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    Official Halo 4 Thread!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 05 June 2012

    Just realised they were already posted! My net is lagging so bad. Sorry guys....

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    Official Halo 4 Thread!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 05 June 2012

    OMG. Have two B roll direct feed videos on youtube. Easily the graphics king on Xbox 360 by a mile. At first I believed the cutscene with the ship was CGI but it's actually running real time in-engine. First time this generation when I have believed something to be CGI but it was actually realtime!   Watch in HD! Campaign B roll footage followed by Spartan Ops/Multiplayer footage. (The...

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    Post your current car

    in General Discussion on 27 March 2012

     My first car after a good clean yesterday. Only passed my test about 2 months ago.  Renault Clio mk3 1.2 When I get my 1 years no claims bonus and my insurance drops about £2000 from what it is now I'll get the Renault Clio RS 197. Drove my friends last night and love it! ...

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    Star Wars Kinect Looks Beyond Terrible

    in Microsoft Discussion on 28 January 2012

    Carl2291 said: Alright. Is this game a sick joke? I hope it is. https://www.youtube.com/v/nZ4wypo3vUU I've got a bad feeling about this. ...

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    What are your favourite Game Soundtracks' (OST's) of all time? Let's discuss

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 January 2012

    Too many good songs to remember. I'm browsing through youtube trying to remember as many as possible. Halo 3: ODST - Skyline (Last two minutes are amazing) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSeQJxLKp08&feature=related Kingdom Hearts II - Dearly Beloved http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9OmnTCmWAQ&hd=1 Tales of Vesperia - Fury Sparks (All songs in the game are great...

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    Recommend me a good PS1/PS2 JRPG

    in Sony Discussion on 14 January 2012

    Tales of Vesperia, Lost Odyssey, Skies of Arcadia, Star Ocean II and III, Rogue Galaxy, Suikoden 1 and 2. All must have Rpgs. Brave Fencer Musashi is also very good and I seem to have fond memories of Azure Dreams too.....

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    Your in a video game store what do you take first?

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 January 2012

    Screw the consoles. You could probably fit about 5 ps3's in a trolly. I'd run out back and grab handfuls of Xbox live membership/points and PSN currency cards that are £20-40 a pop and the stacks of MW3 as there is more than likely a huge stock holding and they hold their value. Have no problem selling those on ebay or trading them back in to the other GAME store around the corner...

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    Your Proudest Xbox 360 Achievement?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 31 December 2011

    1000g on Ninja Gaiden II. Beat that!! Completeing Lost Planet on Extreme condition was also unbeliveably hard. I'll be 950 forever as I don't have it in me to go through it on extreme mode again shooting all the targets....

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    92-Year-Old Woman Denied Alcohol for Failing to Prove She was Over 18...

    in General Discussion on 05 November 2011

    Xen said:The "girl" at the counter must've been 100. Lacking both in logic and eyesight, that is. I think she misunderstood the think 25 policy for think 250.....

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    Official Forza Motorsport 4 VGC Car Club Official Thread.

    in Microsoft Discussion on 25 October 2011

    Everyone should do the Top Gear Test track in a reasonably priced car on rivals mode and see who can get the best time :) Only stock Kia Cee'd and no tuning set ups so it's all about skill....

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    Forza 4 vs GT5: Battle of the Boxarts

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 October 2011

    GT5.. Turn 10 are posting bullshots again.. Forza 4 doesn't have real time fog weather or foglights! Then again I don't recall a X-ray vision mode in GT5 either! They both suck!...

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    So Forza 4 Impressions. :)

    in Microsoft Discussion on 17 October 2011

    yo_john117 said: SpartenOmega117 said:just wanted to know if anyone would be able clarify this (im thinking about buying either forza 4 or gt5) but ive been reading a lot of comparisons/ reviews where it seems foza is more of an arcade sim whereas gt5 is the closest thing to a racing sim we will get on consoles. Particular because of the physics engine. Can anyone who has played...

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    So Forza 4 Impressions. :)

    in Microsoft Discussion on 17 October 2011

    I can't quote for whatever reason haha. @ Selnor I enjoy what little of rivals I have played and didn't realise the payouts for rival mode could go higher than 25k. I must give it more of a go! @ Yo-John Lol it seems 6 of the 11 other racers are slow 4 are really good and 1 is blisteringly fast. I remember racing in some S class events and I swear that damn grey Ferrari 599 GTO has a...

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    New Halo Anniversary Campaign Vidoc

    in Microsoft Discussion on 17 October 2011

    Day 1 buy too. I can't quote for whatever reason but @ Toadslayer I completely forgot that I used to religiously check the bungie website every friday for there latest weekly update. I haven't done it for about 6 months now! Anyhow I just went on Bungie.net now and the first thing I see is an advertisement for a new free IPAD 2 game and a Bungie IOS update. Blerghh... Did they really...

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    X360 1029:coming soon(new announcement?)

    in Microsoft Discussion on 17 October 2011

    It'll be something Kinect because of the purple.....

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    So Forza 4 Impressions. :)

    in Microsoft Discussion on 17 October 2011

    Graphics are the best in the genre and the most consistant on and off the track. The cars really do sit in the environment and no longer appear to be floating along. Autovista is truly next gen graphics here now but in a controlled and restricted environment. The sound is also the best out of any racing game ever period. I literally got goose bumps driving the Pagani Zonda in the demo with my...

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    Notable Users From 2011, Can't Name Any!

    in Website Topics on 17 October 2011

    Testing to see what year I actually joined.. I started lurking the site around 2007 and didn't sign up for ages and went back to lurking early 2011....

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    Let's make a Forza 4 car club!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 13 October 2011

    I just upgraded the Veyron Supersport. It now has 1443HP and does 0-60 in 1.86 seconds, 0-100 in 3.76 seconds and 270.8mph. Give it a blast on the old varient of the le mans track....

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    Let's make a Forza 4 car club!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 13 October 2011

    Yeah the sound effects on a 5.1 system with a decent sub are amazing and the best game driving sounds I've ever heard. Impresses me just as much as the graphics. The servers are working for me now so I've been able to share some of my cars with the club, enjoy ;)...

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    Let's make a Forza 4 car club!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 13 October 2011

    Having trouble with the server at the moment so can't share some of my cars. There is no downside to sharing is there? I can still use the car whenever I want?...

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