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    Will Killzone 2 suffer as Resistance 2 has? Prediction thread.

    in Sony Discussion on 23 December 2008

    it has no competition for the month unlike R2 and there is no gears2 to shadow its launch, but most of the fps loving crowd is already on 360. i think 500k day 1, 800 first week and 3.5Mill life time, because i believe it will be similar to metal gear but not bigger....

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    in Gaming Discussion on 17 December 2008

    This thing has guesse every character i have come with, maji from blade of the inmortal, sephirot, brad pitt, etc. Play it is fun to see if it guesses every one you can come up with http://en.akinator.com/#   Sorry if it has been posted, i wanned to share it   Please post what characted it guessed or it didnt Note: i dont remenber is there is anything againts this kind of post so...

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    Here's why PS3 is still pwning the 360 this year (HD Console war):

    in Sales Discussion on 12 November 2008

    Garnett said: Party Monster said: Garnett said: Party Monster said: RolStoppable said: Your logic is flawed. If the 360 is twice as good of a product and half the price, it should sell quadruple of what the PS3 sells.   You would think that, or AT LEAST double- not 15-20%. Don't forget the MILLIONS they are dumping on marketing this year. This...

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    Is Resistance 2 a Flop?

    in Sony Discussion on 06 November 2008

    gengka said: its a big day for US : obama won the election. come on besides gaming there are many things happening around you   ^^ this, am too busy with LBP to care about R2...

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    I`ve seen LBP in action... Sony is ripping you off

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 November 2008

    Stan85 said: Asmo said: Stan85 said: I insist. The gameplay on the disc is about 3 hours long. I was not talking about the user generated levels,only the disc levels you payed the developers to make(indirectly). My 2 cents,obvios.   I insist too, why do you base the replay value on the devs work only when the main goal of the game is user...

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    Sony prostituting HOME beta for quick buck?

    in Sony Discussion on 30 October 2008

    this smells like a trolling thread....

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    LBP Week 1 Sales (NA) -- 164K -- Good or Bad??

    in Sales Discussion on 28 October 2008

    i think this data is pre official release so there was suppose to be little supply, i want to see this week. Bad sony bad...

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    Opinion: Two Years In - How The Wii Has Failed

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 October 2008

    the simple fact that there are so many wiis out there is enough to give wiifans solid evidence that is not a commercial failure even is the wii is collecting dust. But the question is, has it fail to achieve its objective or the buyers supposed objectives? anyway wii seems more and more like a ripoff, nintendo has developed a machine with potential, but they found out that casual gamer do not...

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    FREE Little Big Planet Kratos codes

    in Sony Discussion on 28 October 2008

    ill like one pls ...

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    Buying LBP will move the industry forward?

    in Sales Discussion on 27 October 2008

    CaptDS9E said: "but the 2 MTV guys are trying to defend Rock Band"One of the guys is an editor for gametrailers, the other is Jeff Gertsman from Giantbomb.com. They don't work for MTV.As for LBP, I hope it does sell. The industry won't implode if it does not, but it is a original idea, and the first real big game for user generated content on a console   i think GT belongs to...

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    Velvet Assassin is a Xbox360 exclusive now - PS3 version canceled.

    in Microsoft Discussion on 26 October 2008

    and why does matter?...

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    LittleBigPlanet Review - "the best platform game ever created"

    in Sony Discussion on 14 October 2008

    masschamber said: hsrob said: Those are words that have been said more way more this generation than they ought to have been. Furthermore, what does "in many ways LBP is the best platform game ever created" exactly mean?   so when people say "what about the terrible core gameplay?" they have an excuse and  they  can say they were only talking about the...

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    Is Sony done for?

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 October 2008

    they just need a rpice cut, it depends on that, if it happens all will be ok, if not, they will reamin in third place but a very far away third. i dont think they will reach 30million this gen with that price, heck i dont think they'll even get to 24millions with that price. The ps3 needs to be US$300 for the 80gb model period....

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    The xbox360 is better than the ps3

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 October 2008

    since the tekken anouncement im starting to think is true, but the HW quality of the XB360 is so low i still cant say that....

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    Which platform will see bigger adjustment in GTA IV numbers, next week.

    in Sales Discussion on 07 May 2008

    Please give some reasons why your adjustments benefit x360 more in NA and in others than the ps3??...

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    MGS4 and Final Fantasy xiii japan. ps3 saviour or not?

    in Sony Discussion on 16 April 2008

    I read somewhere that launching a FF game on weekdays is forbidden by law in Japan, if that is true, ps3 sale will reach the heavens when ff XIII comes out. Look at what monster hunter is doing for the PSP and that franchise does not compares to the FF franchise in terms of popularity....

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