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    Why Sony's Take-Two Aquisition RUMOR seems possible now?

    in Sony Discussion 6 days ago

    I fail to see why any of the first parties would ever waste their money buying an entire publisher like this, and it's even more mind boggling to think that some gamers were actually rooting for such a thing. Buying individual studios to encorporate into a first party brand is one thing, but a publisher like take two already has the means and the infrastructure to put out games however they want....

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    Metro Exodus Becomes a Timed Exclusive to Epic Store

    in PC Discussion on 29 January 2019

    If this was console I'd be furious. But, seeing as purchasing a game from Epic instead of steam costs me nothing besides like literally seconds of inconvenience I honestly couldn't care less....

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    Kojima visits Guerrilla Games to show Death Stranding to the team

    in Sony Discussion on 24 January 2019

    ResilientFighter said: so this shows me that kojima was always pro Sony since the ps1 era and it was konami that forced him to put games on other platforms. glad sony managed to get this man on their side for an exclusive Lol that doesn't make sense. He's probably showing this to guerrilla games because he's using their engine for Death Stranding....

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    Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse

    in Movies Discussion on 30 December 2018

    I think its the best superhero film we've had ever, and one of the best animated films of the past decade. It just did everything SO well. Basically every frame in the movie looks like an incredible peice of art, and the sound was amazing. Definitely worth seeing in theatres. ...

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    Nintendo Switch is perfectly viable as a primary or even only gaming device...

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 December 2018

    The Switch is getting so many high quality indie games that those alone could keep me occupied between big Nintendo releases, so I agree. However, you won't get experiences like RDR2 GOW or Gears on a Switch, so you're always gonna be missing out on that AAA feel if you're I to that thing....

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    Anyone else feel resolution is overrated?

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 December 2018

    On consoles, yes. I have a 55in 4k TV and most of the time i can't even tell if my picture is 4k or not. Breath of the Wild looks sharper than some 1080p games to me, but maybes that artstyle just handles upscaling really well. I play RDR2 on an og Xbox One and I was kinda shocked when I saw it running on a pro and it didn't look that much sharper to my eyes. I dunno,maybe I'm blind or...

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    Sony filed a patent for a new Game Cartridge, will future PS games be Cartridge based? *****Update*** It appears to be for Toio :(

    in Sony Discussion on 28 November 2018

    Lol the way game sizes are going they're gonna have to start shipping games on their own proprietary hdds....

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    PS4 wins Black Friday in the UK!

    in Sales Discussion on 26 November 2018

    ... Black Friday is a thing in the UK?...

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    What if Microsoft made a super smash clone? Would you buy it?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 20 November 2018

    If you go all the way back to OG Xbox days there should be no problem filling the roster with a relatively diverse cast. I wouldn't buy it unless it actually looked good, though. I was already burned by PS All Stars....

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    Death Stranding: New Trailer Tgs 2018 (Update:release planned for 2019)

    in Sony Discussion on 23 September 2018

    Guys I'm starting to think this game is gonna suck....

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    Are you buying the Nintendo Online Service?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 September 2018

    Yes. It's $20. A year....

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    Former neo-Nazi says white supremacists use Fortnite to recruit kids

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 July 2018

    Eagle367 said: walterbates said: Far-right groups are using online games such as Fortnite to radicalize kids and recruit them into their organizations, according to one reformed neo-Nazi. Speaking about his time as a “white supremacist leader,” skinhead-turned-peace activist Christian Picciolini explained how his group “sought marginalized youth and...

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    Westworld Season 2 - Nolan & Lisa Joy Should Be Ashamed

    in Movies Discussion on 03 July 2018

    I agree the writing this season wasn't as sharp or focused as the first, but you misunderstood the ending. William was not a host, and I'm pretty sure his daughter wasn't either. The dude was paranoid out of his mind to the point where he shot his own flesh and blood daughter just because he THOUGHT she was a host and part of Ford's "game." The whole scheme with Dolores-as-Hale at the end was one...

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    So, in terms of tennis games: Virtua Tennis 4, Top Spin 4 or Grand Slam Tennis 2?

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 June 2018

    Tennis Elbow 2013. The graphics are hideous, the animations are janky as hell, and the learning curve is steeper than Mt Everest, but it is by far the best Tennis game I have ever played, and the only one that captures the strategy and pure satisfaction of playing the real sport. Plus it has more AI difficulty increments than I've seen in any other game. I highly recomend it if you can get past...

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    Which of these girls you'd Date?

    in General Discussion on 03 June 2018

    Out of those choices? None. #6 if you put a gun to my head....

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    Open pedophile runs for U.S. Congress

    in Politics Discussion on 03 June 2018

    pokoko said: So what.  There are ridiculous candidates every year that don't even come close to winning. I've never heard of anyone as "out there" as this guy, though. This is normal? Got any other examples, cause this is actually pretty hilarious, damn....

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    Solo Headed To Become A Flop? Yep, It Flopped.

    in Movies Discussion on 03 June 2018

    Probably happened because the film looks kinda shit. I don't even have any plans to watch it when it comes to blu-ray....

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    And then there were two. (A rant and a vent on eggs)

    in General Discussion on 03 May 2018

    Yeah, that's the problem with cats. They're cute and all, but they're killers, every one. Did the mother bird actually return to the eggs after all that happened? I would think that it would just take the loss and move on....

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    Theory/Prediction: Sony is about to reveal a Portable PS4

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 May 2018

    caffeinade said: Pemalite said: You would probably only need a GPU of around 800-1000Gflop to match the Playstation 4.Provided it has sufficient texture mapping, geometry and render output pipes.AMD's Ryzen APU's with a 12-25w TDP would fit the bill, the caveat then becomes bandwidth, which the APU's obviously lack.GDDR5 tends to be fairly power demanding. Yeah, my...

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    Do you enjoy cooking? Do you enjoy working out? How many times per week?

    in General Discussion on 01 May 2018

    I work out for like 10-20mins a day. 30 if I'm really feeling motivated, and once or twice a week I'll cook a dish that'll last me 5-7 days. Cook eggs daily, too....

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