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    Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor: Mayweather won!

    in Sports Discussion on 28 August 2017 by Azzanation

    I should have put money on Mayweather. I knew he would kick his ass....

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    The best underappreciated movie of all time.

    in Movies Discussion on 23 July 2017 by COKTOE

    bananaking21 said: Kung pow enter the fist. I was a huge fan of that movie. Watched all the different edits/cuts more than once. I'm kinda thinking I we discussed it briefly at some point prior....

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    Critically Acclaimed Movies that You Hate

    in Movies Discussion on 28 March 2017 by Chris Hu

    2001: A Space Odyssey, it has good special effects and cinematography. The score is pretty good although it probably would have been better if Alex North would have did the score instead of going with classical music. Everything else is sub par and its easily one of the most overrated movies of all time....

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    "Westworld" - HBO science fiction series

    in Movies Discussion on 07 December 2016 by SkepticallyMinded

    LurkerJ said: SkepticallyMinded said: scream.gif Not bad news anymore. The show needs better writers and a tighter grip over the messy story. Lack of attention to details is astonishing. 10 years ago, I fell into JJ Abram's trap of withholding too much information from viewers. LOST was so intriguing because we knew nothing for 2 seasons. The moment we started getting...

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    What do you call people that just play the same games?. like forever!.

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 October 2016 by scrapking

    I've been that way for a bunch of years. Almost exclusively played one game, Halo Wars, for years now. And as of this writing it's a 7.5 year old game! I've been playing it since launch, and before that I was playing the crap out of its demo. However, back in the day I played a lot of things, including PGR. Thanks to Games With Gold I recently discovered how awesome Forza Horizon is, and how...

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    Face it. It is over. Trump won.

    in Politics Discussion on 26 September 2016 by SpokenTruth

    Soundwave said: The latest polls (as in the ones coming out today and the last couple of days) show Clinton rebounding from the low point in her campaign (being sick at the 9/11 event) and starting to re-establish a 5-point lead over Trump. Both candidates are very unpopular though, lol, with Clinton at 40% favorability and Trump even lower at 37% (yikes). We'll see what happens in the...

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    Prediction: Microsoft will launch the Xbox Two in 2017 or 2018

    in Microsoft Discussion on 12 September 2016 by Ryng_Tolu

    ......he was right guys. :O ...

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    Will the olympics be a disaster?

    in General Discussion on 19 August 2016 by FragilE^

    http://www.smh.com.au/sport/olympics/rio-2016/its-gold-to-brazil-in-booing-at-the-rio-olympics-20160817-gqv69k.html This certainly sounds pretty shitty....

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    July NPD 2016 prediction thread

    in Sales Discussion on 16 August 2016 by tak13

    Ryng we had the same prediction for xb1 and ps4, lol! The same would happen with wii u, but I chose to put what I would like it to sell i.e keeping the june weekly average (27-28k), instead of what I was really expecting 24k... lol 6th because of wii u, while I'm only over by just 2.1k... KCUF! Probably, I will be higher when 3ds sales figure leak... ...

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    Is there a better tv series than The Sopranos???

    in General Discussion on 07 August 2016 by Azuren

    Breaking Bad is fucking fantastic....

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    Guy jumps from 25,000 feet without a parachute into a net

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 August 2016 by Ultrashroomz

    It'll be sad if he doesn't end up on Guinness or something. :-P...

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    June NPD 2016 prediction thread

    in Sales Discussion on 12 July 2016 by MichaelH


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    The longest working console you've ever owned

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 July 2016 by 0D0

    Nintendo DS Lite - It's still working. I think it's 8 years old....

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    Solution to islamic extremism

    in Politics Discussion on 26 May 2016 by Frank_kc

    Its very simple, stop interfering in Muslims lives and they will be just fine. All the extremists existence is just a reaction to what the west is doing. Wasnt Al Qadea created by USA to fight against Russia? Wasnt ISIS created by USA through Destroying IRAQ for false claims of WMD? Didnt they promise democracy post Saddam and then left the country to sink in the a kinda of civil war and...

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    Trump VS Clinton. Who Has Your Vote

    in Politics Discussion on 08 May 2016 by ViciousVi

    Sanders. I'm not convinced he will lose yet (for Clinton to win a majority with pledged delegates alone she would need to win 71% of upcoming contests, which seems highly unlikely). Even if Clinton wins the primary though I will vote for Sanders. I see Trump and Clinton as both being equally terrible in different ways. Clinton is more conciliatory with the LGBT crowd and is generally a...

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    So uh, what does Microsoft do now?

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 April 2016 by edugamer

    Intrinsic said: Dont see what MS can do really..... if the Neo is any indication it shows that Sony is not afraid to revise their hardware if they want. that aside, MS can't do anything significant till the next chip fabrication revision comes along. 10/7nm..... and by that time, everyone will pretty much know that the Sony will have something just around the corner too. All Sony has to do...

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    The Force Awakens sucks! *MAJOR SPOILERS*

    in Movies Discussion on 28 March 2016 by Pavolink

    Going deep with the girls date, the accurate comparision goes like this: Looking the 3 trilogies is like dating 3 girls that are best friends. The first one (OT) is not the most beautiful one, but has that charisma like no other. The second one (prequels) is the most beautiful, but the inner feelings are or not your cup of tea. She has her own personality. Finally, the third girl (episode...

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    First emotional moment in gaming

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 March 2016 by Aerys

    I'm concerned i forgot a lot of N64 game like Golden Eye, Diddi Kong Racing , well all the cult games. The famous era when every nintendo game was a cult game....

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    Questions about Sweden

    in Politics Discussion on 12 February 2016 by Mummelmann

    Puppyroach said: Mummelmann said: With housing prices on the steep rise and unemployment, especially among the youth and first time buyers, being really high without much sign of improvement, it might be a bad idea to stimulate more and bigger loans right now. Swedish economical policies right now are not sustainable or very smart, the same goes for Norway (productivity way down,...

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    How Old Are You?

    in General Discussion on 08 February 2016 by ctk495

    23 I started my Vgchartz career at 14....

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