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    < Smeags posted something on Slimebeast's wall:

    SlimeBeast! Oblivion and Skyrim need you! I'd love you forever if you made and completed your list for me. Just go to the Official Thread (linked in my other post) and do it. Pretty please? :3

    I did it just for you! Thanks for the inspiration. Hopefully it didn't come too late for being simpled into the total statistics.

    on 21 December 2013

    All good my good sir. Really glad you made it in all honesty. You seem like a guy who just enjoys the games and leaves the rest for the cheerleaders to fight about. Thanks again. :)

    on 21 December 2013

    < Slimebeast updated his status:

    ċċċċh jag älskar Linda!

    < Smeags posted something on Slimebeast's wall:

    Hey there, just popping in to say that you and your 50 (amazing) games are missed in the Top 50 Thread! Whenever you have the time, we'd love to see your awesome list in the Official Thread (remember to only post once and edit your games in) and we'd love to talk about your games in the Discussion Thread. Thanks again for your time and effort. ^_^

    < Jay520 posted something on Slimebeast's wall:

    When are you going to play The Last of Us? When you realize how wrong you were, I want to rub it in your face.

    I'm a lil disinspired with games at the moment. Feeling them repetitive. Mostly playin Elder Scrolls atm. Will play LaST OF us eventuallyy though. I will let you know. Hoppefully I won't need to eat crow.

    on 22 November 2013

    < Jay520 posted something on Slimebeast's wall:

    Have you played The Last of Us yet?

    Not yet. Huge backlog to churn through. Have u played anything after The Last of us?

    on 28 October 2013

    < Dark_Lord_2008 posted something on Slimebeast's wall:

    VGChartz numbers are 100% accurate they use technology to provide real time sales figures accurately tracked to the exact unit sold world wide for both hardware and software/game sales.

    lol really? I doubt you believe that. GTA5 sales tracking was a fiasco. And the next title to be overtracked is Beyond Two Souls, just watch.

    But in general I must say I'm happy with VGC software tracking.

    on 19 October 2013

    < Salnax posted something on Slimebeast's wall:

    Hi. I noticed you haven't voted on this month's Most Wanted Feature yet. If you are interested, the link is below.


    < Boutros posted something on Slimebeast's wall:

    Hey! Predict the metascore of upcoming 2013 games! http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=168779&page=1

    < BHR-3 posted something on Slimebeast's wall:

    i noticed ur post in most wanted ur getten PS4 this year?

    Originally I was planning to get it within a week from launch, but then I decided I would concentrate on my current gen back log, and that will take at least 6 months to finish. I don't want to see the next gen grafix too early, it would decrease my motivation to finish my backlog. So I plan to get a PS4 in late spring.

    How about you?

    on 17 September 2013

    im getting this year probably Dec if i can find one havent PO one dont PO b/c im a man. not really interested in any exclusives right now just want to play current games COD NFS BF on next gen HW.

    what about ms you got a 360 you gonna ever get XB1 or your going sony only this time around

    on 17 September 2013

    Probably I will not buy an XBone. It depends on exclusives, if some must have exclusive comes out. I'm a multiplatform guy though. There's nothing special about exclusives to me. I'm not interested in any exclusives announced so far for PS4 or Xbone.

    What about u and Xbone?

    on 18 September 2013

    yeah nothing special about exclusives most all the good ones are mulitplat now anyway. if the XB1 outperforms PS4 with 3rd partys like it did last gen (graphics and frame rate comparisons) then i might get one sooner than later i dont want to be stuck with the inferior multiplat. im pretty sure theres gonna be exclusives for it that im interested in already has DR3

    on 18 September 2013

    < Akvod posted something on Slimebeast's wall:


    Agh, what do you personally think? I'm not a PC person so I don't know if I'm being suckered into paying for an overpriced device, but I just can't stop thinking about this laptop (the Flip).

    < Akvod posted something on Slimebeast's wall:

    Probably seen it already, but man: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdpIENG0Y2k

    Wow, that was atrocious. It's my typical Total War experience in a nutshell, where I feel I'm in no control of anything. Also, I always hated the design o their combat interface, it's so unintuitive.

