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    Remember Sorcery? well, how about a sudden video walkthrough sounds like to you?

    in Sony Discussion on 15 December 2011

    sales2099 said:Hmm. Sony has sorcery and MS has Fable the Journey. Interesting to see whats better please dont make me laugh.... sorcery looks miles better, here direct link to to ps blog contents seen as the op comments have been removed Hands-on: Sorcery Casts a Spell on PlayStation Move This Spring + Posted by Sid Shuman // Senior Social Media Specialist One of the more...

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    Predictions - When Will PS3 overtake X360 WW?

    in Sales Discussion on 12 December 2011

    well x360 and ps3 sales seem to be equalling out now, so im guessing at this rate it probably won't happen, it's a shame really because sony really have been pulling out alot for the ps3......

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    is it too late to get current Gen consoles

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 December 2011

    this is a serious no brainer, most of the games available on x360, you can get on pc anyways, then there is all the multiplats which ps3 gets anyways, not to mention ps3 seems to be the only one getting lots of exclusives, well unless you like kinect games, and paying out for xbox live:-D do not forget ps3 still has some great titles to come as of yet and i would not let YLOD put you off, i only...

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    Sony stock 24 year low. "No turnaround in sight".

    in Sony Discussion on 17 November 2011

    yay thanks for the great news /s on a lighter note i heard MS isn't doing all that great either... wonder why maybe all 3 are doomed gaming is doomed, oh wait the world ending soon right anyways..........

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    NEW Ni No Kuni Trailer!! 11/4/11

    in Sony Discussion on 04 November 2011

    this may be the best jrpg on the ps3 so far this gen, by the looks of things:-p...

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    Final Fantasy VII...not quite like I remembered.

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 November 2011

    phinch1 said: NobleTeam360 said: lol yeah tidus was real annoying. ha ha he wasnt too bad.......untill the laughing scene just like vaan was ok until you saw what he was wearing then you heard his voice, and instant irritation lol:-D the old ff's rule just for nostalgia, i still play ff7 and ff8 every now and again to to remind me of what a real jrpg is lol:-p...

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    Heavy Rain: Directorís Cut Ships November 8th

    in Sony Discussion on 03 November 2011

    Smeags said:It's strange seeing a Heavy Rain thread without CGI-Quality in it. :-( naughty noctis:-p lol...

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    It's alive - 8 new games in November for Move

    in Sony Discussion on 03 November 2011

    Level1Death said:Aren't these the same type of games that made the hardcore hate the Wii? we are getting plenty of casual titles, but also move has had hardcore titles such as resistance 3 and killzone 3 , plus one of the things they used to winge about like  on-rail shooters like dead space extraction i actually enjoyed, so house of the dead will be getting purchased very...

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    It's alive - 8 new games in November for Move

    in Sony Discussion on 03 November 2011

    morenoingrato said:What happened with that cool looking game, Sorcery? Did it got canned? no just delayed to make a better game, due to high demand sony is actually taking it very seriously also OP dont forget house of the dead has just released:-p most of these move games aren't EVEN on my radar tbh, maybe ill get dancestar tho:-D...

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    just when you thought the uncharted 3 reviews could not get any worse...

    in Sony Discussion on 02 November 2011

    lestatdark said: haxxiy said:You guys are so funny it's almost laughable. It's just a goddamn score in some goddamn random site you won't even remember anymore one year or two from now on. If you bet a certain score and playfully complains about it now, it's fine - but stop treating game reviews as if they were reviews to your own character, because that's what it's looking like....

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    Sony Ships 3.7m PS3,1.7m PSP,1.2 PS2

    in Sony Discussion on 02 November 2011

    Wait for the impending ...

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    just when you thought the uncharted 3 reviews could not get any worse...

    in Sony Discussion on 01 November 2011

    yo_john117 said:Oh come on!! I'm sick of getting screwed in the meta prediction thread. And this score is not helping my dire situation >:( This game NEEDS to get a 95. sorry mate the trolls came out to play:-(...

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    just when you thought the uncharted 3 reviews could not get any worse...

    in Sony Discussion on 31 October 2011

    this silly person decided to give uncharted 3 a C/A, with his reasons for doing so being outdated mechanics weell thats weird he gave gears3 a A, despite it also having outdated mechanics, oh the irony... ps dont give this troll site any hits http://www.avclub.com/articles/uncharted-3-drakes-deception,64220/ I WILL QUOTE INSTEAD - WARNING SPOILERS!! " by Scott Jones October 30,...

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    Goodnight sweet prince

    in Sony Discussion on 28 October 2011

    do the ylod fix as on ebay it will fix it for about a month giving you plenty of time to backup saves etc http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PS3-YLOD-REPAIR-REFLOW-KIT-SHIMS-GOLD-THERMAL-COMPOUND-/320776310438?pt=UK_VG_Replacement_Parts_Tools&hash=item4aafc20ea6...

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    What Is The First Thing That Comes To Your Mind When You Hear The Name "Sony"

    in Sony Discussion on 26 October 2011


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    Nomura: With FINAL FANTASY Type-0 Finished, itís Now Versus XIIIís Turn

    in Sony Discussion on 26 October 2011

    Pichsterz said:I guess FF Versus XIII will be release in 2014... Wada "I am now sorry to say that the production of ffvsxiii has taken so long we decided to move it to the ps4 platform, yes thats right ps4 due in 2014"   lol just joking......

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    Sony sure likes teh europeans money.

    in Sony Discussion on 26 October 2011

    I agree we all get shafted in the EU but hey it could be worse we all could get charged australian prices.... Its mainly due to TAXES.... AND THAT SITUATION IS NOT GETTING ANY BETTER ANYTIME SOON...

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    Uncharted 3 Insane Story Trailer Holy S***

    in Sony Discussion on 19 October 2011

    OMG ND does it again... lol:-D...

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    First Uncharted 3 review is in

    in Sony Discussion on 14 October 2011

    OMG Uncharted 3 9.9, mayble OPM will give it a 12/10 lol ...

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    RATCHET & CLANK: ALL 4 ONE Demo bundled with Zookeeper Blueray.

    in Sony Discussion on 13 October 2011

    They did it with resistance 3 as well i think the film was battle of Los Angeles(or however you spell it, forgive my illness today), anyway good strategy I say:-)...

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