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    Official Nintendo E3 2018 Thread

    in Nintendo Discussion on 12 June 2018

    I hope it is a good one for Nintendo and they have something for everyone. The older I get the "less hyped" I get about E3, but I suppose that's life.... at least my life. However a Smash and Metroid E3 in the same year is more than enough for my miniscule needs on the Nintendo front....

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    Belgian man convicted for sexism, will be jailed if fine isn't paid, Under new law.

    in Politics Discussion on 19 March 2018

    Trust me, it is going to get far, far worst. It's the new religion. It will soon be an offense to offend anyone. Everyone will have a "problem" that they will claim has been abused. Like someone claiming mental illness, which everyone seems to be suffering from these days, even if they are not. I have seen it. I know it. I had to spend a day in court for research. "You can't talk...

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    My dear divided America.

    in Politics Discussion on 02 February 2018

    You must accept that no nation rules forever. No country is on top forever. History teaches us this. Many Americans (and others) find this very hard to accept so tell themselves the USA will be kings of the earth forever. Their end will come like the Egyptians, Babylon, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Spanish, French, British and every other country that was the top dog. The USA is a baby...

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    The best selling games of 2017. in US

    in Sales Discussion on 19 January 2018

    It is truly amazing that Nintendo with 4m Switch consoles in the USA can claim three exclusives in the overall top ten against the other multiplat games on a far superior combined user base. That is a mad attach ratio....

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    Switch has sold over 600,000 units in Germany

    in Sales Discussion on 19 January 2018

    Really good sales BUT the Wii’s strength was not really it’s first year or even it’s first year and a half. It was it’s second year on when the hype had reached top gear and software like WiiFit etc, sent it into orbit. However if Nintendo carry on finding the formula anything is possible. ...

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    North and South Korea agree to carry single flag at Winter Olympics and field joint women's ice hockey team

    in Politics Discussion on 18 January 2018

    Just a few months ago so many comments around the internet were encouraging Trump to "nuke 'em all". I just didn't believe that so many people could care so little for human life, knowing the South would have been wiped out as well. I guess the comments were mainly from westerners. A lot of people on both sides want some sort of reunion, not war. Talk and rumours of war is not real war....

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    FIFA 18 Switch outsells PS4 version in Japan by 11,400 units

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 January 2018

    Didn’t expect that considering the install base. By the end of the year I am pretty sure Switch will outsell PS4 on every multiplat game in Japan. Japanese rather buy the handheld/hybrid version and couldn’t care less about “pretty graphics” like westerners do. ...

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    The Nintendo Switch sold over 110k units in December for South Korea

    in Sales Discussion on 16 January 2018

    How can we say these are good (or bad) figures? What are we comparing these figures against? I am pretty sure these sales are good but how good? ...

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    Nintendo Direct Mini Announced - Live Now!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 January 2018

    Finale said: I have only one thing to say: Good thing i never bought a wii u,cause this is all good news for me. A small part of wished I hadn’t bothered with the WiiU, but I had some great times being part of such a small gaming community. overall if I knew the future I probably wouldn’t have bothered with the WiiU either as I am pretty sure ALL the WiiU Nintendo games...

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    Nintendo Direct Mini Announced - Live Now!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 January 2018

    Jranation said: Flilix said: By the way, what happened to that whole paid online thing? Wasn't it supposed to be launched already? They did say early 2018. That could mean that there will be another time before Spring to show/release it. But im glad it is not near yet. I am in no hurry to give Nintendo anymore of my hard earned cash. The less I hear about it the...

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    Nintendo Direct Mini Announced - Live Now!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 January 2018

    Valdath said: Nice, i’m getting Hyrule Warriors for my Switch and Dark Souls for PS4. Now all we need is Wind Waker HD & Twilight Princess HD and we can forget the Wii U even existed. God no. You want Twilight Princess on the GC, Wii, WiiU and the Switch? The exact same game across FOUR generations straight. I would hate that to happen and be successful. Spend more time...

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    Nintendo Direct Mini Announced - Live Now!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 January 2018

    Miyamotoo said: It was good Mini Direct, but problem is that I expected full Direct. :) I think that is what would disappoint most people. It was all hyped up by the public to the stars but it wasn’t even leaving earth. In a way it’s a good thing because in the future no one will know what to expect. As of now I am assuming the next Direct will also be a mini....

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    Nintendo Direct Mini Announced - Live Now!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 January 2018

    That was indeed “mini”. When is the “major”?...

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    When you have to "resort" to digital.

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 January 2018

    I would always prefer physical. The Switch being portable means digital is better as stated by post above. So for home console ALWAYS physical when I can (space is no problem) and Switch is a combo. I also have younger relatives that appreciate me passing on games to them to try or keep. ...

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    Pornhub pledges support for the Switch

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 January 2018

    It would not surprise me if kiddie friendly “no voice chat because of kids” Nintendo block this somehow. Then again I was ... I mean you were able to watch porn on the WiiU browser.. I mean I was told that you were able to. Yeah, I wouldn’t know. So maybe not. ...

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    Which Is A Bigger Threat To Humanity? Science Or Religion?

    in General Discussion on 09 January 2018

    Wiibaron said: The biggest threat to humanity right now is unchecked human breeding. Lack of religion is a big part of this. Science lets humans live maybe way longer than is optimal for a good balance of productive contribution to humanity. And with the growing population of low quality younger people needed to pay and help the increasing amount of older folks, the future looks...

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    Which Is A Bigger Threat To Humanity? Science Or Religion?

    in General Discussion on 09 January 2018

    numberwang said: Religion is a science. Science is a religion. Ultimate both priest and scientists ask us to believe in things we have no way of proving ourselves, whether it is a man in the sky or life on Jupiter. I cannot go to Jupiter to prove if this is true if Scientists say it is. Anyway that’s for thought not argument and not the subject matter. Good question. My...

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    Can ps4 become the highest ever selling console in Europe?

    in Sales Discussion on 07 January 2018

    I am ... not so sure that it will. ...

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    Sales Figures No Longer Hot

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 January 2018

    ironmanDX said: Numbers aren't hot because they're not updated to the same degree. They were like clock work for years. Outside a week or two a year. They were expected and the people came because of the fact. Casuals don't care about numbers. Let alone consider looking online and joining a forum to discuss the numbers.   Not to take away anything from the updates to the site and...

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    Nintendo Switch has become the fastest selling video game system of all time in the US

    in Sales Discussion on 05 January 2018

    peachbuggy said: SuperNova said: The Switch+ games has done surprisingly well in France and Germany of all places. UK is a significant improvement over WiiU, but still pretty meh overall. Exactly my sentiments. It's not doing as poorly as some think in the U.K. but given the size of the market,  Nintendo products usually underperform over here. I think the lack of...

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