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< Wright posted something on VXIII's wall:

You didn't like Inquisition much?

Good game with a lot of flaws, it does have high value and interesting lore

on 04 December 2014

< QUAKECore89 posted something on VXIII's wall:

Sha5barek ya 8lbyyyy

7amdullah ;)

on 14 November 2014

< Wright posted something on VXIII's wall:

What's your favourite FF, by the way?

IX, oh wait this question wasn't for me. xD

on 02 November 2014

But I don't mind hearing your opinion too! :P

on 02 November 2014

I have not played them all. I want to say VIII but the screwed up leveling system is too much to ignore.


on 02 November 2014

Interesting to see some love for VIII :3

on 02 November 2014

I loved the junction system, world setting, airship to access secret and dark areas in the world (to fight Bahamut for example) the card mini game was addictive even though I usually don't care about mini-games, the gameplay and story were good enough. The leveling system was a mess. The game became easier if you didn't level up at all. That turned fighting enemies and exploration into a punishment to the player.

on 02 November 2014

< VXIII updated his status:

Open-mindedness is such a rare gift.

< PullusPardus posted something on VXIII's wall:

I'm back in Kuwait -.-

Also when did you become an Admin?

on 01 November 2014

Ah, welcome home. The weather is getting much better now.
I have been an admin since 2012. But now the database is gone to GameWise we are not really admins anymore, but for some reason the admin tag stays.

on 01 November 2014

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Write 219

Global Hardware Up 6 December 2014

in Latest Charts 12 minutes ago

CGI-Quality said:Guys - can we kill the quote trees and get back on topic? Thanks. No. The industry is doomed and all you care about is your little thread?  Come on, man. :-D...

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Global Hardware Up 6 December 2014

in Latest Charts 16 minutes ago

Goodnightmoon said: Yes, there´s no need to make things look worse than they are, but I´m really tired of read so many threads and comentaries about Nintendo getting doomed when it´s actually Sony the nearest to crash by far. And yes, i don´t think they´re going to bankrupt, they will change it´s business model in some way, but the fact is that ps3 make...

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Global Hardware Up 6 December 2014

in Latest Charts 45 minutes ago

Goodnightmoon said: Yeah in fact, nobody talks about it but Sony is going to lose 2.1 billions this year, and on December 2013 their probability to go bankrupt by December 2015 was a 78.5%, against the 22% of Nintendo and the 1.4% of Microsoft, so ps4 is the winner of the generation yeah, but Sony is being the big loser by far. There is a lot that can be done before a company go...


Education: Secretary & Office Management

Height: 0'0

Eye colour: Brown

Hair colour: Black

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Relationship status: Single

Favourite Games: -
Dark Souls
Metal Gear Solid 4
Demon's souls
Final Fantasy X
Shadow of the Colossus
Portal 2

And of course: Final Fantasy Versus XIII :D

Favourite Music: -

Favourite Films: -
The Bucket List
The Shawshank Redemption
Brave Heart
Seven Pounds

Favourite Books: -
Memory in the Flesh
Chaos of the Senses
Passer-by a Bed

Favourite Food: Anything that isn't chicken

Hobbies: -
Playing piano
Writing short stories
Designing (Photoshop)

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