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    That's it I'm done. I'm not buying Zelda U because Nintendo delayed it.. AGAIN!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 April 2016 by Leadified

    Alright shows over, considering that the OP has been banned for this thread, there's not much point in keeping this open. ...

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    Irrational fear towards Arabic

    in General Discussion on 19 April 2016 by VXIII

    So many posts are crossing the line here. It is time to end this. Locking....

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    Help: I can't write posts in thread anymore.

    in Website Topics on 04 April 2016 by Gamemaster87

    TruckOSaurus said: TruckOSaurus said: Is it okay now? Should be fixed now. For real. Yep. Thank you very much!...

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    If Uncharted 4 fails, should Sony shutter 90% of their 1st party?

    in Sony Discussion on 31 March 2016 by CGI-Quality

    Quite the topic, but the mod team has agreed that this is needlessly asking for trouble (and has already gotten the TC in some). Locking....

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    Are Spotted Dicks Any Good?

    in General Discussion on 30 March 2016 by KLXVER

    Ill have a taco instead......

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    The PC crowd on VGC find jokes funny?

    in PC Discussion on 29 March 2016 by Lawlight

    What joke was it?...

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    Nikkei: Nintendo ceasing Wii U production at the end of the year

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 March 2016 by CGI-Quality

    Having talked with the mod team, as it is apparent that this was debunked by Nintendo, I'm going to close this one down. For future reference, let's not to stray so far off topic that it becomes a new thread entirely. ...

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    Developer Sues Critic Jim Sterling For US$10 Million

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 March 2016 by VXIII

    Already posted: http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=214843&page=1 Locking....

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    I haven't bought a WiiU game since buying the console.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 March 2016 by Super_Boom

    Opinion threads are acceptable, but we've determined this type of commentary really doesn't offer anything constructive. Seeing as how reasonable discussion has largely run its course, I'll be locking the thread. If you'd like to ask suggestions for Wii U games to purchase, I'd recommend checking the Nintendomination Thread and asking there....

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    The Ads are horrible!

    in Website Topics on 04 March 2016 by LipeJJ

    Thread locked. You can find a thread with the same content here: http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=214342...

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    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 March 2016 by DEAD_ORIGINAL

    Ha ha this is pathetic, Toastboy now thats how u leave...

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    Let's face it: The 3DS needs to die ASAP

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 February 2016 by CGI-Quality

    I think this thread has teetered on the line long enough. At this point, it's not really inviting the most positive chatter among the community and the mod team agrees that it should be locked....

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    OK sony, xbox and nintendo fans. Put up or shut up.

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 January 2016 by Carl

    You think a small community of a thousand or-so gamers can make a difference? Hahaha...

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    It's November 21st 2016. The NX is out and on par with PS4. Are 3rd parties on board?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 31 December 2015 by StarOcean

    I love killing these threads. DEATH AWAITS YOU, FOUL NX THREAD! http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=199910&page=1...

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    Why does Sony hate the BEST feature of all time?! Backwards Compatibility....

    in Sony Discussion on 31 December 2015 by StarOcean

    No need for a duplicate thread, locking...

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    Should Nintendo buy Capcom? (poll included)

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 December 2015 by Miguel_Zorro

    DAXFM said: Yes   What was the point of bumping this thread?  Please don't necro-bump....

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    The Sixth Annual 50 Greatest Games Event! Sign Up and Join the Fun!

    in Website Topics on 26 December 2015 by RingoGaSuki

    Bit late, but I'll get in on this too....

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    The Ads are out of hand

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 December 2015 by uran10

    StokedUp said: I havnt got a PC or computer so I use my iPhone, and there are times when you simply can't use the website because after 5 seconds an advertisement fills the screen, there's no option whatsoever to cross it off and all you can do it either close the page or press the advertisement, in which the App Store then opens. Then you try to go on vgchartz again and the whole things...

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    The Last of Us is rubbish, one of the worst games ever!

    in Sony Discussion on 09 November 2015 by Ruler

    TruckOSaurus said:Before I render judgement on this thread... did The Last of Us really have a bug preventing any saves at release? Would it matter? its a 7-10h campaign, if that happens to fallout 4 then 80-200hours would be gone. Its not comparable...

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    What are your top 10 most anticipated games?

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 November 2015 by Smeags

    http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=209774&page=1# We have a monthly thread in which we talk about our most anticipated games. Despite the addition of 5 spots, this thread is just redundant. Locking....

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