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    Permaban - Trolling (You used an alternate account (goforgold) where you continued to troll and flame. Adding all those incidents for both accounts will easily lift you over the 90 days ban limit.) ~ Barozi

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    < kowenicki posted something on evolution_1ne's wall:

    thank god.

    He might be G-erman and a m-od... but I don't think that makes Barozi a God...

    on 10 January 2012

    Hey T12, I reported him, and mentioned his alt account. I deserve some recognition XD

    On a serious note, I don't get how a guy with a banned alt account for trolling can recover his main account and keep trolling for so long.

    on 10 January 2012

    That is v odd, wasn't this account permabanned before for being an alt.

    on 10 January 2012

    I think so, that's why I don't understand how could he recover his main account.

    on 10 January 2012

    mod history says this account wasn't permabanned before.
    Also Kynes I appreciate your reports very much. Keep'em coming :)

    on 11 January 2012

    G-erman and m-od. G-od! Get it?! Get it?! Bahahahahaha! Or Merman... depending on how you look at it.

    on 30 January 2012

    Wow! Good catch mods.

    He was reported.

    on 09 January 2012

    Yep didn't even know who this guy was. I only knew goforgold...

    on 10 January 2012

    < yo_john117 posted something on evolution_1ne's wall:

    About time.

    I had not'iced. What was being done?

    on 13 October 2011

    He's just your average guy with a motive.

    on 13 October 2011

    So the truth is revealed.

    on 09 January 2012

    Wanna talk about your ban when you get back? http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=132355&page=7#28

    < Mirson posted something on evolution_1ne's wall:

    Yeah, that's totally it MUGEN. We're so upset that our console has no games, so we have to troll Sony. Nevermind the fact that this PSN breach is a serious matter and puts a lot of people's lives at risk. Jesus Christ, I'm a PS3 only owner, and I acknowledge that this is a serious matter and Sony are doing a poor job handling this matter.

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    Sony CES 2012 Keynote Live Stream *link* ETA 5pm PST 8pm EST

    in Sony Discussion on 09 January 2012

    kowenicki said:"You sense major trimming of the TV business"...? Its already happened They are virtually out of it. fuckin A about time wouldn't you agree...

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    Jaffe Suggests If Buying Twisted Metal For Moslty Campaign Go For A Rental

    in Sony Discussion on 09 January 2012

    exhibit A of why this guy kick ass, Jaffe is in a league of his own...

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    Sony CES 2012 Keynote Live Stream *link* ETA 5pm PST 8pm EST

    in Sony Discussion on 09 January 2012

    http://www.ustream.tv/sonyelectronics                              What might Sony announce:   a new strategy for TV's we know that sold their stake in the joint venture to Samsung and now we find out they are backing out of consumer OLED TV...


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