, sounds rather unnerving...

    Glad you'll be back soon though. You were missed!

    on 29 July 2014

    Well, that might have been a dramatic, oversimplification of it but I'm definitely back.

    on 29 July 2014

    Maybe sometime you can give the full story then if you'd like/are allowed to.

    Most important thing though is that you're OK and you're here again now. Which is good! :)

    on 29 July 2014

    There hasn't been all too much going on since you left anyway. It's all been pretty much as expected.

    on 29 July 2014

    Nothing serious. I was initially given orders for a 2 month deployment to fill in for someone that got sick. Then it was revoked as the guy turned out fine. Then I got shipped out at the last minute anyway.

    on 29 July 2014

    Yeah I remember you saying about that before and that's where I assumed you had gone. Rather unfortunate that you were sent out anyway though :(

    on 29 July 2014

    < Zero999 posted something on Viper1's wall:

    I remember you saying I could show you a particular post if I though it was unfairly not moderated. well here it is:


    I reported it and nothing happened. now, I'm getting really pissed that I'm banned for everything but others seem to have an infinite free pass to flame me. Do you know the reason this wasn't moderated?


    on 11 July 2014


    Another person who thinks Nintendo will surpass their projections by 1m. Want more? Lololol

    You still don't get it? You claimed that everyone was disappointed with the Wii U HW sales for the week and then failed to show this "camp" of people that were disappointed. If you want to make another thread about the long term Wii U sales, go for it. But don't approach it the same way.

    on 06 June 2014

    Lol put words in my mouth much?

    on 06 June 2014

    Lol BTW I provided 4 people and could easily provide more. How many more do I have to provide to legitimize the camp claim lol

    on 06 June 2014

    grabs popcorn

    on 06 June 2014

    No, you're first sentence did that for you. And then many of us questioned you on it and you've averted it every time. Got a complaint? Take it to the mod thread.

    on 06 June 2014

    4? Of those you posted, NONE were talking about HW this week. And 4 hardly qualifies as a large portion of the population.

    on 06 June 2014

    If you can't grasp the simple concept that in order for Wii U to blow by projections, which was a common mantra, then the boost needed to be much larger than I don't know what to tell you

    on 06 June 2014

    And I didn't know a camp was defined as a large portion of a population. The independent camp in the US must have a large following then...

    on 06 June 2014

    Max, you seem to be under the impression we all disagreed with that part. We didn't. What we disagreed with was the supposed disappointment of Wii U sales for the week. Most expected ~100k. It nearly doubled that. Why are you having such difficulty understanding this?

    on 06 June 2014

    Because the thread very clearly wasn't concerned with 1week boost by the ridiculous goal set by Nintendo fans of surpassing the projections. In order to reach the goal the boost would have needed to be much larger. Since it wasn't. It was disappointing

    on 06 June 2014

    But the ridiculous goal*

    on 06 June 2014

    max its one fucking week, let's wait for the drop first and if it's 60-70% drop have your fun

    on 06 June 2014

    Yeah? You're giving me your blessings? 😁

    on 06 June 2014

    no, i'm just saying you're blowing your thread a bit early

    on 06 June 2014

    http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/post.php?id=6289173 that's five and I still haven't gotten to the thread I'm looking for

    on 06 June 2014

    http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/post.php?id=6235746 that's six. Still haven't gotten to the thread I'm looking for yet.

    on 06 June 2014

    Okay, the poll and a good amount of users in that thread support mine. You can unlock mine now

    on 06 June 2014

    That thread alone puts the users to twelve and the poll much higher. Don't know what else I can do to prove a good deal of people expected more

    on 06 June 2014

    < Conegamer posted something on Viper1's wall:

    Bad Viper, bad! You stole my fleschir ban

    < TruckOSaurus posted something on Viper1's wall:

    Bad Viper, bad! You stole my blackgoku alt!

    Dude has a list of over 20 alts. A new alt every few days. Unfortunately he lives in West Palm Beach Florida and not some place rural or remote. We could ban the IP if he did.

    on 04 June 2014

    < kirby007 posted something on Viper1's wall:

    Could you sticky http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=182892 pretty please? it often gets lost between all the other threads

    Sure. It is done.

    on 28 May 2014

    thank you!

    on 28 May 2014

    < Play4Fun posted something on Viper1's wall:

    So you're a mod now, eh?

    Explains why I no longer see you arguing on the forums.

    Actually, I've just had less time lately. Had finals a few weeks ago and now a bunch of training going on. I simply haven't had time to engage in a good back and forth.

    on 27 May 2014

    < soukeyna posted something on Viper1's wall:

    Nice To Meet You

    My name is favour.

    here is my privet e-mail '(favourmadi@hotmail.com)

    I would like to know you the more, I can send you my picture and my detail's, I'm waiting for your mail to my email address above. please do not chat with me here just send me email and I'll get back to you with love.

    Did you just spam a moderators' wall?

    on 14 May 2014

    < Scizor_99 posted something on Viper1's wall:

    Congratulations on Mod status! You're a pretty great and fair poster and you really deserve it.

    Much appreciated.

    on 03 April 2014

    < Hynad posted something on Viper1's wall:

    You have to edit the user's post to leave a note that says it's been moderated...

    < fatslob-:O posted something on Viper1's wall:


    Your first moderation is supposed to go under trolling not flaming ... -_-

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