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    Sony can completely disable your PS3

    in Sony Discussion on 13 January 2011 by jarrod

    Seece said: Ugh, this hack doesn't auto mean = pirate. People hack for different reasons. Where's the PS3 JRPG brigade? They should be dancing in the streets, they're finally going to get to play some Tales games......

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    Nintendo PR for 2010 sales

    in Sales Discussion on 07 January 2011 by *Sound Of Rain

    oni-link said: *Sound Of Rain said: thx1139 said: *Sound Of Rain said: fallen said: vgc seems to constantly overtrack wii. seems a little bias... Actually yesterday I checked with TheSource to see if the Wii was over-tracked because people kept telling me it was and he said that the Wii Isn't over-tracked... People(you too) think that the Wii is over-tracked because it says...

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    5 reasons to own a PS3 in 2011

    in Sony Discussion on 04 January 2011 by FaRmLaNd

    BR players are cheap now, so I got a standalone player instead of a ps3 when I finally moved from DVD to BR a few weeks back....

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    Destiny Box Art Revealed (Xbox One, Xbox 360)

    in Microsoft Discussion on 30 September 2013 by Kresnik

    Pboy had the sheer audacity to report my post about Destiny's PS4 box art as a duplicate! (Which is was, but that's besides the point). As punishment, I have put all of these box arts in Green_Sky's original thread: http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=169494 All discussion can be had there. Because apart from different coloured boxes, they're all the same art!...

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    Epic confirms: Unreal Engine 4 is NOT coming to Wii U

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 March 2013 by JWeinCom

    Suppose Nintendo had beefed up their specs to the point of the X-Box 720 and PS4.  How much do you suppose that would cost them?  Let's say... 70 dollars.  Would that be a fair estimate?  First parties make about 7 dollars per third party game sold.  So, Nintendo would have to sell 10 third party games to make up the added cost.  The attach rate for a...

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    Question for the moderators

    in Website Topics on 30 December 2012 by ClassicGamingWizzz

    Carl2291 said: Euphoria14 said:So, many of those who go into a thread with no intent but to trash talk Turkish, bring up stuff from outside the forum to make him look at bad as possible and tell others things like "He knows what he is" and ignore the point of his thread entirely go and then cry foul because someone picked on Selnor? Priceless. :-) This post now needs to be...

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    Is WiiU more than 4x the power of 360 and PS3? 4 megapixel resolution?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 September 2012 by Barozi

    I don't think you made that error intentionally. Furthermore even if you did so, you created a thread without purpose. Locked....

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    (Rumor) Famitsu had a sneak peak at Nintendo 3DS peripheral (dual analog)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 September 2011 by Machina

    OK, this has been derailed too much... locking....

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    Biggest Nintendo Fan 2011: Nomenees/Entries

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 February 2011 by morenoingrato

    Ok, we're done with this, after this post no one is allowed in....

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