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    Console gamers, why do you feel console gaming is better than PC?

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 November 2017

    Well i love both ! But i prefere console because atlus & naughty dog is on console only so ^^...

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    Now Loading: Would You Rather Buy a Xbox One X or PS4 Pro?

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 November 2017

    I got a PC for games so ps4 pro all way., and even with a PC i only got 2 indies games from microsoft exlusivity so ^^...

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    Do you support the death penalty?

    in Politics Discussion on 05 November 2017

    Rape on kid & murder on them should be death sentence for me... And i hardly see, why honest ppl have to pay for ppl in jail, they should hard work for make their food and everthing....

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    Have you had sex in the past year?

    in NSFW Discussion on 30 October 2017

    Fiancee so yes !...

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    What is your three favorite publishers?

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 October 2017

    Atlus Paradox interactive Sony Even if i start dislike a little DLC policy from paradox....

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    What is the most interesting food you have ever eaten?

    in General Discussion on 12 October 2017

    Knöpfli for me, in some parts of switzerland, and poutine from canada :)...

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    Parlons Français

    in General Discussion on 10 October 2017

    Coucou, Je viens de suisse et je parle le français, mais ma fiancée parle que l'anglais et le tagalog, donc j'aurai plus besoin de parler sur le fil anglais peu-être ^^ ...

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    Are people inherently evil?

    in General Discussion on 30 July 2017

    No low age kid alway kindly, and alway try help other even if not reward at end, many study about this..... its society who make people evil, because modern society is all about money, and this corrupt most people....

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    Microsoft is deserving of praise, not criticism, for XBox 1 not having many exclusives

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 July 2017

    Captain_Yuri said: Here's a question since we are sorta on topic. How many people on vgc even have a gaming PC? Cause Forza horizon 3 isn't exactly gonna run on a toaster even on low settings... I can my new PC have a 1080 TI, but whatever you right not everyone have a good pc for run forza horizons 3, but not everyone like racing game either.Anyway for me Ps4 = games from japon and...

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    What is YOUR Ultimate Hardware Gaming Duo?

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 July 2017

    Ps4 & Pc for me, my 2 fav genre is Strategy and Jrpg....

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    Who WON E3?

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 June 2017

    Well depend on the taste for me : Sony 4 games > Nintendo 2 games > PC 1 game = Ubisoft 1 games, and this is for me....

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    What would make you buy a Scorpio at launch?

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 June 2017

    I have a PC with a 1080Ti, so unless they make back full exclusive game to scorpio (and more than the 3 usual games) absolutly nothing....

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    Red Dead Redemption 2 delayed so... is Zelda BOTW GOTY?

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 May 2017

    Persona 5 is mine but zelda will probably win....

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    Your Most Played Series (by number of games played)

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 May 2017

    Final fantasy but don't wanna count ^^ And Romance of the three kingdom with 12 of them....

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    "Valve is not your friend, and Steam is not healthy for gaming"

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 May 2017

    Just because all my friend who have a PC is on steam mean i am gonna use Steam... and i like achievement, so its not like there is any other option for me. And i hate microsoft so, ubisoft and EA so their shop i out of question, at least i can buy and play ubi game on steam. I have buy some game of gamersgate, and gog too, but its about this.And i have so many game  to play anyway so i...

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    Yuri / Shoujo ai / Girls love Appreciation Thread

    in General Discussion on 15 May 2017

    Well cool thead, but would be cool if ppl who post pic tell us where is from because, i talk for me self i dont know everthing as anime or game etc ^^...

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    SEGA Planning Revivals of major IP's!!!

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 May 2017

    Shinning force, resoncance of fate and langrisser, its all i care about !And a real new valkyria chronicle too but its not a revival, or maybe yes with the last awfull one !...

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    Naughty Dog & Quantic Dream & Guerilla Games...

    in Sony Discussion on 02 May 2017

    1) Naughty Dogs, because i loved every one of their games since Uncharted 1. 2) Heavy rain, trop 5 of games last gen for me. 3) Last of us, best games last gen, if don't count persona 4 golden on vita ! 4) Before horizons Sucker punch because i hate FPS, but since horizons i go with guerrila games. 5) New Ip i hope....

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    Genres You Want to Come Back?

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 May 2017

    more turn based strategy games or rpg !...

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    Hardest game you've ever beaten?

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 May 2017

    On console, contra 3 and zelda 2 probably, on PC Crusader kings 2, i finished a world conquest !...

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