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    Official Super Smash Bros. Wii U League

    in Nintendo Discussion on 30 November 2014

    Please add me to the league! NNID: Ugg1020 Wii U Name: Mikey...

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    What is VGChartz's opinion on Super Mario RPG?

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 February 2014

    Definitely one of my favorite games of all times and the game that got me started loving RPG's. The action-based timing of this game set it apart from the rest of the RPG's on SNES. I always liked that the story deviated from the usual Bowsee kidnaps Peach, etc. trope and introduced a bunch of new characters. Shame they haven't been used since then, though. I have to agree that the soundtrack...

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    Your favorite OST from any Nintendo game?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 25 November 2013

    Paper Mario had one of my favorite game soundtracks, especially the Tubba Blubba battle theme....

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    How Well Do You Think Nintendo's Wii Did Overall?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 November 2013

    The Wii stopped what had been 3 consecutive generations of decline in terms of home console sales for Nintendo. The fact that it had virtually no quality 3rd party support shows just how powerful an innovative concept and quality marketing can be. Some things could have been done better, especially towards the latter end of the system's life, but I think Nintendo played it as best as they could...

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    New Super Mario Bros Wii announced!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 June 2009

    hmm two toads? why not princess peach like super mario bros. 2. I WANT FLOATING POWER!!! other than that the game looks like loads of fun!...

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    Super Mario Sunshine

    in Nintendo Discussion on 12 January 2009

    I hated collecting all of those stupid blue coins. It tarnished the game for me when I got near the end and had to go on a scavenger hunt to beat the game. There were far too many (30 on each level) and they were scattered all over the levels on each and every episode, sometimes in obscure places (especially Noki Bay). I feel like the game would have better if they had added more levels...

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    Wii Sports NOT nº1 because...

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 January 2009

    Wii Sports is not number one because it is a fad....

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    Wii: component cable

    in Nintendo Discussion on 03 January 2009

    Yes I have to agree with NJ5. The screen looks far far brighter and more crisp with the component cables. Especially on games such as Super Mario Galaxy, the picture will be much better. Definitely worth it....

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    Remembering the Site (post a good and bad memory or anything else)

    in Website Topics on 23 December 2008

    I remember when Hus and someone else (another diehard sony fan, can't remember but had a gran turismo avatar) were banned back to back and they created tons of duplicate accounts and made spam threads trashing the mods for a couple of days. Edit: maybe it was blue3...

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    Nintendo Fans, will you trade the Wiimote for Horsepower?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 December 2008

    Well obviously everyone wants to have a super console that has motion control, HD graphics, amazing first and third party support, and a great online community, all at a cheap price. However, no console will ever be that perfect. The Wii and the HD consoles offer different experiences and different games. If Nintendo fans wanted to trade the Wiimote for horsepower they would have bought a...

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    Wii Menu Update 3.4

    in Nintendo Discussion on 18 November 2008

    Parental Controls have been enhanced, USB keyboard support is available for the Mii Channel, and system functions have been improved.  I hope this will help fix that freezing Wii problem that occurs when switching channels....

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    New Sonic Unleashed Wii trailer

    in Nintendo Discussion on 16 October 2008

    This looks like a solid and polished effort from Sega. I will definitely buy it this holiday season....

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    Toys “R” Us - two-day ‘50% off select Wii games’ sale kicks off tomorrow

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 September 2008

    I really want to get Fire Emblem but they don't have it online and the store never restocked the game after they sold all of the initial shipment. This makes me sad :( ....

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    If Wii Music becomes successful, Nintendo will go completely casual

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 September 2008

    Haha I guess some people don't know or remember the I have lost faith in the with thread....

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    What games does the person above you have that you want.

    in Gaming Discussion on 31 August 2008

    Fire Emblem DS...

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    Editorial: Nintendon't Care About Hardcore?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 31 August 2008

    1. The article seems to say that because Miyamoto has decided to branch out to other genres he is neglecting the hardcore and therefore the quality of games like Mario and Zelda. Super Mario Galaxy has been widely heralded in the gaming world as one of the best games of this generation and Twilight Princess, though underwhelming in some aspects, has been received reasonably well. This is all...

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    Epic: Our games don't appeal to the Wii's crowd.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 16 August 2008

    Epic is completely right. If they continue spew comments basing the Wii, even the ones who might have bought there games won't anymore.This is just wholly bad PR. It makes NO sense for them to be bashing the Wii, seeing as how they are not console developers competing with it. If they don't want anything to with the Wii, leave it alone. A simple answer would suffice: "We do not have any plans...

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    Celebrities caught with Nintendo

    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 August 2008

    Serena Williams playing Wii Sports on Conan ...

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    Official Super Smash Bros. Brawl Thread

    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 August 2008

    I'll could use a few games right now....

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    Why Did Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn get bad reviews?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 August 2008

    Why do some people hate the story so much? I actually like it a lot....

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