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    How does the PS3 slim not over heat?

    in Sony Discussion on 15 January 2010

    OMG  You're my hero. I leave my fatty on all the time also. it actully outlasted the tv I got specificly for it :). I now have a slimjim in family room and even  got one for my mommy. she loves the free voicechat.  My psn name is chingrin.  hit me up I'll be playing MAG and Badcompany2 as soon as they come out.  Happy gaming...

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    LBP reaches 3 million ! What a FLOP !

    in Sony Discussion on 12 January 2010

    someone please clarify. are you seriously calling 3mil units sold a flop?...

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    Sony and Microsoft exclusives do battle on the same days!!!

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 January 2010

    Again I'd like to point out that any game that sells even a half million copies is a big game. I think this just shows again that Sony is working to make sure that they have a large choice of big games in completely different genres as apposed to 1 or 2 big hitters. We've waited for Sony to start pumping out great games and now that it is people are saying it's not a good thing. We as consumers...

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    Does R2 have the best online?

    in Game Specific Boards on 08 January 2010

    R2 awsome. Kz2 awsome, now MAG awsome. take your pic you'll love it all....

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    Was anyone else dissapointed with KZ2?

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 January 2010

    man I thought this site wasn't a place for fanboys but somehow you've managed to slip through the cracks. I gaurantee you haven't played KZ2 just by the way you talk. every game review site that's worth any of it's weight did nothing but speak on how good the game was. the graphics and physics are lightyears ahead of anything on xbox360. I know cause I have one. you're comments were nothing but...

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    just got K2...OMG graphics are INSANE

    in Sony Discussion on 05 January 2010

    yeah my sentiments exactly. how many games have you ever played and said "man the graphics were awsome but the gameplay was crap"?...

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    720p Versus 1080p HDTVs. The Facts

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 December 2009

    go to walmart and watch ESPNHD DTV on A Samsung ether 720 and on a sony bravia 1080 and you will see the difference trust me...

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    Rumour : Insomniac going multiplateform

    in Sony Discussion on 25 December 2009

    Let's get one thing straight first.no game that sells more than 500K in copies is a failure. secondly why would they use a dvd format to make new great looking games when they are already known as one of the companies that has learned how to really boost results from the cell processor. It just seems technicly like a step backwards. Oh and yeah R3 will come out and it will be awsome....

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    Xbox 360 / PS3 comparison Army of Two 40th day

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 December 2009

    this just comes down to how well the studio can work with each piece of hardware. they both look great with noticable differences in both versions. this is splitting hairs...

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    What's better on the PS3 - Gloss finish or Matte finish?

    in Sony Discussion on 20 December 2009

    I have one of each they both look good in their own respect. but I'd like to get a white slim with a gloss finish. swweeeeeetttttt...

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    Does Sony Have A " Mascot " of Their Own ?

    in Sony Discussion on 19 December 2009

    I couldn't agree with you more.  Sony is always pushing for "new experiences"  ps1 could be the clown from twisted metal or Jak and daxter. ps2 is Kratos no question and now with sackboy and the soon arrival of Kratos' 3rd edition sony is all the more diversified. resistance and uncharted are both built around characters named nathan....

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    GT Demo was horrible!

    in Sony Discussion on 18 December 2009

    the controls are touch sensitive. don't approach it in a "button mash" mentality. the degree of turn is based on how far you push the stick in a certain direction. I have some buddies that are really into "sim racers" and they say to play one really well you should get the stearing peripheral just like if you really like fighter games you should get an arcade peripheral. I am a casual "driver"...

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    ACII wins Xbox360 GOTY on IGN

    in Microsoft Discussion on 15 December 2009

    Rolling on the floor laughing my fat A$$ off. 360 game of the year isn't even a first party game. oh yeah 360 is def winning the console war still....

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    Sony is going down the wrong path with their game development?

    in Sales Discussion on 15 December 2009

    Sony is and always has been about pushing the envelope. they are always trying to create new games with new ideas. but the fact is that most people fear new because it means change. if they can't get that exact same experience with a "sequal" or new title as they did with the other game the company sold then they don't like it. take activision's sales tactis. infinity had to plead and plead to...

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    Sony: November NPD numbers exceeded our expectations

    in Sales Discussion on 11 December 2009

    I know I'm a noob to sales figures so don't be mad at me for asking this. What the hell is NPD? As far as I can tell on this site. Ps3 outsold 360 for all of november worldwide. isn't that the sales mark that counts? this thread says 360 sold 800K plus and ps3 only 700k plus for november. are you just talking about American sales? do you know how silly that is? europe and Japan more people...

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    MAG : Official Boxart + Beta Stats.

    in Sony Discussion on 10 December 2009

    I played the Sh*t out of the beta when I got it the day I picked up MW2. in fact I played it more than I played MW2. I can't wait for it to come out. MW2 is a great game but it doesn't require nearly as much teamwork as this one. I'm telling you right now. Get a mic. not only for this game but for battlefield BC2 which I'm also playing the beta for right now. these 2 games are awsome. by the...

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    What if Alan Wake and Heavy Rain would flop totaly in sales?

    in Sales Discussion on 01 December 2009

    here's the deal. ps3 games are more diverse. microsoft doesn't put out anything that is new or edgy in any way. they wait until someone else succeeds and then the put in their 2 cents and milk it for all it's worth. Heavy Rain=completely new. Alan Wake= Just another game. and don't tell me graphics don't sell....

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    Can the Playstation Eye already do what Xbox Kinect?

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 August 2010

    dude he has it right there in black and white. the specs don't lie. the burdon of proof is with MS...

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    Is the Sony Playstation 3 the right choice?

    in Sony Discussion on 18 January 2010

    I have both systems. I haven't played my elite since Gears 2. paying for online isn't really that expensive. It just seems that 360 is losing steam and ps3 is picking up momentum all the time. You're an online player I'd have to say get a PS3. here's whyDedicated servers.Resistance 2= 64 players online and lag freeKillzone 2= undoubtedly some of the best graphics to date with 32 online and lag...

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    ModNation Racers Will Fail.

    in Sony Discussion on 19 December 2009

    Mod racers will sell very well just like LBP. while it's "kid friendly" the people that will be creating the tracks won't be Kids. ...

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