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    February 2015 NPD Thread! 3DS: 395k, PS4: 342k, XBO: 276k, WiiU: 96k

    in Sales Discussion on 12 March 2015

    TheGoldenBoy said: Skullwaker said:So does that mean Order is overtracked and Kirby is undertracked? Kirby is definitely undertracked.  The Order probably isn't since MH4U is 10th at 290k sold and The Order has more than that. MH4U is 290k with digital and it sold alot digitally because it initally sold out. The order is a lot closer to 200k than 290k if the...

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    Can Mario Kart 7 Be the Best Selling Game This Generation?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 March 2015

    I don't think so. Mario Kart 7 is currently over 2million behind Pokemon X and Y. Last year it "only" sold 1.3mil. Assuming similar drops to last year it will take it over 2 years to pass current X and Y sales.X and Y is actually outselling Mario Kart 7 so far in 2015 so the lead will only continue growing for the near future.The 3ds is already 4 years out and a successor will surely come out...

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    prediction: the Amiibo will sell more than 100 million LT!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 March 2015

    I think it will depend on making good use of them in games. I wouldn't be suprised if sales are currently being mostly driven by collectors. I wonder what will happen to sales once the collectors get all the amiibos. I got a samus amiibo for christmas and honestly it was a pretty meh experience. I have 0 interest in getting anymore. Nintendo needs to add some creative uses for them in their...

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    TOP 50 NPD since 2000

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 March 2015

    Wonktonodi said: enrageorange said: Total appearances in the top 50 360 - 10DS - 9Wii - 7PS2 - 6GBA - 63DS - 3XBO - 2XBOX - 2PS4 - 1PS3 - 1 That only adds to 47 You are missing one ps4 one psp and one GC opps fixed it. Crazy that the ps4 is already ahead of the ps3 on the list. Then again sales are so holiday focused nowadays that I wouldnt be suprised if the...

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    TOP 50 NPD since 2000

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 March 2015

    Total appearances in the top 50 360 - 10DS - 9Wii - 7PS2 - 6GBA - 63DS - 3PS4 - 2XBO - 2XBOX - 2PSP - 1PS3 - 1GC - 1...

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    Critic vs User reviews of ps4/xb1 exclusives

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 February 2015

    So I have noticed some people mentioning that game reviewers are doing a bad job scoring exclusives this gen. I wanted to look at the numbers and see if this was actually true. I compared the critic scores for the major xb1 and ps4 retail console exclusives to amazon and metacritic user reviews. They had to be retail games so that I could get user reviews from amazon as well. I think this gave me...

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    The Order: 1886 Attracts “Uncanny Haterade” Says Director

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 February 2015

    TheBlackNaruto said: true_fan said: TheBlackNaruto said: Your post is confusing....if they have been getting critizied from the begnining(or early as you stated) then why would they think that hte game being ps4 exclusive would espace harsh critics and vocal fans? So they thought they game would espace what it was already getting? I'll break it down. 1. The early...

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    Why do Nintendo game prices never fall?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 February 2015

    Retailers slash prices if they over anticipate demand and want to move their stock. If a game is basically not selling unless it is on sale than publishers will usually drop the msrp price. Thats the reason why there are plenty of poorly selling titles that hold their price and plenty of major blockbusters that get sales a few months after release. Nintendo games tend to have very good lifetime...

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    LoZ MM 3D Debut's Around 350k (US) and 220k (Europe) Higher than ALBW! Also Europe 110k for MH4U (Twice MH3U debut!)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 February 2015

    It's a shame. I'd much rather have new games than remakes but sales like this will certainly encourage nintendo to keep releasing remakes during dry spells....

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    Vaccination mediatic blitz

    in Politics Discussion on 17 February 2015

    Bfriedli said: Lol.  Limiting the outbreak, true but this shows it doesn't work!! Sorry to typo 5% too, not 50%. Again for the millionth time, talking about USA NOT WORLD NUMBERS!! We have acess to medical and extremly cleaner living condition.  And in the USA there has been around 1800 cases in the last 15 years.  So 1 person in the last 15 years got encephalitis....

