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    What's your MOTY so far? (MOVIE Of The Year)

    in General Discussion on 09 November 2010

    Interesting, because when I saw Inception I came back to see it two more times in the next three days....

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    Fable 3 Fails

    in Microsoft Discussion on 31 October 2010

    You mean like this?? ...

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    My theory in the strategy of Kinect!

    in Sales Discussion on 02 August 2010

    What the FUCK is a HARDCORE GAME.HOW do YOU KNOW WHO IS A HARDCORE PLAYER.WHAT IS A CASUAL GAME?I AM SERIOUS, guitar hero, call of duty, madden is casual or Hardcore?I know Braid and Limbo are hardcore, anything else?Does anybody knows or you are just talking "hardcore" as "what I play", and "casual" -> "what the girls play".Please do reply....

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    Trophies and achievements - how do you like them?

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 July 2010

    Carl2291 said: One of the best things to ever happen to gaming IMO Thanks to Blizzard and WoW for introducing them to us!! ...

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    Xbox 360 has / will have the highest tie ratio of all time?

    in Sales Discussion on 12 July 2010

    jarrod said: KillerMan said: it sells good amount of software but it isn't so big software monster as some people think. If we align launches PS3 is actually ahead of it software wise. I've never actually heard this before, can you give the figures to prove it? Well,  why would he need the proof when he can make the data up and then believe in it?...

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    Name your favorite game for each console/handheld you've owned.

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 July 2010

    spectrum--   buffalo bill turbografx 16   Final Match Tennis PC  Tomb Raider Dreamcast   Soulcalibur Nintendo DS  Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney X360   Trials HD PsP    gta chinatown...

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    When will 360 start to outsell PS3 WW in 2010?

    in Sales Discussion on 05 July 2010

    Jo21 said: mundus6 said: It begins, when slim is released here in Europe. 360 will be ahead every week WW (except in Japan) untill Sony cut price. gran turismo its releasing this year.. so europe not likely Are you sure? You mean this year like 2007 2008 march 2009 holiday 2009 march 2010?...

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    When will 360 start to outsell PS3 WW in 2010?

    in Sales Discussion on 29 June 2010

    Right NOW?   Console Americas Japan EMEAA Worldwide 111,873 55,200 86,865 253,938 92,202 19,080 67,976 179,258 129,325 1,798 32,784 163,907 49,951 16,753 52,762 119,466 23,133 22,080 33,801 79 ...

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    XBox 360 S overheating video

    in Microsoft Discussion on 21 June 2010

    theprof00 said:   Oh yeah I meant to write this before, he has 2 ps3 boxes but only one ps3 hooked up. Chances are, the other 360 is either broken, or some such similar reason. Exactly, It is broken with E74 or something and it is playing the modern warfare 2 disc. But this is just me....

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    XBox 360 S overheating video

    in Microsoft Discussion on 20 June 2010

    FAKE  and i would say "FULL OF FAILURE FAKE" There is a core x360 running the game off screen. Look the core 360 box (the green one) in his room. The arcade- core  console has a white dvd not silver, so none of the 3 that we can see is the arcade.     Even the fail dude says he has four 360...   Also, the disc scraching is another fake, the dude turns off the console...

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    What will sell better PS Move or MS kinect

    in Sales Discussion on 20 June 2010

    The great thing that none of you see is that Kinect doesn't compete with Move or Wii, those are two diferent systems. In the same way that the average player could buy Wii PS3    or  Wii X360  but   NO  X360 PS3,   Now that everyone have the Wii, they are not buying the same thing again. Wii Kinect    Move ...

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    Will the PS3 overtake the 360 before the end of 2010?

    in Sales Discussion on 17 June 2010

      Get ready for the TRUE SLIM EFFECT 2000000 first month and after that 300000 each week...     Also, you say that when ps3 sell more units than x360 that would be proof of what console is GOD, what console everyone sould buy.  ¿Well, and during 3 years already, what console is GOD?...

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    x-box Slim60 rumor = low sales

    in Microsoft Discussion on 24 May 2010

    haxxiy said: Hardly. 99% of the consumers out there don't know shit about X360 Slim, there is no supply issues and the console is cheap. Why don't just admit the X360 is aging? The same goes for PSP and the DS.I know the acceptance of death is hard, but come on guys, I think you are mature enough to cope with it :-) THE 360 IS...

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    Nintendo vs Sony vs Microsoft. Who'll win the E3 2010?

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 May 2010

    Sony will win by showing GRAN TURISMO FIVE.They will change the 5 to letters to make it newer and will win the E3 solely with it, just like the four years before, and the next one....

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    Alan Wake Metacritic hate!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 27 April 2010

    aragod said: Scoobes said:Lol. This happens all the time with games like this. Happened with Gears and Resistance if I remember rightly. Most people will know to ignore the user reviews, especially if they're checking on the game this early as they'll probably be like us and reading up on the game as much as possible.Some people are just very sad. But since it counts towards...

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    Is the gta series growing old

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 April 2010

    oldschoolfool said: With the disapointment that was gta4,I was wondering if the gta series is on it's last legs. Rockstar's already done everything possible in a gta game. Rockstar is coming out with red dead redemption,which is just gta in the old west. So what else could they do in a gta game? How is rockstar going to follow up on that disaster of a game that was gta4? Yeah,...

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    So after God of War 3, how much do you think Gran Turismo 5 will do?

    in Sony Discussion on 16 April 2010

    Zipper said: 2. The game will probably come out in the holiday season - the PS3 user base will be much bigger by then Two words: March 2009....

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    So Ps3 basicly becomes Wii+Xbox360...What reason not to buy Ps3 then?

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 March 2010

    once the psp launch it's all over for nintendo ds. once the ps3 launch it's all over for X360 once the ps3 home launch is all over for x360. once the ps3 move launch it is all over for the Wii AND natal X360...

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    FF13 360 to use Bink for cutscenes,360 720p vs 1080p PS3 Cutscenes

    in Microsoft Discussion on 12 March 2010


    Write 107

    EDGE needs to stop reviewing immediately! Enough is Enough!

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 March 2010

    From the Bayonetta review:EDGE:She’s certainly something, moving with the poise of a ballet dancer and hitting like a boxer, the joy of controlling her moves matched by their beauty in execution, every connection part of a deadly whole. Her sheer brutality can dominate much bigger opponents, and you’ll find yourself slapping rhino-sized creatures about the place just for the fun of doing it. And...

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