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    So now that E3 is over...vote for your favorite conference

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 June 2010

    Nintendo: 10/10 home run. nothing more to say. maybe the best e3 conferences i have seen.   Sony: 7/10 first half: meh at best, second half: WOW. newell being there was THE surprise of the e3 (so far?), and the twisted metal reveal was a perfect finish.   EA: 7/10 just a great show, with games games games.   Ubisoft: 5/10 THAT was the definition of "meh". highlight was rayman...

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    RATE SONY's E3 Press Conference

    in Sony Discussion on 15 June 2010

    i give it a 4 the first hour was waaaaaaaaaaay to slow. to much talking and far to many "short glimpses" aka 5 minute trailers of the same shit you've seen 3 times already. but there was also good stuff: killzone obviously and sorcery looked great too and both give hope to the whole motion controller for core gamers thing. and butler was funny ^^. now the second hour was  fantastic. if i...

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    Rate the Nintendo Press Conference

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 June 2010

    excellent games (with quite some "huge" surprises), very good presentation (not reading every single word of the teleprompter, like... others) and shiny new hardware with neat features and good support. it's between 4 and 5 for me, but because i really didn't expect anything of that scale from the nintendo's conference i gave it a 5....

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    Official Nintendo E3 2010 Press Conference Thread

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 June 2010

    okay its over, nintendo won. congrats :P...

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    Poll: RATE Microsofts E3 Press Conference!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 14 June 2010

    i'd say first 30 mins was a 4-5, pretty much what i expected crytec was a big surprise (i'm from germany, so there is a little crytec bias ;-)) and the announce trailer looked decent (albeit a little too god of war-ish) last hour or so a 1... or even lower. espn will not be available where i live. dance game, fitness game, pet game, sports game (running on the spot... anyone remember the avgn...

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    Sony partnership with Google not just for Google TV..

    in Sony Discussion on 10 June 2010

    if they really announce a partnership which includes some sort of software for the ps3, that would be awesome. but i doubt we will see anything on the ps3, maybe an "integrated" google maps but thats it. some hopes are there though, the e3 press conference can't come soon enough! ;)...

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    Rumour – Natal to be formally called “Wave”

    in Microsoft Discussion on 27 May 2010

    pauly989 said:Wave cause move is already taken. i really think they should switch the names, the "ps move" symbol kinda resembles a wave, and wasn't that name even rumored for it at some point? another reason would be that i like wave better. ;-)...

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    Red XIII (ff7) vs Fang (ff13)

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 May 2010

    fangin my opinion she is one of the best looking female chars in gaming (character... meh, not so much, but i love her accent ;-) )she uses my favorite weapon type + BAHAMUTHshe kicks asscid would have been a worthy opponent :P...

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    Little Big Playstation! Or LBP for short and simple.

    in Sony Discussion on 15 May 2010

    Why are Fanboys of the other Consoles so loud?!Its called Bias*.At first I was thinking maybe a malicious forum software made all the Opposition-Fanboy drivel appear larger than reality when read. However that doesn't quite make sense. What does make sense is that if you shrink the gaming world down to just your Console(s) and then only compare postings relative to the ones that match your...

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    My Playstation 4 Predictions

    in Sony Discussion on 13 May 2010

    the next playstation:Playstation 3Dbasically twice the current PS3 (two cells, two (slightly upgraded?) graphics cards, at least twice the ram and HDD)compatibility between the PS3D and the PS3 (bidirectional), but PS3D will be able to run every new game (and patched older ones) in 3d without trade-off in resolution/framerate compared to non-3D mode on the PS3.Also, in non-3d games run in higher...

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    Your PS Move Launch

    in Sony Discussion on 10 May 2010

    the releases of lbp2, eye pet and GT5 around christmas season will probably move (no pun intended :P) a lot of consoles to new (presumably more casual) customers, and they need to make sure that each and every one of those will get a move-controller. add one + the cam to at least these bundles, if not to every console bundle after the move release. once you have one of the controllers you will...

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    cleaning ps3 internals

    in Sony Discussion on 09 May 2010

    this "ylod-fix" includes a detailed tutorial on how to take it apart http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_Ic1_TY-GUhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vr1zyAGwnuU...

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    Another Look At Piracy

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 May 2010

    vlad321 said: Almi said:   so, whats the value of your "physical goods"?... only a small percentage of the price are for the actual material of let's say a jeans. you basically pay transport, the retailer and the brandname.oh and 1% for the chinese workers. when buying a game you at least pay the actual "workers" like 50% of your price.   When I give...

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    Another Look At Piracy

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 May 2010

    vlad321 said: dorbin2009 said: So here's my beef with this reasoning.   It's retarded.   Because if we go on the logic of this article, then it's seemingly okay for me to go into a store and take 500.00 worth of clothing on the basis of "well I'd never buy this even if I was going shopping for clothes". You can't take something, anything, because you feel like its...

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    My E3 2010 PS3 top 10 wish list

    in Sony Discussion on 30 April 2010

    sorted by estimated propability of it to happen (decreasing):1 GT5 release date -.-2 the last guardian3 infamous 24 demons souls 25 some decent move games6 "team ico collection" upscaled remake announcement7 "more upscaled remakes in the future" announcement8 future classic game releases in the ps store will have some basic trophies9 trophy patches for some older ps3 games 10 a HUUUUGE psn/ps...

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    Firm: Sony Brand Less Valuable than Microsoft, Cigarettes, Beer, Toothpaste

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 April 2010

    nintendo wasn't even on the list until last year, sony was gone last year but came back with a 30% increase this year (still lost ~13% over the last 4 years), apple quintupled their value in the last four years, amazon did basically the same in 3 years and blackberry even grows by a factor of 8.7 in that time.nokia on the other hand... damn ;)definitely interesting to look at, but those numbers...

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    Which Reviews Do You Trust Most?

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 April 2010

    i get most of my information's from gamespot and gametrailers, and i have started to look a lot at nowgamer recently, but i wouldn't say i trust any of them... well i do, but not in the "if they say it is, it must be" kind of way.i am more interested in what the game has to offer than how good they think it is, but a great review can definitely spark my interest in a game that wasn't on my radar...

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    Amazon.uk has Demon's Souls Black Phantom Edition listed (June 25th)

    in Sony Discussion on 27 April 2010

    *droool*damn, i already have the asian version, but i am sooo tempted to buy the game a second time. :D...

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    'Avatar' shatters Blu-ray records

    in Sales Discussion on 27 April 2010

    those numbers are incredible, especially in comparison to the dark knight.the release of the 3D version next year may very well be THE deciding point whether the technology has any chance to reach the mass market in the near future.i don't see it happening, mainly because i am not interested in it at all and don't see who would be ;), but i will postpone my final judgement until then....

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    The Official 3D Dot Game Heroes Thread

    in Sony Discussion on 27 April 2010

    they announced some kind of contest, where you can win a foam-pixel-sword. (ps-blog) just build your own character in the (new?) web char-designer: http://designer.3ddotgameheroes.eu/ unfortunately i am the worst artist of all time.... AND I accidentally built my char facing the side ;)       ...

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