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    Alternate history: N64 goes with CDs instead of cartridges

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 August 2019

    Various thoughts. The N64 would NOT have cost $200 at launch. Though I'm having trouble getting precise information, CD-ROM disc drives were still fairly expensive in the mid-90's. I found an old article from 1996 talking about how they cost "less than $200." Third party support in general would still have favored the PlayStation. Even if we look at games released on less successful platforms...

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    Official Nintendo E3 2019 Thread!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 June 2019

    I'd like to board the hype bus. ...

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    Wii or N64?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 May 2019

    The N64 had better 3D platformers and racers, but the Wii had better 2D platformers, party games, more than two RPG's, and better 3rd party support in general. And although there is plenty of bad stuff to say about both consoles' controllers, I think the Wii's has higher peaks for games that use it well, whereas hardly any games use the N64 controller better than, say, a GameCube controllers....

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    Most Wanted May (Voting)

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 April 2019

    Doom Eternal (PC) Super Mario Maker 2 (NS) The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (NS) Daemon X Machina (NS) Astral Chain (NS) ...

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    Why haven't they made this obvious game yet?

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 April 2019

    EA Redwood (aka Visceral) was actually working on an open world Lord of the Rings RPG back when EA still had the license. It was cancelled in 2007 apparently because of management problems, and the executive producer was either fired or immediately left EA. As for WB, I guess they simply lack a studio well equipped for making such a game....

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    Experiment: Comparing SSBU Series Reps vs Sales

    in Nintendo Discussion on 03 February 2019

    Out of Curiosity, I thought I'd look at he series represented in Super Smash Bros Ultimate and see how they relate to the sales of their respective games. To clarify, I'm only including Nintendo series, and am also excluding Game & Watch due to the abnormal nature of that series. Also, I couldn't find any conclusive numbers for the Mario series, so I left it with a slightly outdated total of...

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    Another Wii U port in 2019?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 03 February 2019

    Pikmin 3 or a Zelda HD remake would both make plenty of sense. Pikmin 4 is supposedly in the works, so assuming it comes out 2020 or later, Pikmin 3 this year would be a good fit. Same applies to Zelda, since we are currently in a gap of Zelda releases....

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    Was the SNES era the peak of Nintendo software development?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 30 January 2019

    I'm not sure about that. I'm not going to argue that Nintendo didn't make great SNES games. We all know they did. But when you quantify it. their output wasn't THAT amazing. 1990 had Super Mario World and the Mode 7 duo. Great for a launch year. 1991 had Link to the Past, but little else worth remembering. 1992 had Super Mario Kart and... Mario Paint? 1993 had Star Fox and Super Mario...

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    Would you kill baby Hitler?

    in Politics Discussion on 20 January 2019


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    All Star Sung by Isabelle

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 January 2019

    Thanks Captain....

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    Most Wanted January Voting Thread

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 December 2018

    Doom Eternal (PC) Fire Emblem: Three Houses (NS) Daemon X Machina (NS) Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (NS) Yoshi's Crafted World (NS) ...

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    Kirby: 8 inches or not? (WIP)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 December 2018

    In retrospect, I should have seen this coming......

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    Kirby: 8 inches or not? (WIP)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 December 2018

    One of the more deceptively confusing aspects of the Kirby series is Kirby's size. Many sources report that Kirby is supposed to be 8 inches, or about 20 centimeters, but there is all sorts of information that seemingly contradicts this. The following is a recap of as much information I can find either supporting or challenging this. 8 Inches The best known source for the "8 inches"...

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    The Nintendo Switch is generation...

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 December 2018

    It depends on how long it takes for Sony and Microsoft to release a new generation or (however unlikely it is) drop out of video game consoles. I think the approximate turning point is Autumn 2020. If that period passes and the PS4 and X1 haven't been succeeded yet, then the Switch is a late entry to the 8th generation. The same thing happened with the Atari 5200 and Sega Master System, both of...

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    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 announced exclusively for Switch (developed by Team Ninja)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 December 2018

    wombat123 said: I'll say that I was surprised when they announced Switch exclusivity. I'm guessing that it was easy for Nintendo to secure it since the series isn't a huge seller. The original game sold over 4 million on consoles, and MUA2 sold about 2.5 million despite meh reviews. Those were solid numbers. If I had to guess, this could be something like PS4 Spider-Man, where...

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    A Look at the Nintendo Dark Ages (2011-2017)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 28 November 2018

    I liked reading that (partially because I'm a sucker for well explained timelines) and think it's a decent retrospective of the era. And now I'm going to nitpick it. I would argue that the Dark Age began as early as that period in mid-January 2011, when the launch dates and games for the 3DS were announced. Up through the end of 2010, I remember that most people assumed that the system...

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    What Nationality Do You Consider Mario?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 November 2018

    He's a Mushroom Kingdom native who spent much of his life in the Metro Kingdom....

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    Vladimir Putin "US dominance is ending"

    in Politics Discussion on 29 October 2018

    People have been saying this at least since the 80's, but so far, Japan, China, India, Russia, and the European Union keep on failing to deliver....

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    Most Wanted November Voting Thread

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 October 2018

    Super Smash Bros Ultimate (NS) Doom Eternal (PC) Luigi's Mansion 3 (NS) Fire Emblem: Three Houses (NS) Daemon X Machina (NS) ...

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    What is the Last Game You Want to Play Before You Die?

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 October 2018

    vivster said: Salnax said: Half-Life 3 He said before you die. Just because I can't play the game doesn't mean I can't be playing the game....

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