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    Yahoo: Nintendo on list of Companies Where Employees Are Losing Hope

    in Nintendo Discussion on 21 September 2011

    Wasn't isuppli the one predicting negative Wii sales? I wonder if that actually came true....

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    Game Informer - New Zelda Skyward Sword Gallery!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 20 September 2011

    I'm trying to restrain myself this time from reading and watching too much before the game comes out, because starting to play Xenoblade without knowing anything about it was an excellent experience. And I'm pretty shure I am going to love this game. It looks great, but I'm not going to look any further... _> ...

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    Nintendo 3DS Download Play Is Region Locked For 3DS Games!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 September 2011

    No localization is probably the reason... At least that's the only reason I can imagine...

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    Would you play Xenoblade all over again if it was remade for WiiU? (updated 23/Jan/2013: called it

    in Nintendo Discussion on 31 August 2011

    Buy again... No, and certainly not for HD. Play again: yes, I love it ...

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    Xenoblade Chronicles - disc read error

    in Nintendo Discussion on 20 August 2011

    gumby_trucker said:have you seen this? http://wii.nintendolife.com/news/2011/08/wii_owners_encounter_xenoblade_disc_read_errors looks like getting that kit from Nintendo is your best option. Yeah, I'm going to as soon as I'm able to get away from XC... playing it now on the friend's Wii and I'm hooked! It's excellent. Accept my deep sympathy, america. TomaTito: I suspected that....

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    Xenoblade Chronicles - disc read error

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 August 2011

    Galaki said: gumby_trucker said: Galaki said: Jaos said: Also already arranged for a friend to lend me their Wii (not an elderly friend though) So, your 12 years old friend :) or their mom :-P Yup, it's safe to assume all Wii owners here are a child, an elderly or a mother. It's also safe to assume most of them are horny children based on...

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    Xenoblade Chronicles - disc read error

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 August 2011

    gumby_trucker said:I've had trouble reading disks after over-working my Wii for too many hours. For example after leaving the disc for Other M (which is dual layer and cinematic heavy) in my Wii for too long, it suddenly stopped recognizing random games which were all single layer. After unplugging the console and letting it cool off for a while this issue went away. I suggest you try the...

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    Xenoblade Chronicles - disc read error

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 August 2011

    So the hype, the excellent reviews and the awesome soundtrack convinced me to buy this game, despite my former experiences with RPGs. Now I get a disc read error on XC as well as Smash Bros. I feel like busting the TV or something >:-( Seems it's double layer disc related? Other games I tried work fine. Nintendo customer service is off drinking coffee till 13h (in two hours)... My Wii has...

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    Nintendo Of America watching Xenoblade's Euro sales

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 August 2011

    So JRPGs sell worst in EMEAA, while localization cost is highest there... Why does N release this game here in the first place? Sometimes their decisions are ... hard to follow. Well, even though my experiences with RPGs weren't that great, I decided to try out this game and preordered it with the classic controller. A phenomenal OST certainly helped making the decision....

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    Sao Paolo's Gonna Have... a Straight 'Pride' Parade? O_o

    in General Discussion on 05 August 2011

    HappySqurriel said: For the most party, systemic discrimination has been completely eliminated in the western world ... About the only "right" that is being "denied" to gay people in a widespread way is marriage; and more often than not that debate is not about whether homosexual couples should have the same rights as a straight couple, it is about whether the traditions surrounding...

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    The results: Your favorite Zelda dungeons of all time!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 30 July 2011

    Water, Snow and Stone Temple from MM, Water Temple from OoT Sky Temple from TP are some of my favorites. Temple of Time from TP sucks ass. There were a lot of promising puzzle elements, but they were used in a way so you could run through the whole temple with your brain switched off. Biggest disappointment....

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    My Nintendo 3Ds Experience *UPDATED after more hours of play..*

    in Nintendo Discussion on 18 July 2011

    Zelda OoT 3D is definitely on the WEEEEEEEEEE side!...

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    What do you wanna see/ don't wanna see on the next Pikmin?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 16 July 2011

    RolStoppable said: morenoingrato said: RolStoppable said:What I want: 1) A time limit that also doesn't stop when going underground. Make it possible to create more and more safe zones as you progress, so that you can run around with your Pikmin on the surface during night. I dunno, the time limeit was kinda cool in Pikmin 1, I mean, I wouldn't change it at all, but...

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    What do you wanna see/ don't wanna see on the next Pikmin?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 July 2011

    I liked the time system/underground levels in Pikmin 2, so use that again. A new kind of Pikmin would be cool, and giving more control over your hoard of Pikmin would be a plus (when navigating narrow bridges often some Pikmin would fall down). And I hated the mechanical spider in Pikmin 2......

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    Who got Ocarina of Time 3D? Impressions?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 18 June 2011

    It's so good... I love the new menu, it's so much better than the original version. Framerate improvement and textures remove the shortcoming of not so well aged graphics. Conegamer: I use aiming and 3D at the same time, you can't just wave it around wildly, but it's possible to do without losing the correct view. Now I hope that MM will get the same treatment... One can dream... ...

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    Wii U Is Actually 50% More Powerful Than PS3?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 June 2011

    HappySqurriel said: radiantshadow92 said:If the console was actually more powerful than the current HD consoles, then Nintendo would not wait this long to admit it. They would instantly jump on the Yeah were the true next gen console ship. Since they haven't, its easy to assume that its just around the same stuff as the current HD consoles I don't agree with this thinking...

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    Did anyone else wanted the ABXY buttons format on the Wii U to be like the GameCube's?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 June 2011

    radiantshadow92 said:worst controller ever. Besides the n64 controller Reported for invalid opinion. ;-) I loved the GC button layout, too bad that Nintendo let others influence their designs so much....

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    Storytelling in Ninty games

    in Nintendo Discussion on 12 June 2011

    TomaTito said: dystopia said: TomaTito said: One of my biggest problem with story is it's static/linear nature, after you've played it I have less incentive to play it again. Sure you can find a few examples where this isn't true, due to an excellent development, interactive story or nostalgia. Truth is there are times when I'm reading dialogs from the game or watching an...

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    New SKYWARD SWORD hands on video

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 June 2011

    TomaTito said: padib said: Anyone try my trick of replaying the trailer tune yet? Play it in reverse. Do you think it's just a "joke" or might it be a hint at something inside the game?...

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    Is it just me or does this look way cooler than it has any right to be??

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 June 2011

    Wow, 50 activities is a lot. I just hope that Namco polishes the controls....

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