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    Greece Defaults. What now?

    in Politics Discussion on 03 December 2015 by Player2

    mai said: Player2 said: mai said: ^In regards to the topics of renewables that have been discussed here:Abengoa, the Teetering Sun King of Spain, Prepares for End Game ROFL, bwa-ha-ha-ha. Told you :D As much as any other parasitic sector of economy after attracting sizeable amount of fools' money (aka investors) it's nearing bankruptcy leaving nothing but debt behind....

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    Abu Dhabi - FORMULA 1 2015

    in Sports Discussion on 29 November 2015 by zuvuyeay

    Abu Dhabi Zuv  Cone Jonop Bren  1st Ros Ham Ros Ham  2nd Ham Ros Ham Vet  3rd Rai Rai Rai Ros  Retiree Alo But Ver Mal  Score         closed...

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    Rugby World Cup 2015 Official thread New Zealand vs Australia in the Final!!!!

    in Sports Discussion on 04 November 2015 by think-man

    binary solo said: think-man said: binary solo said:I think going to 6 points for a try and dropping penalties down to 2 has unbalanced things. Either increase the try to 6 or drop the penalty to 2, but don't do both. Try to 6 i say. I think I agree. The calculations are interesting in terms of tries vs penalties. 6pt try, 3pt penalty: 2 penalties vs...

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    Terrorist shooting in Australia

    in Politics Discussion on 07 October 2015 by ArnoldRimmer

    nanarchy said: I don't get why they bother to use 2 seperate scales on that graph, yes the US is 10 fold higher but you could still easily draw it on the same scale and avoid the first sight confusion that makes them look similiar Actually, that makes perfect sense once you realize that this is the whole point behind the chart - to suggest to naive people that the US experienced a...

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    Help with new SSD

    in PC Discussion on 20 May 2015 by Legendary_W

    When I upgraded to SSD I remember the SSD came with a migration software. I find it odd that it isn't the case with yours. Anyway, as Snesboy said simply install Windows on the SSD, transfer any files you want to, and then change the booting device on the BIOS. Once you started Windows via your SSD, you can do whatever you want with the remaining information on your HDD....

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    UK Charts Week Ending 31 January 2015

    in Latest Charts on 03 February 2015 by Kresnik

    bananaking21 said: lets be honest, GTA is the biggest beast in gaming.  I guess.  It's just, that & TLOU, for such new games to be ported across to be selling like this, I still find impressive. Or a little sad, while all my niche titles crash and burn in the charts while last year's game with a new lick of paint sells even more....

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    UK Charts Week Ending 15 November 2014 (ACU #2, MCC #1 SKU)

    in Latest Charts on 20 November 2014 by soony_xbone_U

    Kerotan said: soony_xbone_U said: Eh you don't think most Halo fans already have the XB1?  Can'tHalo 3 sold about 12m XB1 is not even at 10m sold through. there are not 13M Halo Fans. Halo 3 also came out just before COD4 so it took another year or two before COD took over consoles and damaged every other shooters sales. Halo 5 sales won't be as big...

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    TV Advice

    in General Discussion on 15 November 2014 by KBG29

    Most important stat on a tv for gaming is response time in ms. That is why Sony's Brivia TV lineup is the only television a gamer should be considering. In most cases they have twice the response time of the next brand. This is also the reason LCD in general are garbage. The old SXRD rear projection models had 8ms or better response times. Even Bravias only reach 18 to 20ms now days. Other...

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    UK Charts Week Ending 01 November 2014

    in Latest Charts on 10 November 2014 by prinz_valium


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    Global Software Week ending October 4th - US Preorders up!

    in Latest Charts on 22 October 2014 by CosmicSex

    I completely missed this:  Forza outsold Middle Earth (by only 5k but still).     6 Forza Horizon 2 (XOne)Microsoft Game Studios, Action 265,969 265,969 1 7 Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor (XOne)Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Action 260,182 260,182 1 ...

