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    The wii might have a problem

    in Nintendo Discussion on 26 December 2007

    I had a solution to this guys problem but you all seem to have straightened him out within just a few posts. This seems to suggest that the internet can indeed be used for something other than porn! ...

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    can some1 xplain y is wii outselling xbox 360 n ps3?

    in Sales Discussion on 26 December 2007

    Wii outsells the 360 and the PS3 because it's cheaper, it's smaller, it's less threatening looking, it's cheaper, it's got a pretty blue LED bar on it's front, it's got some of the best selling franchises in history on it, it's cheaper, it's got Wiimotes, Mario, Sonic, Wiisports, CNN, USA Today, Old Folks Homes, and last but certainly not least it's cheaper. Not to mention, it costs less. ...

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    No more 360 Forza/marvel alliance combo?

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 December 2007

    So THAT is why Marvel Alliance is outselling SMG. It makes sense now. It is a pack in. I was thinking there must have been some resurgence with Marvel Alliance and Forza 2. It's all so clear to me now. ...

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    in Gaming Discussion on 26 December 2007

    None of the FPS should be Game of the Year simply because its just more of the same, with the noteable exception of Bioshock. It doesn't depend on its multiplayer to carry it like Halo 3 and COD4. Team Fortress 2 is fun but I can't say its better than the original. Kind of crappy when compared to the fun of the first Team Fortress Classic. 2fort? Well? I put in hours and hours in on that...

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    I want your opinions on the Gamecube controller!

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 December 2007

    Gamecube controllers would be the best ever if not for them wearing out. I had a Sega Genesis for 10 years and the controllers was never an issue. I still have my NES controllers and they are 20 plus years old and they still work perfectly. I am on my second set of GC controllers. The sticks quit working on mine the gray and the yellow. Even though the GC controllers were more comfortable,...

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    What was the single best game last generation, do you think?

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 December 2007

    RE4 or Metroid Prime. Halo is up there, and so is Vice City. ...

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    haha....nintendo....nintendo.....john lucas was drunk because......

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 December 2007

    Wii Fit is actually a hell of alot more of a weight loss product than about 90 percent of the socalled weightloss products on the market. These home gyms always show you some woman all fat and pregers, then they show you her 2 years later all hot and skinny. Am I to believe that the ab lounger made her breasts grow 2 cup sizes, and give her a spray tan? Am I to believe that Hyrdoxycut made...

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    My time with the Wii for 20 minutes in gamestop :D

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 December 2007

    If you liked the game or not is certainly not what I took exception to. That is your opinion. What I can't understand, is how you could say that Mario was Pixelated. It looked smooth as silk to me. As far as the brightness goes, I love that about the game. All these dark games are getting very repetitive. Of couse this is also just an opinion. ...

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    WTF Moment - messed up father

    in General Discussion on 23 December 2007

    I agree that the behavior is natural. In fact, I would think you could derive that from my past post. What I am saying is that these people have a problem that cannot be cured. If someone is attracted to small children, or children in general for that matter, there is something wrong with that person. It would be terrible enough if he was just molesting his four year old daughter, but this...

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    WTF Moment - messed up father

    in General Discussion on 21 December 2007

    I don't know why anyone would choose to defend this individual. Whether you like it or not, to try and explain his behavior as being "a natural attraction", I would have to call into question your reasoning. Just being honest, but anyone that tries to sympathize with these people, or to "understand" them is probably some scumbag pedofile themselves. Pedofiles have wiring wrong in their heads. ...

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    Teens Kill Child While Acting Out Mortal Kombat

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 December 2007

    NUMBER ONE! What teenagers are still playing Mortal Combat? Are you kidding? Anyone want to place bets on a lawyer or a parent suggesting this being the reason they beat a child to death? I don't remember slapping buttocks, pinching thighs, and poking chests in Mortal Combat. NUMBER TWO(and this is the biggest thing) Doesn't anyone think that the kid being drunk has a little more to do with...

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    Teenage vandals finally being arrested.

    in General Discussion on 20 December 2007

    It seems that the old saying, "common sense is not so common" is being proved right once again. This problem should have been solved at the classroom level. Why the hell does everyone have to pass the buck these days. This teacher lost control of his/her class. Then to bring the principal into it and have the principal pass on taking responsibility for disciplining these kids. No, they have...

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    PS2 is the gaming GOD in sales!

    in Sales Discussion on 19 December 2007

    The PS2 is almost a stocking stuffer at this point. Its a great system. It has lots of good games, but its more nostalgic than anything else. My wife bought me some kind of Atari 2600 player thingy last year for Christmas for like 15 bucks. I am sure it sold butt tons, but it's pretty irrelivant. The PS2 is no longer driving innovation. Its just easy to program for and people are squeezing the...

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    Could This Be Nintendo's Last Big Christmas?

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 December 2007

    At the very least Nintendo has one more big Christmas left. With the success of the Wii Nintendo will have lots of research and development money to make yet another console. Hence they will have a big Christmas that year. The trend indicates that the Wii is probably going to have a really big 08. Maybe not record setting, but they will have sold more Wiis than Gamecubes sometime in 08. Just...

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    I cant believe it... Go PS3!

    in Sales Discussion on 17 December 2007

    The PS3 will not catch the 360 in 2008. You can bet on that....

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    Wii motion control is not what it is cracked up to be!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 16 December 2007

    I read this thread mostly to bust on what I perceived from the title to be a slight to the Wiis motion controls. How misleading of a thread title was this!...

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    wii the wii be the third game system to reach 100 million or the ps3?

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 December 2007

    Neither one will. ...

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    Sony's PlayStation 3 Wins Market Share From Wii, Xbox in U.S???

    in Sales Discussion on 15 December 2007

    I don't see how anyone can take this post seriously. Number one the article has NOTHING to do with market share. It is about percentage of increase in sales from October to November AFTER the PS3s pricecut. If anything it affirms the Wii still outselling the PS3 almost 2 to 1 in the month of November. Any short term analysis is going to swing one way or the other depending on how the wind...

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    PlayStation 3 versus Xbox 360 - End all Arguments - Please Help

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 December 2007

    The only thing that matters is price and support of the console manufacturer. The 360 is cheaper and has unsurpassed service after the sale. They also have an extensive library of games and a great online component. Most (if not all) of the good games are on the system. I was not impressed with any of the MGS series (except for the Psychomantis part where you had to switch controllers to...

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    LOL Now PS3 outsells 360 WW

    in Sales Discussion on 14 December 2007

    For the Sony guys to say that the PS3 is outselling the 360.......maybe they should sell about 8 million consoles before you say that. They look pretty silly. Like the team that is getting beat by 60 points and sacks the quarterback and then does a dance? You know that guy. The stupid looking one....

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