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TruckOSaurus's Wall

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< Bisa posted something on TruckOSaurus's wall:

Thanks for fixing friend request, removing friends is broke tho.

I want everyone to stay friends that's why

I'll check it out!

on 14 June 2018

I'll second that, thanks for the fix

on 14 June 2018

You can now remove friends from your list.

on 17 June 2018

thanks! *removes trucks* :P

on 17 June 2018

Thanks for sending me a friend request. It seems I can't accept it though.

Yeah I need to fix that. I'll message you when it's going to be OK.

on 12 June 2018

Yeah, heard that Talon left :/ sorry about that

on 12 June 2018

< TruckOSaurus updated his status:

Phase 1 of turning my Switch into a Mega Man Machine completed!

Mega Man blue Switch console or gtfo! :P

on 26 May 2018

< BraLoD posted something on TruckOSaurus's wall:

Heya Truckzo

Who do I ask to add a missing a dev on the database? Any DB Adm? only Versus?


I think any DB admin can do it but I'm not 100% sure.

on 26 April 2018

Ok then, thanks

on 26 April 2018

< COKTOE posted something on TruckOSaurus's wall:

:) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbfbIVtDFG8

< TruckOSaurus updated his status:

The Switch's 2018 lineup suddenly looks much more interesting!

< Screenshot posted something on TruckOSaurus's wall:

Hi. I cannot log into old account. It is linked to a deactivated email acc. So I cannot reset password. Need to change email address in old acc to log in. Bucky1965 is my old acc. Thanks.

Hello, Who is your avatar ?

Not sure actually! Just a random pretty boy in the snow.

on 19 January 2018

Huh, I assumed it was Dustin McNeer - does look a lot like him.

on 21 January 2018

Uh, it is him. Somehow I didn't recognize him there... must be him having clothes on.

on 21 January 2018

lol, I had heard he'd done cam shows.

on 21 January 2018

Thought it was some guy from the Far Cry series.

on 23 February 2018

@spurge: My avatar changed since the initial comment but right now it's a guy cosplaying McCree from Overwatch.

on 24 February 2018

Oh I cannot believe I did not recognize it. You know what the current one reminds of? The zany characters you can choose from in online Devils third.

on 24 February 2018

< outlawauron posted something on TruckOSaurus's wall:

Oh, I forgot about the wildcard round. my bad.

No problem. I always copy the links for every avatar for each round anyway, no additional work required by your change.

on 18 January 2018

< fory77 posted something on TruckOSaurus's wall:

how 2 spend VG$?$?$?$?

It'll come in play later for things like the prediction league I believe.

on 08 January 2018

so right now it's useless?

on 09 January 2018

Of course not! Don't forget bragging rights!

on 09 January 2018

How can I buy more?
Does it affect gameplay?

on 10 January 2018

< VGPolyglot posted something on TruckOSaurus's wall:

Merry Christmas!

McCree Christmas to you too!

on 26 December 2017

< TruckOSaurus updated his status:

Rise of the Tomb Raider is a fantastic game. I don't know why I waited so long to play it,

I just bought it! Looking forward to playing it over the holidays.

on 22 December 2017

< Bisa posted something on TruckOSaurus's wall:

Bring back the hot guys boooo.

I agree that it doesn't suit me. I need to find a hot guy with a santa hat that is also not too indecent. It's harder than it looks.

on 15 December 2017

< Kerotan posted something on TruckOSaurus's wall:

Getting close to that 20k post mile stone. Will you be hosting a celebration party?

We'll see when I get there. It's still far enough away that I'll have time to prepare.

on 06 December 2017

Topless male only invites? Good thing it's a good bit away. Will give me time to get ripped. Only back in the gym 3 weeks :)

on 06 December 2017

I'll be looking forward to it then!

on 06 December 2017

< CGI-Quality posted something on TruckOSaurus's wall:

Back to being one of us, eh?!

It's mostly for testing purposes... and to scare people.

on 15 November 2017


on 15 November 2017

< VGPolyglot posted something on TruckOSaurus's wall:

So, I actually did the link to the site redesign! However, I noticed some of Talon's fixes haven't made their way to it yet. I hope that they'll be easy to transfer over!

Like what changes exactly?

on 09 November 2017

Front-page filtering, and the icons that are used for whether you posted in a thread or not.

on 09 November 2017

Oh yeah, those will have to be replicated on the new home page.

on 09 November 2017

I'm just hoping that all of these fixes aren't going to have to be done again from scratch How is the re-design going in any case?

on 09 November 2017

Now, that we have the version control in place, I'll be able to tackle it when I do get some more free time. I think this weekend I'll be able to make it progress nicely.

on 09 November 2017

That's great to hear!!

on 09 November 2017

< COKTOE posted something on TruckOSaurus's wall:

Thanks a bunch. That'll teach me to ever log out again.

You log out, you're gone forever!

I'm curious, did you try to password recovery tool? TalonMan and JLauro tweeked some things and it should be functional for all email addresses now.

on 07 November 2017

I'll be honest, I didn't even know there was such a thing. :)

on 07 November 2017

By the way: What causes this to happen? It seems like a fairly rare occurrence, but every now and then, somebody gets dinged with a lockout. Is it a fixable issue?

on 07 November 2017

< spurgeonryan posted something on TruckOSaurus's wall:


You been at it for nearly two years!

Time sure flies by!

on 07 November 2017

I'm screwed and can't login to VGC. Two separate issues, but could you help with a new password?

Try pressing ctrl, J, 4. Then place your computer near a shooting star impact crater, spin it four times, then check again in 5 hours.

on 07 November 2017

Odyssey is something special huh?

Yeah it really is. So many things to do and when the controls finally click it's impressive what Mario can do.

on 05 November 2017

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