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    Predict PS4's Black Friday Week Sales!

    in Sony Discussion on 18 November 2018

    Depends on stock. If they stock 2 million, they'll sell 2. If they stock 2.5 they'll sell 2.5. It depends on what they want. I think the stock is going to be limited based on the fact the console already sold out on amazon. And it's supposed to be available for the full week. Also they are launching a 299 bundle with COD. So I assume they are going to push that just as hard, so they can make more...

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    Comparison of sales of multiplat releases (PS4 vs. Xbox One vs. Switch)

    in Sales Discussion on 25 July 2018

    40 percent of games sold on PS4 are digital, so add a nice 35-40 percent to it's software numbers to make this more accurate please....

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    Update! Trailer Is Up! Dragon Ball Super Film Reveals Broly As Main Villain. New Visual And Other Details.

    in General Discussion on 23 July 2018

    I really don't like this whole canon vs non canon thing, all of a sudden everything we knew about BROLY in the DBZ movies was all bull. Same with GT, they legit made it noncanon after super was announced and it was kind of a blow to the face, I do like Super way more than GT and it makes more sense than GT, but making BROLY canon after the BUU saga is just weird....

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    Opinion: Nintendo need a SWITCH+ MODEL ASAP!

    in Sales Discussion on 23 July 2018

    RolStoppable said: Classic leo-j thread. I have a switch though ;)...

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    President Trump Sides With Russia Against the United States.

    in Politics Discussion on 20 July 2018

    numberwang said: We want very much to have a strong Russia (because they filled the coffers of the Clinton Foundation) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFuv_28buFk so then you agree with trump siding with russia, so I guess you support two corrupted candidates nice!...

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    President Trump Sides With Russia Against the United States.

    in Politics Discussion on 18 July 2018

    of course republicans immediately respond with quotes from OBAMA AND HILARY instead of responding to the actual issue here. Because of course they have to show how big their Peepee is so that they win the argument, while ignoring again the issue here. ...

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    Japanís top 100 best-selling games of 2018 by Famitsu

    in Sales Discussion on 16 July 2018

    doesn't paint the full picture consdering nearlty 40 percent of ps4 games sold today are digital....

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    Opinion: Nintendo need a SWITCH+ MODEL ASAP!

    in Sales Discussion on 16 July 2018

    Barkley said: Well... more performance is always welcome. Just started BOTW and the performance completely tanks occasionally, we're talking sub-15fps for a few seconds. But it's not necessary. Being more powerful than other tablets/phones isn't going to mitigate the damage done by smart devices. The Vita had a lot more powerful gpu than the phones and tablets of it's day, but that didn't...

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    Amazon U.S. July bestsellers and general Amazon-based discussion

    in Sales Discussion on 15 July 2018

    so amazon is no longer selling sony products?...

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    Opinion: Nintendo need a SWITCH+ MODEL ASAP!

    in Sales Discussion on 15 July 2018

    The nintendo switch launched last year at a beautiful price of $299. The system exploded with success with what is argued to be the best ZELDA game in years, and the best 3D mario game in years as well. Riddled with high quality Wii U ports like Mario Kart, Donkey Kong, and Bayonetta. The switch has become a true nexgen sequel to the amazing Wii.   BUT...... Today we have a different...

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    Global Hardware 30 June 2018

    in Latest Charts on 15 July 2018

    chakkra said: COKTOE said: Well, that's another 35k in the bank for the PS4 in calendar 2018 to buffer against the onslaught of the holiday season that the Switch will dominate.   No matter how many units the PS4 gets piled up in its bank account.  The NPD analyst already predicted the outcome. NPD analysts are pretty shocked at how well the ps4 has...

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    PS4 monthly software sales chart for China (with numbers)

    in Sales Discussion on 04 May 2018

    GOD OF WAR sold over 100K in China?! Bra that's huge..... ...

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    Best Budget TV?

    in General Discussion on 29 April 2018

    all I know is, that if you are getting a 4K tv it must have HDR at them minimum!...

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    Do you support the U.S. teacher strikes?

    in Politics Discussion on 29 April 2018

    and what sucks is as young new teachers enter the market, they get even more underpayed and start replacing the tenured teachers who aren't getting much of an increase in salary. Where is all them money going is the question, because everyone pays taxes and our schools continue to be a mess? ...

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    Prediction: God of war will sell over 10 million copies

    in Sony Discussion on 13 April 2018

    Based on reviews, this is likely to be the biggest game of the year in terms of review quality, and I truely expect w sony’s Marketing that the game could exceed the above amount of copies.   any doubts? ...

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    MHW sold more in Germany in its first week than MH4U did in its first year

    in Sales Discussion on 13 February 2018

    I mean over 6 million copies vs what? 2-3 million in Japan only for the other entries is a huge improvement,and the game is likely to sell another couple million copies as well...

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    segmentnext "Xbox One X Outselling PS4 Pro In The US, Xbox One Close To 35 Million Units Sold"

    in Sales Discussion on 12 February 2018

    If Xbox one is barely at 35 million, I donít expect Microsoft to get past 50 million this gen..... which would be less than half what ps4 is likely to sell this gen :)...

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    PS Vita: What could have beenÖ

    in General Discussion on 18 December 2017

    They launched UNCHARTED, KILLZONE, god of war HD, JaK HD, ratchet and clank, half of pspís library..... they just didnít market it right...

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    PS Vita: What could have beenÖ

    in General Discussion on 18 December 2017

    Itís marketing more than anything that hurt them..... the same way it hurt the Wii U and the Xbox One x way it...

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    Repeat? BOOM SONY drops PS4 to $249!

    in Sales Discussion on 15 December 2017

    For the entire week before Xmas, Sony has dropped its monster the ps4 to just 249! And rumor has it, that this includes the bundled consoles!    Amazon has started an early fire sale of the starwars ps4 slim, 249 and it’s already selling up there w the switch on amazon!    Could this push sony over 1.5 million in the U.S again?!    Find out...

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