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    New Pokemon Revealed

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 June 2010

    I love the pigeon one already dont like the gears though...

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    Shiny pokemon, have you got any?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 April 2010

    shiny tentacruel (was a tentacool) and today I caught a surfing pikachu on the pokewalker VERY HAPPY!...

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    Worldwide Up! Everything looking good

    in Sales Discussion on 11 April 2010

    lordmandeep said:Most impressive for the PS3 and Modern Warfare 2...Hate the game all you want, but its the GTA SA of this Generation. its probably outsold GTA SA already!!!...

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    First Pokémon Black & Pokémon White Images

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 April 2010

    wow looks awesome now show me the pokemon!!!...

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    PS3 3 and X360 with the same sales in Others, next step: Americas

    in Sales Discussion on 08 April 2010

    no way, the ps3 has a good chance of passing the 360 worldwide but it will never catch up to the 360 in the USA ever...

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    Portal 2 coming to the PS3. (Picture Evidence)

    in Sony Discussion on 08 April 2010

    The cake is a lie!!! if this is true I will personally make Gabe Newell an extra fat cake to say thanks...

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    MW2 Stimulus Package sells 2.5 milionl in the first week

    in Microsoft Discussion on 07 April 2010

    themanwithnoname said: Stimulus Package sells over a million day one and 2.5 million in the first week. Definitely looks like that advertising paid off. Microsoft must be thrilled too, looks like it was a great move getting this on LIVE first, nevermind it being a $15 map pack instead of a $10 one. http://xboxlive.ign.com/articles/108/1082363p1.html i dont see how this makes the...

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    5th gen pokemon revealed?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 April 2010

    yungmagic09 said:Well if this was true it would be my first time picking a grass type starter. yeah, i would imagine the secondary dragon type would help pretty much destroy everything early on in the game fire/ground will be totally owned by water though its a very strange combo...

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    5th gen pokemon revealed?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 April 2010

    theres an awful lot of old gen pre-evolutions/evolutions in there!! i hope Moofork is real though lol...

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    Peter Molyneux #44 on Time 100 list

    in Microsoft Discussion on 04 April 2010

    strange choice, I voted for the Lost creators!!!...

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    Do you fell the 360 is the closest to the ps2 this gen?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 04 April 2010

    @ Shawnzee back on topic I would say the PS3 is the closest to the PS2 for obvious reasons but the 360 is very similar to it also, tbh the xbox and PS2 were very similar at the time so this is no real surprise...

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    Ubisoft Employee Lists Splinter Cell: Conviction for PS3!

    in Sony Discussion on 31 March 2010

    arminuk said:lol ps3 fans crying now and they gonna keep saying about it oh yes splinter cell will come out for ps3 they said about gears of war mass effect common get a life we get exclusive games because microsoft cares about they cutomers take your flaming elsewhere and as for the bolded comment PMSL! the only thing microsoft (and all large companies) care about is money, how...

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    (COD7, Yoga Natal, and More) Xbox360 Release Dates

    in Microsoft Discussion on 29 March 2010

    James Bond Racing *facepalm* I cant see COD7 releasing in October tbh all the other games have released in November and I imagine Activision will want to avoid to much of a clash with Halo ...

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    New Poll - What Was Your Favorite Game Released In March?

    in Website Topics on 28 March 2010

    Pokemon just edges out GOW3 for me, silver was always my favourite game and soul silver is even better!!! GOW3 was incredible though and I have also bought BC2 which is good but i find the mutiplayer a bit dull...

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    Who's the worst character ever

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 March 2010

    virtually every Sonic charcater apart from Sonic and Doctor RobotnikIf anyone plays the pokemon ranger games then I think team gogo are incredibly annoying and i usually find myself smashing the A button while they do their stupic musical introduction...

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    God of War III will be the last big exclusive for the PS3 in 2010

    in Sony Discussion on 22 March 2010

    Wagram said:I'm guessing Grand Turismo 5 doesn't exist anymore. Did terrorists take out Poliphany Digital and we missed it? ...no it was Turn 10...

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    What game best represents your country?

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 March 2010

    UK- Littlebigplanet: fun, intelligent, innovative, quirky...

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    Get a free month of Xbox LIVE! Hurry up!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 18 March 2010

    thank you so much I was going to buy 1 month live to play Bad Comapny 2 when i go home tomorrow you have just saved me precious money!...

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    How many shiny Pokémon do YOU have?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 18 March 2010

    A shiny Tentacruel and obviously I will capture the Gyrados when i get SS...

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    North America HW up!

    in Sales Discussion on 17 March 2010

    Hyruken said:400k for FFXIII on PS3 is pretty dissapointing i think. Everywhere you go or if you turn on your tv or pc you see adverts for it everywhere. The advertising for it has been massive. To see it sell nearly half of what BC2 sold on 360 is very shocking to me. Yes one is a fps game and the other a RPG. But so is Dragon Age and that almost matched those sales. Mass Effect 2 nearly...

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