    That's inexcusable. I don't like Creative Assembly's business practices. Yearly releases and then wait ages for patches.

    on 10 September 2013

    Hey. About ME, I think it's just not my kind of game. I gave it a try because of the great word of mouth and reviews it got, but I guess WPRGs are not for me. You'll probably have a much better chance of liking it.

    As a comparison, did you play/like Dragon Age? I love Dragon Age so I am hoping I will like ME even though I'm a bigger fantasy fan than sci-fi fan.

    Any exceptions for you, can u name one WPRG u like?

    on 27 August 2013

    < Salnax posted something on Slimebeast's wall:

    Howdy. I noticed that you haven't voted for this month's Most Wanted feature yet. If you are interested in doing so, the link is below.


    < Jay520 posted something on Slimebeast's wall:

    Have you played The Last of Us?

    I haven't yet. I want to though. How would you rate it?

    on 07 August 2013

    I thought it was very good. It was so good that I had to play it in 20 minute intervals so my heart wouldn't stop from the intensity.

    Have you played it yet?

    on 21 August 2013

    < Akvod posted something on Slimebeast's wall:

    Hey, if you were to ballpark it, how much do you think it'll cost to get a PC for Rome: Total War II?

    Ecluding monitor, and assuming you build it yourself and taking into measure that you don't typically find the absolute cheapest parts at the exact time you order them, I'd say 650 Euros. I think in US you would get that for slightly more counting in Dollars, perhaps $700.

    That would be to run the game comfortably along with most upcoming next gen games. But if you really wanted to go for the absolute cheapest you could subtract $100.

    on 04 August 2013

    Man, if only Rome II came out for PS4 ;3

    on 04 August 2013

    What's your state of personal economy right now? University student I assume?

    Did you play on your dad's comp before?

    Do you plan to invest in a PS4 during launch window?

    on 04 August 2013

    Well, I'm planning on getting a PS4 probably Q1 of next year or something like that. At latest, next E3. I'm not poor, so I could probably shell out for both. It just sucks because there's just so much overlap with PC's and consoles =/

    on 04 August 2013

    Essentially, I'll get a PC and/or PS4 when KylieDog does, lol.

    on 04 August 2013

    How do you mean overlap? Most games being multiplats and as such available on both platforms?

    If so I know what you mean. I have the same dilemma. I have (airly) lots of money but I don't want to waste it on essentially equal performing machines - the PS4 with a 7850 GPU along with a PC with the same GPU. It's tricky. I'm in the need of a new PC but I don't know if it's the right time to buy one now, since I like you will jump into PS4 within the launch window.

    I would rather buy a PC two years from now so I could enjoy the next gen games with significantly better graphics than the PS4 which would make me feel much better about a $700 investment. But I am like you, my current PC from 2008 can't handle any games like Rome 2 or other modern games.

    on 04 August 2013

    You're right I think, maybe buy the consoles now, which will stay constant in terms of power, and then buy the PC's later.

    After thinking a bit, I think I might buy a PC at least until after I graduate from college and get a job (and pass the accounting exam I'll need to get a license). Maybe as a reward.

    Oh, and you take a look at EQ Next BTW? Not sure if you're a MMO guy.

    on 04 August 2013

    That link to Total War forums, the $700 recommendation I posted would equal their "Good tier" PC minus the good quality case/PSU.

    I agree with their recommendations.

    The problems with their "entry" and "fair" PCs are that you sooner or later risk becoming frustrated with the general performance of those machines for a lack of better word.

    on 04 August 2013

    Do you still play BF3 together, u and KylieDog? He is a PS3 only gamer, isn't he?''

    I would bet he buys a PS4 very early since he is a console game monster.

    on 04 August 2013

    Yeah, it's starting to get really, really, old. Do you know if there's going to be a GOTY Edition for Borderlands 2? With all DLC and whatnot?

