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    Write 139

    What year did you join VGC?

    in Website Topics on 12 August 2018


    Write 107

    Prediction: Knack 2 > Mario Odyssey

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 October 2017

    Prediction: Iceland will have a larger population than USA within a few years! ...

    Write 68

    Stephen Hawking Stresses the need to Evacuate

    in General Discussion on 21 June 2017

    Won't happen ever. The guy is a bit..strange. ...

    Write 152

    If Breath of the Wild Isn't GOTY, I Don't Know What Is /s

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 March 2017

    sabastian said: Horizon Zero Dawn is the clear choice for Game Of The Year. So you have not played Zelda then. Horizon is a very good game but this Zelda is one of the best games of all time. So it's not even close to Zelda and by now I think you understand that. ...

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    If Breath of the Wild Isn't GOTY, I Don't Know What Is /s

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 March 2017

    Mario and RDR 2 are the only games that could win GOTY..but it will be extremely difficult to beat Zelda. It's simply amazing....

    Write 32

    How much would you pay.

    in Sales Discussion on 06 December 2016

    Nintendo but still..never trust rich people. ...

    Write 383

    Emily Rogers: NX not gonna use X86 architecture, raw power close to XBO

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 May 2016

    She knows nothing she is just a girl. NX will be more powerfull than PS4 no worries. ...

    Write 338

    Emily Rogers rumor: Zelda U to have a playable female, fully voice acted, releasing NX and Wii U

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 April 2016

    Worrying rumors to say the least. But I trust Nintendo still so it better be bs....

    Write 59

    Rank the Resident Evil games

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 January 2015

    1. Resident Evil 2. Resident Evil 2 3. Resident Evil 3 4. Resident Evil 4 5. Resident Evil: Code Veronica 6. Resident Evil 0 7. Resident Evil 5...

    Write 302

    Nintendo is bragging about their high quality games :P

    in Nintendo Discussion on 20 December 2014

    Nintendo always deliver. Not buying their consoles is like not buying food. Eventually you die. Or something like that. ...

    Write 366

    10 out of 10, name the masterpieces in your opinion

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 October 2014

    Super Mario Bros The Legend of Zelda Super Metroid Mario 64 ...

    Write 45

    Which Console Wars was better? SNES vs Sega Genesis or PS3 vs Xbox 360?

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 October 2014

    SNES vs Mega Drive no question about it. PS3 vs 360 was nothing in comparison. In school there were constant fist fighting over SNES vs Mega Drive or Mario vs Sonic. There were a lot more feelings involved in the old console war days. PS3 vs 360 was mostly about sales. Numbers this numbers that blah blah. ...

    Write 78

    Do you think you're really good at gaming?

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 April 2014

    Well after 35+ years playing games I'm very good I would say, but there are games I'm not that good at. Chess on ZX Spectrum for example :) No but FPS games is something I'm mediocre at and games like FIFA, but I'm a bit of a professional 2D Mario player. I can beat Ice Climber all 32 stages without dying also..done it many times. ...

    Write 62

    Can't decide between a PS4 and an XBone

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 December 2013

    If you can't decide just buy Wii U. Or perhaps Sega Saturn? There are a lot of good consoles out there....

    Write 228

    Angry readers want Gamespot reviewer fired after her GTA V review

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 September 2013

    I'm a huge GTA fan and I would give GTA V 8.5/10. A 9/10 from gamespot is a very good score for the game. Be happy about it. Funny how the angry idiots did not even play the game and still demanded 10/10. Lowlifes....

    Write 143

    So now did Microsoft win this generation with the Xbone?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 19 June 2013

    No me and many others will never trust them again. No more Xbox for me....

    Write 78

    Your buy intention now that we know everything

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 June 2013

    I have bought all consoles since the NES time..all of them plus all handheld. But I won't buy Xbox One ever!! It's a disgrace that's what it is. So I voted PS4+Wii U. ...

    Write 43

    FIFA 14 Wii U version not included in initial line-up, maybe FIFA 13.5 instead

    in Nintendo Discussion on 18 April 2013

    I bet Nintendo are crying for not getting any of EAs crappy games..or not. ...

    Write 18

    Anonymous hacks into N. Korea

    in General Discussion on 04 April 2013

    A bit funny. USA next on list to make fun of? ...

    Write 51

    The Top Ten Nintendo Games Of All Time!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 01 April 2013

    01 - Mario 64 02 - Super Metroid 03 - The Legend of Zelda 04 - Zelda Ocarina of Time 05 - Super Mario Bros 3 06 - Zelda Majoras Mask 07 - Super Mario Bros 08 - Super Mario World 09 - Mario Galaxy 2 10 - Zelda Skyward Sword...

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