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Write on his wall...pokemon gen 6 predictions now open

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Hello! You are cordially invited to join our site’s third Steam Secret Santa event. Come help keep this community tradition alive, while also giving and receiving some great games. If you’re interested in joining, just PM me or post in this thread:

by the 20th. Looking forward to seeing you there, and have a happy holiday season!

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I was like OMG when I saw you avatar, because I had the same avy before. Warning for being awesome :D

< Seece posted something on SecondWar's wall: Predict!

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You never insulted me so I can't take it personally, what you've detected is my frustration, nothing else. I literally just smacked myself (facepalm style) on the forehead of how this isn't making sense. I understand why you might think I was making an insult on you but it wasn't. I asked you how old you are, how long you've played, because I suspected you might answer me the way you did. Basically you just recently, this gen, got into gaming. I think that's one of the reasons why you find it hard to believe people would keep a game after playing it through completely and doing everything in it, People do buy games and keep them, I have hundreds. Your very new and I don't think you appreciate games enough yet to understand that. Your like me with movies, I don't care too much for movies, I think watch em once and there, why buy the dvd? They don't have any re-watch value? I don't appreciate movies enough to buy, but believe me I think some movies are really good, I just don't see the point of buying them to keep? Look it's their job to make me want to buy and keep a movie, it's their job to give me a great show and as a result me want to buy and keep a movie, likewise with video games. Moving on, you say you don't want to force you will on everyone else but your intentions of supporting the online pass are EXACTLY that based on your reasoning...qoute "I am likely to trade LA Noire in soon after I complete it as there wont be much replay incentive, even though I think its brilliant. I want some re-sale value but I still quite happy for the original developer to get some sort of royalty, which is why I support the passes." You support the online pass because YOU think it's a good game. You want everyone to pay a fee for used game regardless of what the individual gamer thinks. This is exactly what they want, they just want more money. Especially for single-player games, this online pass won't work because to confirm you like the single player you have to play it through all, a demo will never be enough. MP, single player games, it doesn't matter, we buy the games and their business is over right there and then. If we decide to trade it in (sell it) that's our decision. They shouldn't rely on these scams to get their money. They should rely on games so good you want to keep. People have spread a stigma on the used market and they (publishers/developers) are using it. The used market is good for the industry it gives us the option to say "I played this game completely and there's nothing left for me in it, I thought it was good but I think I'll trade it in to get a discount for that new game" or the game just sucks, subjectively to an individual. Online MP can only sometimes be a service, with servers, but it's a service that's SUBJECT, I repeat SUBJECT in a product based industry. You buy a game, you buy your ticket to that service forever or as long as they support it. In other cases, people use their consoles to host games. That's why your view is so critically flawed, it's a product based industry. The disc is our right to play the online MP, be it on servers or PvP, we buy our right with the disc... and that disc (right) is passed onto someone else if it's sold. I hope you understand now. The online service system ONLY rewards games not good enough to keep... the free market system we have now, puts our likings in the highest regard and pushes for that, our liking in video games.

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Write 159

VGC members that you miss :-(

in Gaming Discussion on 31 January 2015

shikamaru317 said: SecondWar said:Seeing as I dont use the site that much either anymore, is a user called ManBearPig still around or did Al Gore get him? He's still around, posted a few pages back in this very thread. He did? Odd, I checked his profile right after I posted that and it said he hadn't been on in years....

Write 159

VGC members that you miss :-(

in Gaming Discussion on 21 January 2015

Seeing as I dont use the that much either anymore, is a user called ManBearPig still around or did Al Gore get him?...

Write 98

Halo isn't what it used to Be

in Gaming Discussion on 09 January 2015

Wright said: SecondWar said: Wright said: It will never ever be as bad as Halo: Reach, so I'm confident that Halo 5 will be, at least, great; and it will perform great in sales too. What did you find so bad about Halo Reach? The terrible plot. On Reach's defense, though, I never touched the multiplayer component. Really? Honestly thought thought...


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