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    Nintendo missed opportunity again by not bundling NintendoLand with NSMB.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 26 October 2013 by oniyide

    oni-link said:Like Oniyide, savinsn, and Th3PANO said, NL gets a lot of flak for not being the system seller it was suppose to be. But as a stand alone game(especially a free stand alone game) it does a lot of things right; and actually fun to play with multiple people. I agree with delphin in that Nintendo's mainline seem to also have no proper use for the gamepad. MarioKart 8 was a...

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    Fry's offering Wii U deluxe for $300 w/$50 gift card

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 October 2013 by oni-link

    superchunk said:Good deal. Bundle plus two free games and if it works on Zelda bundle ( don't see why not), then two really good games. Excatly, this is very good in the way that it sets up a potential for you to have Mario 3D World free if you hold up on using the $50 GC!!! Then you would have Mario in HD to go along with that WW HD!!!...

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    Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Analysis - Those Are Summons?! O_o

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 October 2013 by oni-link

    fatslob-:O said: oni-link said: green_sky said: fatslob-:O said:This game doesn't look next gen to me. I'm sorry. It could be the Wii U built :-) Wii U...this looks like a 3DS game at best!!! C'mon man have you seen KH:3D? actually dem jaggies on the 3DS look better!!! ...

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    What PS4/One games would do well on WiiU?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 October 2013 by burninmylight

    Seece said: burninmylight said: Seece said: Zero999 said: Any quality game. Wii had plenty of quality titles that bombed, don't be silly now. So does PS360. Should they cancel every game that isn't guaranteed to be a commercial success? What's your point? He said any quality game would sell on WiiU and he's wrong. Who is talking about...

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    New Mario 3D World screens from Nintendo

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 October 2013 by TruckOSaurus

    curl-6 said: Not to mention that Koopa chasing Mario on the beach is not wearing underpants: What's more, though they didn't show it in the screens, one can assume that if you play as Peach on the rainy levels, she too appears... wet? ;) This will be an R rating for sure.  So that's what Nintendo meant when they said they were going after the hardcore market....

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    Project CARS For Wii U Features Particle Shadows, Multi-Threaded Shadowing

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 October 2013 by Alby_da_Wolf

    EricFabian said:so they said Wii U is a next gen console? Blasphemy like that should not be allowed here! Let's call it 7.5th gen and everybody's happy!  :-P ...

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    Zelda Gets Mediocre Debut in Japan

    in Sales Discussion on 05 October 2013 by BloodyRain

    Isn't it just an hd remake of an old game? I don't think anyone was really expecting it to set the world on fire....

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    So is the 3DS using the 2008 or 2010 model of the PICA200 GPU series?

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 October 2013 by DieAppleDie

    seriously....the figures, the explanations, the poll.....everything here is pure gold as i said.....i would vote for this thread as the thread of the year...

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    Ubisoft confirms Wii U is a next-gen console.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 01 October 2013 by Cheebee

    ROBOTECHHEAVEN said:ubisoft has said many times, that they consider the wiiu a next gen system. the wiiu is just the first one out the gate, like the 360 was on the wii and ps3, if people out there wana use the logic that the wiiu isnt next gen for what ever reason, then u they should also consider the 360 part of gen 6 since it launched a year before the ps3. all anyone should ever...

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    Report: Intelligent Systems Working on an Unannounced Wii U Game

    in Nintendo Discussion on 30 September 2013 by oni-link

    Here's hoping for FE on the Wii U. ...

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    Sony: Dedicated Fans Keeping Vita from Getting Shelved

    in Sony Discussion on 27 September 2013 by Dr.EisDrachenJaeger

    tiffac said: Dr.EisDrachenJaeger said: tiffac said: Dr.EisDrachenJaeger said:Well I can store stuff on multiple SD cards,file copying and storing is simple with the 3DS but why would I buy a PS3 and then buy a Vita? Only if you like the Vita exclusive games. Which is usually the main reason for buying any console or handheld. Edit: Unless of course, you do not...

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    Toon Link Joins Once Again In SSB For WiiU/3DS!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 September 2013 by happydolphin

    Metrium said: kitler53 said: that's right.  you have to multiply toon link by a thousand to make him better than young link.   BAM. Mathematicianed. Go home Kitler, you'r drunk. I thought it was funny :)...

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    Wii U eShop updates

    in Nintendo Discussion on 25 September 2013 by oni-link

    Since no one has started this yet, I would like to try to add an Wii U eShop sales/deals update to let everyone know about any deals or secret sales going on for the system.  I just recently/accidently  bumped into Kung Fu Rabbit on the eShop on sale for $2.49 not a bad as the game is pretty entertaining.  Anyways here is what I found on sale for the Wii U eShop (pls add if you...

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    Bayonetta 2 Reportedly Runs in 1080p 60fps

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 September 2013 by z101

    orniletter said: F0X said: orniletter said:   Ther is only a handful of games on the far stronger PS4/XBox 180 that are 1080p60fps, the only big games I can think of are Forza 5 (for now), and Killzone:SF (we don´t know yet) almost everything else is either 30fps or sub 1080p. ...and Bayo 2 likely won´t be 1080p Pretty sure Killzone...

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    Wonderful 101 is now out at my Walmart! 10 copies total shipped.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 September 2013 by spurgeonryan

    oniyide said: spurgeonryan said: oniyide said:boohoo i am glad you agree. the game already has bad enough sales. i think since it is not a known nintendo game like mario they could care less. i was being sarcastic, cant imagine why this would upset grown adults, be happy you can even buy the game and keep it moving. I was being sarcastic as well.i...

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    Wii U VS 4BONE graphics

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 September 2013 by Dr.EisDrachenJaeger

    Dude thats a huge generation leap^ ...

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    Can The Freemium Model Save Wonderful 101?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 21 September 2013 by DevilRising

    sethnintendo said: They are trying to push it on the eshop with a main page presence, Club Nintendo coins promotion (80 coins I believe for eshop version and probably at least 60 for retail), and on their main site.  They just haven't done any regular TV ads for it.  I wouldn't know because I mainly watch Netflix and Hulu.  I can tell you that Ubisoft is...

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    Is the 3ds really that much better than Vita?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 September 2013 by TheBlackKnight

    .....why do you hate the 3DS so much?...

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    Pikmin 3 Entered At 10 top NPD numbers

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 September 2013 by superchunk

    Great. Should have solid LTD regardless of what soundwave suggests. Its a great game and it will ride up with Wii U's rise in userbase....

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    Is the Vita a "Game Gear 2"?

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 September 2013 by Viktor

    Conina said: Bajablo said: kupomogli said: MohammadBadir said: in my many years in the Nintendo fandom, i have never seen a Nintendo fan use that as a point against the PSP :P You need to take those goggles off then, because other than being a port machine, the battery life and only having one analog were the next two best reasons to bash on the PSP. ...

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