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    Scotland: NO to Independence. 55.3% NO, 44.7% YES. Salmond resigns, woo hoo!

    in Politics Discussion on 22 September 2014 by the2real4mafol

    Pyro as Bill said: spurgeonryan said:So now what? Business as usual? Not in the slightest. This is where the fun starts. Conservatives want England (the country) to have the same powers as Scotland. Labour want power devolved to the cities. Labour are stronger in the cities than they are on the national (English) level. Scotland has accidentally lit a torch under England's...

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    One Million PS4 sold in UK! Xbox gamers migrating to playstation too!

    in Sales Discussion on 15 September 2014 by Aura7541

    GreyianStorm said: Using GFK software figures (up to end of August) it stands as follows (with VGC hardware): PS3 - 2,506,000/5,935,295 = 0.422 attach rate YTDX360 - 3,666,000/8,906,171 = 0.412 attach rate YTD So the PS3 actually has the better attach rate YTD. That's quite surprising considering by how much the 360 leads the PS3 in the UK....

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    Sony Claims 78% Market Share for PS4 and PS3 in Japan; PS Vita 2000 Selling 1.6 Times Faster

    in Sony Discussion on 02 September 2014 by forest-spirit

    crissindahouse said: well, weekly numbers look not like that but that's what you get when you include the launch numbers. Would be interesting to see the same stats for the last 3 months. I mean, that PS4 sold so much better as Wii U in February and maybe March is not really an achievement.  Luckily for you I'm bored atm. :-P   Week ending 4th May - Week ending 24th...

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    January-may sales by GfK in France (SOFTWARE)

    in Latest Charts on 19 August 2014 by QuintonMcLeod

    Xenostar said: QuintonMcLeod said: Xenostar said: No in france Wii U is second last only to Vita in the console market, Mario Kart 8 IS holding its own, despite that.  [b] Ok. If you say so, buddy. I'm referring to Nintendo dominating the top 10 charts for the past 2 months, but you're that person who feels that your favorite system has to be better than...

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    Playstation 3DTV Question

    in Sony Discussion on 12 June 2014 by VanceIX

    I think your best bet would just be to ask if it has a US adapter. Even if it was sold in Ireland, it wouldn't have the US adapter, so it wouldn't matter. If this one does, that's a big red flag and you should contact the authorities. ...

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    PS4 sales top 275K in Spain

    in Sales Discussion on 12 June 2014 by Madword

    JEMC said:It's doing quite well. One of the reasons it's doing so well may be the promotion that Sony is doing with it: Sony finances your PS4 purchase where you pay 20 €/month for 20 months. Do Sony offer the same option everywhere? Not that I am interested in such a thing, but I remember when i purchased a PS1 and some games in the UK and it was like £300 I had it on...

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    Global HW/ USA SW Up 17th May 2014

    in Latest Charts on 31 May 2014 by Panama

    bananaking21 said:Finally VGC shows PS4 > XB1 in the usa. i hope now we wont get silly comments like this http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/post.php?id=6258420 I really don't get why people take pre-adjustment VGChartz numbers so seriously. They're no more accurate than Insiderp articles until Media Create and NPD posts are live....

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    Xbox One Titanfall Bundle 349.99!!!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 15 April 2014 by sully1311

    Add Gamestop to the list: http://www.gamestop.co.uk/Xbox%20One/Games/45883/xbox-one-titanfall-bundle...

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    360 & PS3 Sales run off - 2013 End UPDATE No.4 (post adjustments)

    in Sales Discussion on 12 March 2014 by sales2099

    lol 360 outlasting PS3. ...

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    Amazon uk have PS4 stock just in!

    in Sony Discussion on 21 January 2014 by MoHasanie

    Rafux said:Man my mother in law is coming from Europe but with that currency conversion there's no way I'm paying $580 for a PS4 Make her pay for it ;) ...

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