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    Street Fighter 4 and Resident Evil 5 are not worthy.

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 March 2009


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    Predictions and requests for GTA 5 Location,Exclusivity,Features,Sales ?

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 February 2009

    GTA1 had 3 locations:   Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas.   As they have gone back to LC for GTA4.. I don't see why they wouldn't go to one of the others again...

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    Crackdown sequel on his way?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 19 December 2008

    Crackdown is my favourite 360 game by miles.I'm hoping this does pan out, I'll get a chance to dust of the 'old 360 =)...

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    IGN 9.0 for Left4Dead unfair, would be 6.5

    in PC Discussion on 18 November 2008

    BenKenobi88 said: addicting   Please please please don't use that word like that, its only applicable use is as a transitory verb. The correct word is addictive.   This is mistake seems to be spreading around the internet and its driving me batty....

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    Left4Dead Minimmum Requirements

    in PC Discussion on 30 September 2008

    I've played L4D and you are jealous. Nerr....

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    PS3 starts selling= sony gets cocky again

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 September 2008

    jman8 said: Jesus.... READ THIS: SCEA’s VP of product marketing Scott SteinbergAgain, VP of product MARKETING.It's his freakin job to hype up his product. Stop personifying Sony CORPORATION as if it was a living breathing human being like you and me. This is what corporations do. Sony can't be "cocky" b/c Sony isn't a person. Stop paying attention to what the MARKETING guy says and...

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    Famitsu - Shining Force coming to Wii

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 September 2008

    No, bad nintendo... stop letting them release games for your console...I don't want to buy a wii =~(...

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    Does anybody here actually own a CD-i?

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 September 2008

    I have one, no games and have never powered it up. \o/...

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    Overlord Dark Legend for Wii

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 August 2008

    Then again \o/http://www.ps3fanboy.com/2008/08/14/the-overlord-and-his-minions-will-return-in-2009/...

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    Overlord Dark Legend for Wii

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 August 2008

    Damn, A wii game I might actually like =/...

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    PS3 low on stock?

    in Sales Discussion on 13 August 2008

    You go to buy a ps3 and you see this:http://www.play.com/Games/PlayStation3/6-/GenreBrowse.html?searchstring=ConsolesWouldn't you wait 10 days for 2x the storage?...

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    Do you have to pay to play TF2 online?

    in PC Discussion on 10 August 2008

    Only xbox live charges you for online multiplayer, except for MMOs...

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    Jasper power usage: 100w, 60w less than Falcon! RROD/Noise eliminated.

    in Microsoft Discussion on 08 August 2008

    Countdown days to Jasper first RROD starts now!...

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    Lets agree on standardised pricing and feature sets for PS3/360 comparisons

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 July 2008

    D-Link adapter is only faster if you use it with a D-link access point that supports 2x, its not a standard.Put that the PS3 supports gigabit ethernet, while the 360 supports 100mbit, they ARE standards.Why isn't the cost of network gaming in a column?Qore is just a magazine, why is it mentioned?Why give a guestamate percentage for the ps3 backwards compatibility, without the same for the...

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    which fighting game takes the most skill?

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 July 2008

    Street Fighter, without a doubt....

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    Rumor: PSP 3000 Features Built-In Mic, Already In Production

    in Sony Discussion on 22 July 2008

    Wait.. doesn't the current versions of the PSP have a mic? Swear mine does.   Okay perhaps those are mounting holes or something......

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    Potential/Current PS3 owners: Does b/c matter to you?

    in Sony Discussion on 17 July 2008

    Nope, I still have my ps2. Its not been on for 2+ years....

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    The Ps3 Just Died but not because of FF13

    in Sales Discussion on 15 July 2008

    Hey, lets come back to this thread when the 360 wins a week WW this year......

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    Sony Conference Today! Let's see if sony can Salvage E3

    in Sony Discussion on 15 July 2008

    Knowing SSJ its probably the EA port of left4dead? =P...

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    Problem with softwares's 360 sales ??

    in Sales Discussion on 15 July 2008

    No its overtracking. Fact........

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