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< Wright posted something on VXIII's wall:

And here's a bonus round!

< Wright posted something on VXIII's wall:

Whenever I stumble upon something XV related, I get this feeling of sharing it with you.

Keep doing that. It is amazing. Thanks.

1 day ago

I have more, but I like to give it in proper doses. Don't want you to think of me like some kind of creepy stalker. :P

1 day ago

< VXIII updated his status:

I'm a spirit. Lacking a physical body... in a way.

A good or an evil one?

2 days ago

Like every spirit, neutral by default. However, I'd like to think that my light is strong, yet gentle.

2 days ago

The bigger the light you cast, the higher the shadow you project over all of us.

2 days ago

I don't care :p

2 days ago

Huh, interesting response!

2 days ago

Eventually, you will learn that the is nothing bad or evil in the shadow in its default status. That is why I don't care.

2 days ago

Yet a strong light does have good connotations?

2 days ago

Not when it is gentle ^^

2 days ago

I meant to say: Yes, If it was gentle.

2 days ago

Hmm, I see.

2 days ago

< Wright posted something on VXIII's wall:

Back to normal?

What do you mean ? I don't understand.
I know every single official artwork, don't waste your time. It is very nice though.

2 days ago

Ah you mean the avatar
Yup, I always come back to this one. Suit my personality.

2 days ago

Damn VXIII, you're slow at times. :P

2 days ago

Admit it, you love that about me :p
It took me a few seconds ...

2 days ago

Depends. It's a good trait to have in bed, though. *wink wink*

2 days ago

It is?
I have no idea, I'm...um... inexperienced..

2 days ago

Oh, really? How come? No interesting people in your area to have an adventure with?

2 days ago

Complex issue. Can't share. Go away. xD

2 days ago

Eh, we all have our issues. Don't worry about it. :P

Won't inquire if it makes you uncomfortable.

2 days ago

Not worried in the slightest.
I know how to create / find my own fun *wink wink*

2 days ago

Now you have me curious about it!

2 days ago

Your mind is too limited. Set it free from that prison of flesh.

2 days ago

Mind limited? To what? Understanding your way of having fun or your complex issue? :P

2 days ago


2 days ago

To be honest, I have some wild theories about both cases, but you'd probably wouldn't like hearing them. :P

2 days ago

Lol. Go ahead, I'm interested in hearing your theories if you actually have ones. xD

2 days ago

Well, I think you'd rather play with miniature dragons than with boobies, hence why yo can't get laid. Likewise! You've probably ordered something from the Bad Dragon webpage to give yourself some fun. Everything is connected. How'd it go?

Either that or you have a small Peepe Weelle.

2 days ago

Lol. Nah neither is correct. Thanks for the laugh though xD
BTW having a small "Peepe Weelle" has never been much of an issue. It is all about insecure men trying to prove something and flex tier insecurity Not really an issue outside of the some western cultures xD

2 days ago

Well, then, any hint about your complex insecurities? :P

As for the having fun thingy, I'm also tempted to say that you'd probably bang your dog. But then again, you probably don't.

2 days ago

You are only reveling the limitation of your mind that I was talking about xD

2 days ago

Not my fault the picture above depict dogs!

2 days ago

Oh, forgot to add. Since I lack visual representation of the users behind the avatar, I tend to imagine them as the one they chose representative. Hence why I think you're a Noctis, and hence the dog thingy, going by the image back then. :P

2 days ago

Nice thought. Would love to look be someone that I'm inspired by.

2 days ago

< darthdevidem01 posted something on VXIII's wall:

I know right. They have NAILED the dark atmosphere in that new gameplay video. Those mechs looked awesome, the user interface is much improved and everything Tabata is saying right now sounds like gold. I am really hoping for a June release :D

Truly, I was happy even with Episode Duscae, but they improve every single aspect. I'm in love xD
I expect September release. Nothing is too late after all those years of waiting.

3 days ago

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VGC's Most Attractive User 2016: Sign-Up!

in General Discussion 9 hours ago

LipeJJ said: VXIII said: *Breathing heavily* I'm in. Help me, I want to re-program myself psychologically. Was listening to encouraging music :-D *Runs away* You look good! I'm happy that you had the courage to join! Congrats. That means a lot, thanks :)...

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USA Pre-Order Chart January 23, 2016

in Latest Charts 9 hours ago

Not that I have evidence or anything. But I find most of these numbers hard to believe. Something feels wrong....

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VGC Most Attractive User 2016 - Stage 1 - Round 2

in General Discussion 10 hours ago

5p - cpg716 4p - theprof00 3p - Wyrdness 2p - Esiar 1p - curl-6 (I blame the nature of the picture, I think he looks good, but I can't be certain :-) ) ...


Education: Secretary & Office Management

Height: 0'0

Eye colour: Brown

Hair colour: Black

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Relationship status: Single

Favourite Games: -
Dark Souls
Metal Gear Solid 4
Demon's souls
Final Fantasy X
Shadow of the Colossus
Portal 2

And of course: Final Fantasy Versus XIII :D

Favourite Music: -

Favourite Films: -
The Bucket List
The Shawshank Redemption
Brave Heart
Seven Pounds

Favourite Books: -
Memory in the Flesh
Chaos of the Senses
Passer-by a Bed

Favourite Food: Anything that isn't chicken

Hobbies: -
Playing piano
Writing short stories
Designing (Photoshop)

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