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< The_Sony_Girl1 posted something on naruball's wall:

Who is your avatar, and why is he wearing a Santa Hat in June?

< starcraft posted something on naruball's wall:

We do try to get to all your reports, but most of the mods have lives you know

Thanks for letting me know. I didn't know if you were even getting them.

on 31 May 2015

A lot of the mods have been busy this weekend.

The one you just sent through was simple enough - but the one from yesterday I really need to discuss with the others rather than making a call on my own. NEW MODS SOON and that should make a difference.

on 31 May 2015

Yeah that's fair enough, I wasn't referring to the one from yesterday, though, but to less ambiguous ones. Like a person getting moderated for spamming for posting a simple "lol" and others not getting the same treatment for the same comment. Or someone calling Sony fans "ponys" and getting moderated and another person doing the exact same thing and not getting moderated.

I was thus under the impression that because I use the report button a lot, I was put on ignore. At least I know that that's not the case, so I like I said, thanks for clarifying that.

on 31 May 2015

< GamechaserBE posted something on naruball's wall:

=p What's going on? Why so jerky?

< Ryng_Tolu posted something on naruball's wall:


For the question Vita - Wii U...

In short: Vita have a good support only in Japan. We can say that is live in Japan, but in the west, is literally dead because have not third party support (one games like RE don't make the different), and have not the Sony support...

Wii U? Have not the third party support actually, but the Ninty games is on Wii U. in ALL region. Japan, Europe, US.

Just my opinion.

Fair enough

on 06 May 2015

Thanks for accept my friend request. :D

on 06 May 2015

< Seece posted something on naruball's wall:

Remember to look for new rounds daily in general discussion!!!

Will do!

on 18 February 2015

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Look at how many Americans truly love Donald Trump!

in Politics Discussion 3 days ago

Jimbo1337 said: Who are you to say whether or not I am fairly analyzing both candidates?  I am actually far more fair than you could ever be.  Facts: 1.)  Hillary Clinton is being investigated by the FBI .... To this day, I still don't understand how someone can vote for a person that is currently being investigated by the FBI.  Perhaps you could...

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Publishers need to focus on online multiplayer centric games or else they're going to be f*cked in the future.

in Gaming Discussion 6 days ago

Snoopy said: I am going to go out an say this and I know I am going to get a lot of hate, but I don't give a shit what people think. My opinion matters more to me than any of yours. Then why even post here? Forums are about discussing topics. If you think your opinion is so awesome, then wht don't you keep it to yourself, knowing it's better than everyone else's and all? What's...

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Playstation Have The Best Exclusives According to Pewdiepie (Most Subscribed Person of All Time)

in Sony Discussion 6 days ago

Goodnightmoon said:Oh Pewdiepie says it, it must be true! LMFAO LMFAO. It is called an opinion. He never stated it as a fact. Plus, he's currently the most influential youtuber in the gaming industry. He makes forgotten games sell again, so his opinion most certainly matters more than yours or mine. (for the record, I don't like the guy at all)...


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Heavenly Sword

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Britney Spears

Favourite Films: The Dark Knight
Prayers for Bob
Peaceful Warrior

Favourite Books: The Sword of Truth

Favourite Food: Rice

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