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    Nintendo and Third Party... Who is really to blame?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 01 February 2015 by Materia-Blade

    OttoniBastos said: Materia-Blade said: it becomes meaningless the moment it starts with this: "Nintendo caused every single one of their own problems with third parties." Let me guess,you didn't even read the thing right?  Oh, I sure did....

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    Who do you think will win e3 this year?

    in Gaming Discussion on 31 January 2015 by ExplodingBlock

    Gonna say Nintendo 2014 was so awesome, I think E3 2015 can be even better...

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    Project Cars Wii U expectations. Will it be a good port? Will it even come out?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 January 2015 by Tachikoma

    i think pcars gets way more praise than it deserves, ive sat through the whole development process playing the multitude of pc builds, and honestly, even at absolute maximum settings, i really dont find it all that pretty in photo mode, in actual gameplay it feels borderline ugly. also plays like just about every other racer out there, nothing to really write home about. I say this as an...

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    Wii U owners, what region do you live in?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 28 January 2015 by Lonely_Dolphin

    Dat PAL domination! I live in U.S. of A. so NTSC for me....

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    Features from Xenoblade on Wii you'd want to see spread into Final Fantasy

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 January 2015 by JazzB1987

    ktay95 said: Ka-pi96 said:Absolutely none! Like, seriously, none at all! ... umm yeah gonna have to agree with you here. Nothing comes to mind at all. 2 who dont know whats GOOD and what not :)Save EVERYWHERE feature....

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    Majora's Mask just pissed me off here

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 January 2015 by Skullwaker

    uran10 said: Skullwaker said:Did you play it on the Wii?   gamecube That explains it. The Wii version crushed my soul. That was the one moment in the game where I genuinely despised the motion controls (well...aside from the final boss)....

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    Splatoon going to have Microtransactions?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 January 2015 by DanneSandin

    outlawauron said: DanneSandin said: I can only agree with what you said; sooner or later Nintendo will probably become just as bad as everyone else when it comes to DLC and paid online. Unless theyve already set up some kind of rule/policy to prevent this Think of it like this though. The day Nintendo charges for online will be the day they start making their service...

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    Wii games now available on Wii U according to direct? Get hypoed!!!! Winter Drought has ended baby! Everything is in Jan-Feb! Tingle!!!!!!!!!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 January 2015 by TomaTito

    StuOhQ said: TomaTito said: Now the question from me is will those Wii retail games also use the gamepad? I was really disappointed to find that "Galaxy 2" doesn't. Here's hoping that it works with "Metroid Prime 1&2", at the very least. GCN controller support would be awesome (you know, for GCN games).  I just checked the coming soon list (in Europe), and...

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    The Perfect Review System

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 January 2015 by Mythmaker1

    Intrinsic said: Mythmaker1 said: Rather spectacularly missing the point, but it doesn't really matter. I'm sure the system is great. And I'm sure you put a lot of thought into it. I, personally, think it is a pointlessly overcomplicated and unintuitive system designed to fix the wrong kind of problem, but I haven't seen it in action. Maybe it just works, somehow. By all means,...

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    Can You Tell The Difference Between 30fps and 60fps?

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 January 2015 by d21lewis

    I only noticed with TLoU Remastered but I swear that locked 30fps mode is the choppiest 30fps, ever!! I think it's a scam to make us appreciate 60fps mode!! ...

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    What was the first Game you ever played?

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 January 2015 by JazzB1987

    I seriously have no idea. Something on Commodore 64 Or well maybe something on Gameboy or NES dont know which system we had first....

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    How many of you who mainly game on a Pc can run all games on Ultra @ 1080P/60fps?

    in PC Discussion on 19 January 2015 by MikeRox

    kinisking said: Chevinator123 said: Its true u have to play online, but PS+ is actualy worth it tho these are the games u got from a  1 year subscription (nov 2013 to nov 2014) and just the PS4 games not including vita and ps3 ResogunContrastDont StarveOutlastDead NationMercenary KingsStick it to the manTowerfallTrine 2FezVelocityDust SpelunkyBinding of issac dude....

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    Games that will have a hard time escaping the shadow of their forebears

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 January 2015 by badgenome

    Ka-pi96 said: Does this mean there's not such thing as too many waifus? Too... many... whaaaaaaa...? [img]http://i.imgur.com/kHKHbE7.gif[/img] No, of course there's not....

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    Nintendo's AC Adapter Policy Isn't Fair - Kotaku

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 January 2015 by novasonic

    Hynad said: novasonic said:Eh, the thing about the Nintendo Color TV game not including a power cord bugs me. Like all 1st generation plug n' play consoles (Atari, Coleco, etc), they ran on D or C cell batteries by default and you could buy a dedicated power cord if you were h-core and burnt through too many batteries. Same as with the Game Boy or Game Gear. Very rarely did any of...

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    Are you a Nintendo, PlayStation or Xbox fan?

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 January 2015 by freebs2

    I play on every platform I can. I prefer Nintendo not beacuse their consoles are the best, but beacuse what they offer to gaming is unique. PS and XB consoles have more solid libaries overall in the end, but at the same time they're perfectly replaceble....

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    Predict whether Xenoblade Chronicles X is 1080p, or 720p based on the latest video.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 January 2015 by curl-6

    daredevil.shark said:Just tagging to post after digital foundry article. Put me down for 720p/30fps. Monolith will opt for scale and detail over 1080/60fps, and I think this is right call....

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    Do you have a retro room or gaming setup?

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 January 2015 by shloob

    I dont have it all hooked up but i have them tucked in a compartment in my entertainment center. Have every console dating back to the atari 2600...

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    Xenoblade Chronicles X Boycott

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 January 2015 by JazzB1987

    Nogamez said:Why would they do that? graphics lool amazing for wii u on.that direct Probably paid by SQeenix to promote FF instead :)...

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    Wii u will have sold 10 million by the end of this year

    in Nintendo Discussion on 12 January 2015 by alternine

    Welp We all know what happened....

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    Wii U beaten by the Dreamcast - what now?

    in Sales Discussion on 09 January 2015 by ps4tw

    Goodnightmoon said: ps4tw said: ExplodingBlock said:Alright mods, come up and lock this thread Says the guy who has Wii U games plastered all over his signature *lul* Says the guy with a One Direction avatar, please, this thread is over, don´t go personal, Dreamcast was over at 9-10m after 2 years, and Wii U is going on 3 years more, we all know it, so...

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