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    Project Morpheus Virtual Reality - The Future is Almost Here!

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 June 2014

    No mans sky support and I'll buy it...

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    Why do YOU think WiiU hasn't taken off?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 01 December 2013

    While the wii has a collection of pretty good games for many people the core franchises are under represented only last week did the new Super mario brothers come out but many major players are still mising from nintendos lineup Metroid, Smash brothers, a true zelda sequel these are some major franchises that just haven't shown their faces yet. Smash will move consoles im sure but for...

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    X's Graphics are just increibly amazing!!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 June 2013

    this game makes me want a wii u... in fact i think i might get one after seeing what wii u has to offer...

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    Xbox one preorders much higher than ps4 in the uk

    in Sales Discussion on 13 June 2013

    very interesting this generation is just heating up cant wait for sales to start coming in...

    Write 15

    Star Wars Battlefront, seriously no one made a thread yet!?

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 June 2013

    I'm SO stoked for this this game and dice has the right tools for the job i hope they dont take away third person or just turn it into battlefield starwars edition i want a true sequel to battlefront 2 not a reboot of the series...

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    PS4 vs XB1 on Amazon PS4 Domination after e3 :D

    in Sales Discussion on 02 June 2013

    good post its nice to see whos leading in what territories i'll definitely be keeping my eye on this especially post E3...

    Write 26

    Great mechanics that never returned in sequels.

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 May 2013

    Being able to regain energy by grinding on rails in infamous 2. in infamous one you could have some really great drive by shooting while grinding because of the huge energy regain. it also smooth transitions between areas letting you regain energy by just grinding to where you were going instead of having to stop to recharge it even healed you...

    Write 83

    I Fell In Love With PlayStation 4

    in Sony Discussion on 28 March 2013

    dating although i want to get it earlier and may if finances say i can but honestly after seeing some of the great black Friday deals sony put out for the ps3 over the past few years i think i'll wait till black friday 2014 to get a nice deal...

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    Starhawk or Twisted Metal?

    in Sony Discussion on 12 August 2011

    man i was thinking this to myself earlier i was planning to get both (and i still am) but now that twisted metal has been delayed into early 2012 i cant help but wonder which to get first twisted metal is one of my most loved franchises of all time however so i'll probly be buying it first. i loved the warhawk and it seams like they are going so far beyond the original that its going to...

    Write 20

    inFAMOUS 2 preorder

    in Sony Discussion on 01 June 2011

    Getting the hero edition from amazon myself im a sucker for art/comic books and soundtracks and this comes with all the little extras too anyways CANT WAIT...

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    inFAMOUS Boxart BATTLE ROYAL! Which one is better?!

    in Sony Discussion on 18 February 2011

    well looks like i'll be printing out a copy of the EU boxart... wtf theres no comparison...

    Write 12

    I bought a DS! game suggestions please!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 December 2010

    morenoingrato said: Chrono Trigger DS is a must for any DS owner If you like story driven games I'd heavily recomend Professor Layton and the Unwound Future Also Mario Kart DS is really great for consuming time, so is NSMBDS chrono trigger is a great suggestion! never got to finish it... got pretty far but lost my save and didnt get the motivation to pick it up again this is a...

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    I bought a DS! game suggestions please!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 December 2010

    so i just bought a DS last night and it will probly be comming some time after the holiday maybe even in time for my birthday! but anyway im looking for great DS games of all kinds especialy ones that utilise the touch screen or dual screens in unique and interesting ways An example of this would be "the world ends with you" i tried that game and was REALLY impressed by the way they utilised...

    Write 31

    How is Crysis?

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 December 2010

    I actualy like the game a lot  of course the graphics are nice but beyond that the set pieces are great too   the gameplay is pretty fun with the suit perks.. i'll say this its great fun turning invisible killing some people and then turning back on invisibility then running speeding off to the next place turning on super strength etc gameplay is solid took 13 hours to beat with another...

    Write 80

    Secoind Annual Steam Secret Santa thread

    in PC Discussion on 22 December 2010

    Thank you Secret santa :D recieved my gifts!   im still waiting on my tiny tim to accept my friend request...   i asked him for his email this morning hopefully he gets my message soon D:...

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    Secoind Annual Steam Secret Santa thread

    in PC Discussion on 20 December 2010

    not so !   its just an oversimplified secret santa   i had a youth group i did a secret santa with and of course everybody knew who was participating but nobody knew who had who and it was the santas job to keep it a secret from everyone else while doing nice things for their tiny tim up until the day for gifting  just because you know whos participating dosnt change the secretive...

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    Secoind Annual Steam Secret Santa thread

    in PC Discussion on 19 December 2010

    I'm still in i just didnt get around to putting in my info   http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197973123136 name is Dioxinis   As for wishlist take a look at my games and wishlist to get an idea i'll be happy with just about anything though   also for the coordinator : Dioxinis@gmail.com   ...

    Write 32

    Steam Secret Santa: is anyone interested?

    in PC Discussion on 01 December 2010

    im in :D i know there was a post limit last year or invite only or something but i THINK im over the limit from last year but you can make the rules yourself...

    Write 40

    Warning with Chrome

    in Website Topics on 22 November 2010

    was about to makea  new thread about this myself   seriously what gives?...

    Write 3

    Should i bother with the first 2 fate games?

    in PC Discussion on 22 November 2010


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