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    Ubisoft record breaking Q3 Sales of 810m Euros - PS4 34%/X1 23% -Ass Creed & Far Cry 4 10m/7m sold in

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 February 2015

    Looks like vgchartz numbers are pretty close to accurate. Total sales for Unity, WatchDogs, Far Cry 4, The Crew, Just Dance 15, Rayman Legends, and Black Flag were11.4mil on ps4 and 6.6mil on xb1. That means the ps4 sold 72.7% more games according to vgchartz. According to ubisoft ps4 is at 34% and xb1 is at around 21.5%(20% for non holiday months 23% for holiday months) for the full year. That...

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    How Much Will Halo 5 Sell Lifetime?

    in Sales Discussion on 09 February 2015

    Mainline Halos are among the most stable selling games ever regardless of installbase of the console. I'm going to guess 8-9mil. Won't reach the height of halo 3 but I think it has a shot at outselling halo 2....

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    2K Games: 29 million PS4 and Xbox One Sold Thru EOY

    in Sales Discussion on 03 February 2015

    2008ProchargedGT said: SjOne said:It said exceeding 29 million. That doesn't mean that Xbox One only sold 10.5 in fact the wording indicated it did exceeded that amount. See my previous post AMD said almost 30mil and clarified that they meant sold. IDG estimates over 29mil. It seems quite possible that the number is in the crossroads between those two numbers....

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    The PS4 will easily win the United States

    in Sales Discussion on 01 February 2015

    Last year's sales by the end of October werePS4 = 2.74milXB1 = 1.70milDifference = 1.04milPS4 sold around 64% more in the USA by the end of October Last year's Novemeber and December sales werePS4 = 1.92milXB1 = 2.52milDifference = 600kXB1 sold around 31% more in the USA during the holidays Last year's total sales in the USA werePS4 = 4.66milXB1 = 4.22milDifference = 440kPS4 sold around 10%...

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    Why is GTA so much more popular in EU than in the US now?

    in Latest Charts on 01 February 2015

    If we compare sales to last gen version of GTA5, they aren't super different. GTA5 was more popular in Europe on last gen consoles despite the fact the hd market was much bigger in the USA. The difference is a bit bigger now probably because the ps4 has a much bigger marketshare percentage in Europe than the ps3 did so the ps4 GTA5 bundle had a bigger effect in Europe. GTA 5 on last gen...

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    Bet: PS4 won't sell under 180k any week in 2015

    in Sony Discussion on 29 January 2015

    LordLichtenstein said: As of now, it is undecided. This weeks numbers will no doubt be adjusted up. When the numbers are definitive, you can say I lost, not a second before. The way I see it, you guys are jumping the gun.  Please share with us this source that you know of that gives unarguable proof that the ps4 sold over 174k this week. I mean sure you might end up being...

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    Your top ten favourite franchises!

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 January 2015

    Number one was a very difficult choice but I gave it to Mario for the sheer quantity of great games. 1. Mario2. Metroid3. Halo4. Grand Theft Auto5. Elder Scrolls6. Fallout7. Advanced Wars8. Zelda9. Crash Bandicoot10. Mass Effect...

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    200k Amiibos sold in France.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 21 January 2015

    I'm scared about this. The success of the wii and their focus on motion controls was bad enough. The wii u selling poorly was the best thing to ever happen for quality nintendo games. Now if amiibos really take off it could give nintendo a reason to stop focusing on quality nintendo games....

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    How long would it take to beat your Steam library?

    in PC Discussion on 20 January 2015

    It would take you... 4594 continuous hours 191 days,10 hours,55 minutes of gameplay to complete your Steam library IN THIS TIME YOU COULD... Listen to Free Bird 30,632 times I wonder what my total steam playtime has been so far for comparison. Now to figure out how to get a year of free time to do this......

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    The Order: 1886 Is Actually Quite Innovative; it’s Time to Shelve that Boring, Generic Excuse to Bash it

    in Sony Discussion on 19 January 2015

     Whenever someone starts out by giving the defenition of words, you know that they are going to be beating around the bush. I also love how the article is trying to prepare its readerbase for the poor reviews this game is going to get and is trying to convince them to ignore those reviews. I mean jeez, at least wait to see what the reviews are actually like before you start making excuses....

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