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    Playstation Plus, Get One Month Free

    in Sony Discussion on 17 October 2012

    IGN has a promotion going right now for people to access the Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal Beta, by giving them one month of PS+ free. PS+ users are getting access to beta right now. Even if you don't want to play the beta, click on the link below to get PS+ free for a month!   http://www.ign.com/prime/promo/battleroyale ...

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    Ragnarok Odyssey: EU release date Feb 20, 2013; DLC now available from NA Vita Store; Sharing Cards!!!

    in Sony Discussion on 15 October 2012

    I'm debating if I want to get this game or not. Part of me says wait for reviews from sites and fellow gamers, the other part of me says get it on launch day because of that spend $100 get $20 back on PSN. The day this game releases, is going to be the second last day of the deal.   Anyone know how this game reviewed in Japan?...

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    To settle an argument - Best doughtnut flavour

    in General Discussion on 09 October 2012

    Yoshiya said: Mythe said:Maple doughnut. That sounds amazing! I want one now ;-; Come to Canada they're everywhere....

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    To settle an argument - Best doughtnut flavour

    in General Discussion on 09 October 2012

    Maple doughnut....

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    The five most-downloaded PS Plus Instant Game Collection titles, and other PSN data

    in Sony Discussion on 02 October 2012

    Jay520 said: Wh1pL4shL1ve_007 said: Jay520 said: Wh1pL4shL1ve_007 said:Why wont they tell the number of subscribers? They said there were so many subscribers that people wouldn't even believe them. When did they say that? Last Week That was great, lol =p...

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    The five most-downloaded PS Plus Instant Game Collection titles, and other PSN data

    in Sony Discussion on 28 September 2012

    I wish they would have told us how many Plus subscribers there are world wide......

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    Which console should I sell / trade-in for a Wii U

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 September 2012

    superchunk said:Keep them both. Sell a child/sibling/kidney. VIDEO GAMES RULE! You can not deny this mans wisdom....

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    Is PS All Stars going to be a huge flop in America? (dismal pre-orders) UPDATE: Yep, it's a huge flop.

    in Sales Discussion on 23 September 2012

    If people try it, they will buy it. It's a really fun game. All Sony needs, is for people to try it at a friends house and they will go buy it. It has the potential to turn into CoD, Mario Kart, and SSB popularity wise for playing with friends. So we might see steady sales over the next year, instead of huge sales the first week then it dieing off like most games. ...

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    Starhawk (Single player) coming free to PS+ users next week

    in Sony Discussion on 21 September 2012

    I heard the single player wasn't very good, but I am excited none the less....

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    PS3 Super Slim: 'Very high interest' from Xbox 360 owners, claims Sony

    in Sony Discussion on 21 September 2012

    Sony, sometimes you just..........

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    Puppeteer - TGS 2012 Trailer

    in Sony Discussion on 19 September 2012

    I'm really looking forward to this game. I wish it was for Vita though.......

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    Starhawk Update - 28.49 (full game) / 15.99 (multi-player edition) + free single-player for PS+

    in Sony Discussion on 18 September 2012

    If I didn't have so many games to play, I would probably pick this up..... or even the full retail game.... So many games!!! Honestly it's overwhelming, and sadly games like this then get buried in the dust....

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    Who is NOT Buying WiiU? And Why?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 September 2012

    I'm still not going to to get it. Maybe after a price drop I will. I still feel I don't know enough about the console to justify buying it. I want to see how others react to the console after purchasing it, and several months after. I got burned with the Wii and I don't want that to happen again. Also, the WiiU is reminding me of the Vita, so I think it's better to wait. Example - $350 for a...

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    Tekken Tag 2 tomorrow, who's getting it? Who wants to play?

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 September 2012

    I'm getting it on the PS3. I played the prologue and it seems to be better then Tekken 6....

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    I'm a Sony fanboy, but should I buy a 3DS?

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 September 2012

    pezus said: BasilZero said: Oh I thought this was one of those "I can purchase a NA PSVita whenever I want to" moment, if its one of the once in a lifetime (or similar) moments, might as well get it. I mean they must be ripping you guys off at Snowland D: PSVita = 249.99Game = 29.99 - 39.99 (unless you get UCGA which is 49.99 I think)32 GB Memory card = 89.99 (in some places)...

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    I'm a Sony fanboy, but should I buy a 3DS?

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 September 2012

    RolStoppable said: Runa216 said: Andrespetmonkey said: Shouldn't it be the other way around? 3DS is cheaper and has the bigger/better library now, so get that now and wait until Vita drops in price and its library has grown. Vita needs the support more.  If the Vita doesn't get support, its games will be ported to the PS3, a platform pezus already...

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    I'm a Sony fanboy, but should I buy a 3DS?

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 September 2012

    Honestly, if you like gaming on your iPod get a Vita. When little big planet comes out on it you will have a free app store with tons of games you can save and play whenever. From what I have heard the possibilities are endless. Also there is PS Plus coming to the Vita, PSone classics, cross buy/cross play with ps3. If you have a PS3 the Vita might be the better option. Plus no region lock. ...

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    How Xbox Live is blatantly better than PSN

    in Microsoft Discussion on 18 August 2012

    He is the Troll Master....

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    Well I'm joining the 3DS family (Friend Code: 3952-8175-8161)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 July 2012

    Should have got a Vita instead so you could know what true depression feels like. =p Seriously though congrats on the winning 3DS on the cheap, I might be joining you real soon....

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    in General Discussion on 21 June 2012

    YAYA!! SUMMER!!! Now where are the PSone classics on my Vita Sony?!?!...

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