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    Turn 10: Nothing on the Market is Within Years of Forza 3

    in Microsoft Discussion on 28 September 2009

    ironman said: gamelover2000 said:GT5P is close to Forza 3 graphic/physic wise, dont you denie it it most certainly is.. just the ammount of tracks, cars and features are less..GT5 is within 6 months of release and it has ALOT more things then Forza 3, better damage, more cars, more tracks, day/night cycle and weather changes (rain n such).. Forza 3 has all that either less or not at...

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    My PS3 shows thows YLOD

    in Sony Discussion on 26 September 2009


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    New AMAZING hi-res GT5 screens

    in Sony Discussion on 26 September 2009

    GranTurismoHelperMax said:This game will win the award for best graphic next year. I would wait for a fully playable demo before you start even thinking like that.......

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    Forza 3 Demo - Fail?!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 26 September 2009

    You have something wrong with your setup be it a poor internet connection (causing lag issues i.e when friends online comes up etc whilst playing)or your 360 setup in general, We have 4 360s between us and this game has been running more or less non stop, 1 360 is running whilst connected to Live and 3 are not(as a test) and no such problem exist.Even your Topic title is misleading, why didn't...

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    Forza 3 Demo Out Now!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 24 September 2009


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    Metacritic: Halo: ODST ( Updated )

    in Microsoft Discussion on 21 September 2009

    How has Eurogamer (Italy) all of a sudden got any score that counts ?, Metacritic shoose what reviews they want to add up together and that is a BAD thing, I.e Using 3 official PS3 mags to add the total scores and a lot of PS3 websites for the "same game". Watch Uncharted 2 and see how many "Official PS3 mags PS3 dedicated websites they use in their score roundup" Here is the real Eurogamer...

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    Another ODST Review... 9/10

    in Microsoft Discussion on 19 September 2009

    Why does anybody listen to this rubbish, you know Bungie would not release anything that was not up to their very high standard.So what we are going to have now is fanboys of the PS3 and 360 setting up Websites and doing fake reviews JUST HOW SAD ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE.........

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    Sony tackles BBC over 'PS3 failure' report

    in Sony Discussion on 19 September 2009

    And you wonder why it got on Watchdog -http://www.thesixthaxis.com/2009/06/22/sony-pull-continuous-play/If the they had the same amount of complaints from Wii user the Wii would also be on that program but they don't so it won't.........

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    BBC Watchdog. PS3 YLOD just been on.

    in Sony Discussion on 17 September 2009

    This show was about "THE SONY PLAYSTATION 3 and the YLOD"This is nothing to do with the Xbox 360 so why is anyone comparing ? if you want to compare then use the WII for comparison,, oh no hang on you don't want to do that ibecause t's a more reliable machine right ?.This will not help the Christmas sales at all....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDu9ePWF4gg (Watch the fanboys comments under the...

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    Forza 3 Goes Gold ( DEMO Hits Sept. 24th )

    in Microsoft Discussion on 17 September 2009

    Pre ordered mine,  looks fantastic I know it's going to be great.It's a shame Turn 10 don't do the Moto GP bike games for the 360....

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    Xbox Live: Overpriced

    in Microsoft Discussion on 15 September 2009

    LOL @ Internet Posters, it's all so simple -In real life people are not stupid, they see the PS3 play online they see the 360 play online, they then go and buy an Xbox Live subscription, it says it all really......Take a look at the Official UK PS3 magazine around 3 weeks ago where they tried to play a 24 hour online marathon and see what even they think of the poor quality PSN...

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    It just happened

    in Sony Discussion on 15 September 2009

    RLOD and YLOD they both have problems the differene for me is the guarantee, the 360 get's you 3 years guarantee for that but the PS3 only 1 year and costs £125 if it goes wrong..http://www.thesixthaxis.com/2009/06/22/sony-pull-continuous-play/...

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    Another PS3 RPG!

    in Sony Discussion on 15 September 2009

    It's also been announced as a 360 exclusive in other Japenese media so it looks like it will probably be for both consoles....

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    ファミ通 Star Ocean: The Last Hope SO4 ??

    in Sony Discussion on 15 September 2009

    Old game now....

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    Official Forza Motorsport 3 predictions thread.

    in Microsoft Discussion on 15 September 2009

    Forza 3 will sell very well in Europe, people are bored with GT5 release being cancelled  year after year and Forza 3 is now looking the better game, If it turns out as well as they say it could put GT5 back to the drawing board yet again.The big thing between Forza 3 sales and GT5 is -For every one Forza 3 game sold GT5 is going to have to shift around 10-15 games it has taken years and...

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    Microsoft’s Project Natal: Bigger and Badder Than We Thought

    in Microsoft Discussion on 10 September 2009

    Thanks for coming into the Microsoft disccusion forum and giving us your Crystal ball readings PS3 owners but I am sure MS know what they are doing, though I have no doubt they will have taken your essential comments onboard. (1 PS3 fanboy has only just joined this site just to post all negative 360 comments I see)The system looks like and incredible bit of kit and games are only 1 of the many...

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    New Left 4 Dead 2 images...WoW!!!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 10 September 2009

    4 must have games for me all released within around the next 12 weeksHalo ODSTForza 3GTA Episodes from Liberty city (2 new GTA games in 1 box for less than the price of 1 game) nice..Left for dead 2I need a better job.....................

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    "L4D2 Boycott Founders Goes to Valve - Enjoys L4D2"

    in Microsoft Discussion on 10 September 2009

    I'm buying it on day one for the xbox 360 .....

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    PS3 slim is noisy

    in Sony Discussion on 05 September 2009

    Many threads from repecatable sites are now getting many posts on how noisy the slim is and how hot the casing and outlet gets -   http://www.avforums.com/forums/ps3/1070345-ps3-slim-fan-noise-issues.html   Even in the official PS3 forums the noise complaints are coming in.........   So how noisy is your system when watching a movie ?... Fanboys need not...

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    Sony Boss Admits Xbox Live Is Superior.

    in Sony Discussion on 05 September 2009

    shoe7 said:wtf r u guys takin about i have both and their basically equal now except for the cross chat. the connection on a lot of games is better on psn. like resistance and killzone have way better connection than gears. and as for the features it has the same invite system,u can txt eachother. the only thing they have different is psn has internet browser, and their gona get home, but...

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