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< MohammadBadir posted something on darkknightkryta's wall:

Dat Gohan!

I know right?

on 07 October 2014

I'm not a big fan of him but I love DBZ!

on 07 October 2014

I like some of the concepts they had with Gohan that didn't translate well into English. Him being trained as a devil, the cry baby who can snap, etc.

on 08 October 2014

IMO he always got unfair power boosts.

on 08 October 2014

Not really. His "power boosts" were never really enough to amount to anything. He couldn't beat Freeza and was nearly killed. Though, that, Raditz and Cell were the only times Gohan went crazy.

on 11 October 2014

I'm referring to his power boosts in the Cell and Buu sagas.

In the Cell Saga, Gohan went from extreme weaksauce to more powerful than Vegeta in a year, while Vegeta trained for all of his life.

In the Buu Saga, Gohan went from being weaker than his Cell Saga counterpart to SSJ3 Goku levels in a matter of hours, while Goku trained for 7 years in order to get that power.

on 11 October 2014

Thing is, Gohan by default, has more potential than Goku or Vegeta. Him being half human was the reason. Plus Goku has a better training regime than Vegeta and Gohan benefited from that. It's also why Goku ends up better than Vegeta. As far as Gohan's power up in the Boo saga, it made sense. The old Kai has the ability to bring a person's power past their potential. So it would make sense for Gohan to be stronger than Super Saiyan 3 Goku. Super Saiyan 3 being the saiyan limit. With Gohan having more potential than Gohan, Gohan would be stronger than Goku. All Kai did was bring Gohan past his potential (Which would be past what Gohan can do at Super Saiyan 3).

on 13 October 2014

< Kaizar posted something on darkknightkryta's wall:

Please sign my Petition:


< BasilZero posted something on darkknightkryta's wall:

woman, check woman.

< Kaizar posted something on darkknightkryta's wall:

Best Movies of 2014 Thread:


Trailers are in the 4th & 5th OP.

< BasilZero posted something on darkknightkryta's wall:

Spring 2014 list was added to the Anime thread :o



on 11 March 2014

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Write 79

Nintendo has reached the limits of the Wii U hardware?

in Nintendo Discussion 3 days ago

curl-6 said: The devs themselves confirmed it uses subsurface scattering: http://nintendoeverything.com/weekly-screenshot-art-of-balance-wii-u-2-marvelous-menu-screen/  And the devs of Trine 2 have gone on record saying the PS3 and 360 could not handle the Wii U version without downgrades: http://www.geek.com/games/ps3-360-cant-cope-with-trine-2-wii-u-graphics-1521231/ To...

Write 72

My first Playstation Now experience....

in Sony Discussion 3 days ago

Ah the days of game rentals. I actually miss them. Waiting for a holiday or a random weekend to ask my dad to let me rent a game. It always worked out for me since I could only really play a game during the weekend (Cause you know, school and all). Plus it let me take risks with games that I didn't want to spend 80+ dollars on (Cause the Cad price of games was terrible back then). It was...

Write 57

Legend of Korra: The Game reviews are coming in.... yikes

in Gaming Discussion 3 days ago

Well I'm on the third level. It's very generic. But there's nothing inherently bad about it so far. I still have to finish, but my thoughts on the matter at hand? I can respect someone giving it a 5 if they're a harsh critic. So far I'd give it a 7/7.5. Definitely worth the 15 dollars I paid....


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