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    < 2000cc posted something on A203D's wall:

    on a much better note FFX HD version hell yeah! I really hope its 3D compatible too!

    < 2000cc posted something on A203D's wall:

    What did I tell you about Australia and rugby! they are terrible, just lost to Ireland 15-6, too individual as players & it makes them so inconsistent as a team, I cant even support them and I am Australian! (comparitively NZ has never lost to Ireland (or any but 5 world teams) in 115 years of rugby history, My heart cant handle Australian rugby support)

    < A203D updated his status:

    Just pre-ordered Dark Souls Limited (awesome) Edition!!

    < Rob-Ot posted something on A203D's wall:

    Yes I really enjoyed planet of the apes. It was a simple script that became something well executed (surprisingly so considering the director is a newcomer). It really proves how execution is the key.

    I saw conan the barbarian, just awful.

    < naruball posted something on A203D's wall:

    Glad to hear that mate. Unfortunately I don't see them making another Enslaved game due to poor sales ofthe first.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't most people praise them for Heavenly Sword and then started hating on them when they decided to go multiplat?

    < MARCUSDJACKSON posted something on A203D's wall:

    just came to tell you wht i think happend in that thread. i think the op made more then one cause his internet was slow at the time.

    < 2000cc posted something on A203D's wall:

    Hiiii, sorry to not reply yet, still spacing out on recovery meds a little so waiting till i'm a bit more lucid to read your message. Just thinking about your statement re lack of good new gaming experiences from SE of late, have you tried Nier?, its one of my absolute favourite rpgs, would make my top 3 this gen and top 5 of all time. Just finished the 3rd ending recently, only 1 to go... If you havent tried it give it a shot, you at laest have to play through to the 2nd ending, so so sad and as powerfully moving as games get. Plus Wiess is incredible

    < 2000cc posted something on A203D's wall:

    hey there, the message didnt come through sorry, hope all is going well

    < 2000cc posted something on A203D's wall:

    Personally I was a bit gutted about matsuno going to lev 5, They are ok but they have never really made anything i've REALLY enjoyed, though maybe matsuno can pull them out of the mire. I love the newer FF's, even overt he old ones, I only normally play for good characters, their relationships and the emotion and drama these days and the new FF's are better for that imo. Though I admit its strange how things change , I grew up on Zelda and castlevania and with the new smaller jap studios (like gust) coming through I couldnt care less about Zelda or CV anymore. FF6 was my first FF back in 96 and it was 'quite good' back then. Almost dropped the series after 7 (I hate space marines and any form of 'enhanced super soldier' and cloud was effectively one, so dull, plus the love triangle was totally like the most boring thing ever and SO cliche) but then 8 really hooked me. Now its my fave series, thanks to its constant changes but cool stories with real drama and emotion. Atelier (gust) is now my no 2. Really bored of western fantasy these days too though where it used to be totally fine, I swear if i see another elf or dwarf (or an alliance of them) try and overthrow an evil sorceror with the orcs (or 'darkspawn'... yuck) I may go on a one person 'London style' riot.

    < 2000cc posted something on A203D's wall:

    Hey there, thanks for the message, will respond soon via pm, Just had some minor surgery so a bit all over the place at the mo. Will try and respond later today or otherwise hopefully tomorrow

    < 2000cc posted something on A203D's wall:

    I agree, I was haniging out for them to do FFXV but I heard matsuno has gone to level 5 studio, Hopefully the others in that team still do it though . Oh and wrong gender by the way, but no dramas, its a common mistake on here. Always good to meet another FF12/vagrant/Tactics WOTl fan. Actually got to meet a few of the people who worked on FF12 when I lived in Japan (as it turned out, they were friends of friends) but not anyone major like matsuno

    < 2000cc posted something on A203D's wall:

    Great to see FF12 take number 1 in your top 5 ps2 games, love the avatar too btw!!!!

    < Rob-Ot posted something on A203D's wall:

    And glad to hear you enjoyed The Black Swan. This year has been very disappointing to me in terms of movies, all of the so called big summer blockbusters were mediocre IMO. X-Men First Class is the only movie I'd consider "good", but way short of great due to the unacceptable bloopers, its a prequel to X-men trilogy but makes so many mistakes in its history, had X-Men Trilogy not existed First Class is a great film...however thats not the case so its impossible for me to ignore so many bloopers.

    I'm seeing Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes this weekend, I hope the movies better than the name haha

    < Rob-Ot posted something on A203D's wall:

    Greece was fantastic, the food, the people, the way of living. Its a place I'd like to possibly move to once I retire. We planned a trip to Crete too, by cruise, unfortunately the girlfriend caught a cold which went on to a high fever haha, so we stayed at the resort for 2 more days instead.

    I'm fully aware of the critical mauling that game got, I refuse to touch it because from what I hear it has problems not only in the story department (which I predicted months before its release) but also in gameplay and game length.

    Catherine has me intrigued, I like the idea and I like Atlus but somewhere I feel they are trying too hard to appeal to horny teenagers, I hope it remains mature in theme.

    < Rob-Ot posted something on A203D's wall:

    I went on holiday with my girlfriend after coming back (we went to greece). Looking forward to Xenoblades release now, you know how much I like the Xeno developers works. On the PS3 the main game for me this year will be Uncharted 3.

    < Rob-Ot posted something on A203D's wall:

    Hi, my duty finished last week, got home few days back.

    < Fab_GS posted something on A203D's wall:


    < darthdevidem01 posted something on A203D's wall:

    It is a move that may make the overrated Level 5 make good games now.

    Haha, yes maybe. i dont think i've actully played a Level 5 game in ages, but i might give WK2 a go when it comes out.

    on 29 June 2011

    < darthdevidem01 posted something on A203D's wall:

    Matsuno has joined Level 5!

    < darthdevidem01 posted something on A203D's wall:

    LA Noire is good but it suffers from many problems other Rockstar games have had since GTA4. Its hard to describe LA Noire even, the whole idea and concept is so good but some bits of the story aren't too great. Its a mixed bag of mostly good.

    I loved ME2 a lot, mostly because there have been no good TPS released this gen for PS3 so I haven't played any good TPS which used to be one of my favourite genres. I got in PC, got ME1 first.....the whole ME1 choices affect ME2 was very good. ME2 is a very character development orientated game unlike ME1 which was more of a plot led game. But the middle parts of a trilogy are usually focussed on character development mostly with minor plot development.

    Your absolutely right its the perfect game for the useage of "transfarring"....I just hope its not "too little too late". If they can at least get VC3 on there it may save the series in the West. It seems some people didn't like VC2 though from the comments in the article, the story for VC2 is very Japanese.

    Yeah I do see many of these smaller devs deciding to make dual PS3/NGP projects...my only fear is that this may harm the games quality on PS3 as in the end PS3 is more powerful and we may see compromises being made.

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