    Kylie used to have a 360 and he has a Wii too I think. So he's not really a PS3 fanboy. He used to play 1942 on the PC, and everytime (and I mean, everytime, lol) he says "Back in my PC days..." and complains about console players.

    So he might buy a PC, but I dunno. If he makes the jump, I'll jump too. It'll be really cool too, because I could play with PC players like you, non-grav, CGI, etc.

    on 04 August 2013

    How far until you graduate? What field, I mean education you getting again? Something in economics wasn't it?

    Yeah I checked out the EQ Next reveal. Interesting that they're so bold and revolutionary. I hope they succeed. In a way it made me depressed though because it instantly made Elder Scrolls Online look obsolete.

    I am an MMO guy in heart and soul, but in practical life I haven't been able to play them for many years. You know demands from work and social life and that. I'm a personality who gets too addicted to MMO's. I already have constant fights with my GF about spending too much time on single player games lol.

    Damn I wish I had time for MMOs like I (sort of) had in the past. I love to get immersed in them and play 24-7.

    I will try out Elder Scrolls Online though, at least a little bit.

    You? What's your stance on MMOs?

    on 04 August 2013

    I don't know for sure about a GOTY edi for Borderlands 2 but you can bet 100% for sure that there will be one including DLC. Should be announced and available soon.

    You liked the first one? I didn't like it despite all the praise it got. I couldn't connect to the game world.

    on 04 August 2013

    I'm going into public accounting,,, I hope, lol.

    Don't really care about BL2, but me and KylieDog can't play BF3 forever.

    I played the original EQ a long time ago. I had a horrible internet connection and sucked at it, but it was really, really immersive for me. To me, EQ was what Elder Scrolls is to a lot of people. My first time in a huge, huge world.

    I feel like I have a lot better control over my gaming now. So if it's F2P and comes out for the PS4, I might give it a shot.

    I've just realized that there's so many freaking games being released this and next year, lol.

    on 04 August 2013

    < Dark_Lord_2008 posted something on Slimebeast's wall:

    wow a new future king of england is born. he will eventually succeed william as king in around 50 years time. i do not believe i will live to see this new born become king, i would be over 80 years old.

    < ethomaz posted something on Slimebeast's wall:

    It is not only me... a MS dev said "Ryse reminded me of darksiders II"... I'm not so off after all.


    Haha, you trust MS devs now?

    on 21 July 2013

    ? I fell the same... Ryse reminded me of Darksiders for sure.

    on 21 July 2013

    Okay, not totally off but not totally right either.

    on 21 July 2013


    on 21 July 2013

    < Jay520 posted something on Slimebeast's wall:

    Have you played The Last of Us?

    If not, then play it on the hard difficulty when you do.

    Then return and tell us how wrong you were, followed by a sincere apology.

    Uh-oh, slime in trouble again! :D

    on 01 July 2013

    Damn it. Leave me be lol

    If the game turns out to be good, with good AI, I will be honest and admit I was wrong. I promise.

    on 01 July 2013

    < Salnax posted something on Slimebeast's wall:

    Now that E3 is over, what are your most anticipated games? Vote in the Monthly Most Wanted thread!


    Now for the post-post E3 edition!


    on 19 July 2013

    < eFKac posted something on Slimebeast's wall:

    Just to add something about The Division. I'm afraid the game itself may not live up to that gameplay revealed gameplay-wise. It seemed very staged, and multiplayer games are pretty much always chaotic as hell unfortunately. I hope they will blend the multi component with the more scripted events, we'll see howthis will turn out. For it to be more tactical and survival, they should add more damage to the weapons, so there won't be many "Rambo style" action cause you're dead, you should also lose your equipment, that would mean more camping but way more realism as well.

    Anyway that's my game to sell the PS4 to my brother and friends :D since I believe you really need a proven team of guys to have the most fun out of that game.

    I agree 100%. The demo was staged in that the team members knew exactly what to do, where to stand etc, so it looked very slick and organized.

    In reality multiplayer is hard to organize. I often get angry at my team members online for that reason lol.

    I hope they remove your gear when you die, that would be hardcore!

    on 13 June 2013

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