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    [UPDATE] Xbox One Could Possibly Feature a Powerful Discrete GPU + APU rumor - New Sources and Info!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 05 September 2013

    yusuf mehdi just confirmed theyre breaking even on every xbox one sold, if that isnt the final nail in the coffin, i dont know what is. there is no way with kinect and an extra gpu (rumored to be a 7970 at that) that the system would only cost 500 to make. ...

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    in Sony Discussion on 03 May 2010

    Ya the blast shard trophy is the last damn one I need, and I have one left but cant find that one anywhere so I guess Ill come back to it sometime later. Also I dont have enought time to get the killzone 2 one or else Id have a platinum on that too, takes too much time online especially when I play bfbc2 and mw2 and uc2. The gta IV online trophies are complete horse shit....

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    how long have you gone without being banned?!11one!!

    in Website Topics on 07 April 2010

    I havent been here that long so I guess I havent been given a fair shot lol, but never....

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    Cliffy B says "Your going down" to naughtydog (About graphics)

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 March 2010

    lets just wait for the last guardian, kz3, uc3, hell maybe even r3 if insomniac wants their game to be up there with "best graphics ever". Also alan wake, halo reach, and maybe a couple others im not thinking of right now, crysis 2. Theres no doubt gears 3 is going to look fantastic and ill definitely be pickin it up day one, but its got some seriouso competition....

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    God of War III, $33 Million Day 1 Sales

    in Sony Discussion on 20 March 2010

    Gilgamesh said: Who ever made this article knows nothing about how companies make money off games. Developers might get $20 to $30 from that $60 game. You should re-read the article, nowhere in there do they state that santa monica made 33 mil, he said that god of war 3 made 33 mil, which obviously it did as god of war 3 costs 60 dollars a pop which means that the game is the one...

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    PROOF MICROSOFT has the MOST highest Rated Games

    in Microsoft Discussion on 18 March 2010

    I would think a better comparison would be exclusives rated over 80 or something, i guess the op forgot that the 360 had a year head start and some decent games in that span that im sure were rated over 75 lol. 300 games is alot but there are better ways to compare quality of each systems titles....

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    GOW3 has 4x MLAA. Hint: That is superior to MSAA.

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 March 2010

    prepare yourself, for the almighty ban may be upon you...

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    IGN has apparently given God of War III a perfect 10

    in Sony Discussion on 05 March 2010

    RageBot said: GodOfWar_3ever said: vic_viper said:@Godofwar_3ever: Thank you for reinforcing my view on typical GoW fans. Enjoy your trite, single button combo mashing, homoerotic greek gorefest. Whether this blog is factual or not, I could care less how many 10s or 9s this game gets, this series has always been garbage. I will enjoy GoW, but I wouldn't expect you to...

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    Killzone 2 Has 72% More Head Polygon Count than Halo: Reach

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 February 2010

    BenVTrigger said: dsister44 said: dahuman said:not sure why this matters o_O; anybody want to explain this to me? You need every bullet you can get in the console wars....  honestly the things that some people do to blatently troll another console is just.........mind blowing agreed...

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    New Rockstar PS3 Exclusive "The Outback" just announced!

    in Sony Discussion on 19 January 2010

    Why does that site and that "live feed" look like some of the biggest bullshit Ive ever seen? No way in hell everyone that posted something used correct spelling and grammar, even the names of those people seemed suspicious, this guy is definitely blowin steam up people's ass. What a jackoff....

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    ModNation Racers Will Fail.

    in Sony Discussion on 19 December 2009

    Not quite sure how the game handles bad, maybe you just need a little more practice because I was able to get the drifting down within 10 minutes of playing the game. Just because you suck doesnt mean the game is going to fail, good thing their not only making the game for you, or this might be true. The BETA has been out for all of one full day, give it some time and allow the developers to...

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